The DAV Volunteer Transportation Network (VTN) has been forced to refuse rides to Veterans to their VA Medical appointments throughout Central New York on many occasions. This is due to the ever dwindling pool of volunteer drivers. With over 14,000 square miles to cover within 14 counties, this group (headquartered at the Syracuse VA Medical Center and 13 satellite locations) lacks the manpower to accomplish this vital mission. Too often, we do not have the personnel to pick up Veterans in many of our remote locations. Much of Central New York is not serviced by any form of public transport which means without the VTN, many of these Veterans cannot get to the medical care they so justly deserve.

This is a tough road for Veterans of modest means or those unable to drive themselves to their appointments. There is a better way. With your help, we can smooth the way to better treatment for the men and women who have given so much to our country. Together we can make sure that no Veteran is left behind. Together we can make a real difference.