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Support characters are one of the most important things in AFK journey as they can heal you, revive you, and buff your abilities. While you can use any of the support characters that are available in the game choosing the right one is tricky.

This is where we come in as will be discussing the Best AFK Journey Support Character. Continue reading to clear your confusion and figure out which support character is the right choice for you.

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6 Best AFK Journey Support Characters

AFK Journey art
AFK Journey art

While there are a total of 8 support characters in AFK Journey we will be discussing the 6  Best AFK Journey Support Characters.


Fay is a support character that can be used to both heal and buff a team. This makes her extremely useful as she can keep the team alive and simultaneously give a chance to deal increased damage to enemies. However, both her healing and buffing are not too optimal so she is primarily a good support character at the start of the game.

Once you get a better support character you will not want to use Fay as much. His skills can restore a minimal amount of HP in comparison to other healing support characters. In addition, her buff only increases the ATK and Vitality slightly so she is not a strong support character.


Niru is another healing support character and has great potential. He can make a team member invincible and also deal significant damage from his Soul Reaping Skill. However, while his Ultimate can be beneficial it comes with a catch. Players need to unlock Niru’s Exclusive Weapon or they will be negatively affected by his Ultimate. 

The Ultimate can change a team member into a spirit and restore their HP by 45% max but they will lose HP every second and their damage will only be 45% of normal. While these can be fixed by unlocking Niru’s Exclusive Weapon, it is more trouble than is worth it.


Damian is an all-rounder that players can use once they progress in the game. He has various skills and can heal players, increase ATK and Haste, restore energy, and also blind enemies. These skills make Damian a perfect choice for a support character.

However, similar to Niru you need to unlock his Exclusive Weapon to enhance the team’s Haste and heal any allies within 2 tiles. He is useful even without his exclusive weapon but there are other support characters that can be a better choice.


AFK Journey art
AFK Journey art

Hewynn has the highest base healing stat out of all the support characters available in the game. Her healing is so strong it can even save a team member who is about to perish in battle. She can also protect team members by decreasing the amount of damage they take. In addition, she has very strong staying power and is usually the last team member to fall.

While she is a good character and can be used in a team she takes some adjusting to. Once she builds her Ultimate her healing will het een stronger.

Smokey & Meerky

If you want to finish off battles faster, then the duo Smokey & Meerky is a great choice for your team. They have powerful healing, recover energy, and can give a significant boost to the team’s ATK. 

Smokey & Meerky are also one the best choices for support characters in the Dream Realm. They are also a good choice against King Croaker and Skyclops. Their only downside is their Special Aroma has a limited range and can only reach 2 tiles from their location. 


If you want to be able to beat both the Story Mode and the Dream Realm without too much effort then Reinier is the best choice. He can both buff the team and defuff enemies across from players. Furthermore, he can also reposition some team members and drain the HP of an enemy to restore an ally.

Reinier also deals significant damage to enemies and can restore the team’s energy and increase their ATK. Reinier debuffing an enemy can be a very powerful strategy to win as it increases the enemy’s damage taken while reducing their ATK by up to 12% and sends them to another dimension to deal up to 500% damage.

With this, we reach an end to our Best AFK Journey Support Characters guide. We discussed 6 support characters in the game and listed some of their positives and negatives. For more from GamingFlaws, check out How To Get More Views In Content Warning.

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