Best Way To Farm Gold Palworld: How To Farm Gold & All Other Methods

best way to farm gold Palworld
best way to farm gold Palworld

Palworld is a survival game where you will require a lot of money in the form of gold to progress in the game. The gold can be used to get some work from the NPCs and to get items by paying the merchant. Therefore, it is very important to get your hands on the gold so read the article to know all the ways to know the best way to farm Gold Palworld.

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Best Way to Farm Gold Palworld

You will require gold which is the currency used in Palworld and the gold can be used to buy items and progress in the game. There are various kinds of ways through which you can get your hands on gold. These ways include:

  • Finding and looting Gold in different chests located all around the map.
  • You can sell some of the Pals or any of your items to the merchant in exchange for some gold about best way to farm gold Palworld.
  • The third option is to farm for gold, and this can be done in various ways.
best way to farm gold Palworld
best way to farm gold Palworld

How to Farm for Gold

The first two options that were mentioned before are good, but it will take a lot of time to loot the chest of gold. You can sell the Pals as well or any kind of useless items but remember that the best way is to farm for the gold. This can be done by using Ranch Pals who can be utilized to farm gold in Palworld. These pals can either dig for gold or drop them at your base and this can serve as a benefit to you in getting gold.

You won’t even be required to roam around the map yourself, rather you can use these ranch pals. It is recommended to use completely automatic gold production so you would not have to worry about getting money in the form of gold within the game about best way to farm gold Palworld. There are two Pals that possess the unique ability called Gold Digger and these are Mau and Mau Cryst. This skill allows them to occasionally unearth Gold Coins while working at the Ranch.

best way to farm gold Palworld
best way to farm gold Palworld

You can equip these companions at your base because they are automatically assigned to Ranch tasks. Players can even assign companions with other tasks to their base that will limit access to only the Ranch. This can be the best way to ensure that their focus is on the ranch itself.

The Pals will begin gathering coins passively when these Gold Diggers are designated for their Ranch duty. You can easily check their current task status by approaching them because it is displayed above their heads. If the status indicates “Grazing,” then it means that they are actively seeking Gold for your base about best way to farm gold Palworld.

You can use multiple Pals to give them assignments at the base. These assignments can be:

  • One pal can be assigned to search for the gold coins by digging and when he has found it, he should drop it at the base.
  • Another pal can be assigned the duty of collecting the dropped bag and placing it in a chest for storing purposes.

This way, you will have a proper system of farming gold in your base. You can optimize the production to the maximum by checking the flow of your storage assembly line and then placing your gold chest as near to the Ranch as you can. This can result in the reduction of the transportation time that the companions spend ferrying coins. It will also accelerate the clearing of the Ranch and the processing of more coins efficiently about best way to farm gold Palworld.

You can increase gold production by considering an increase in the number of Gold-producing companions assigned to your base. The best Pal to use is Mau because it stands out as an excellent choice. It is proven for exclusive suitability for farming tasks. You will see that these pals automatically prioritize Ranch duties and maximize the gold output when they are assigned to the base.

best way to farm gold Palworld
best way to farm gold Palworld

Other ways to get gold in Palworld

There is no doubt that farming for gold is the best way, but you can opt for other options if they suit you best. These might take some time, but you can do it while you progress further in the game. Read all of them to check out the best ways to get gold other than farming for it about best way to farm gold Palworld.

Defeating enemies and taking their drops

You must know that the pals and some of the humans will have gold in Palworld and the only way to get their gold is by killing them. Players can go to the dungeons and fight against humans to kill them and take their gold. Some Pals like Mau and Direhowl will also drop gold so if you see them anywhere take a straight shot at killing them for their gold.

The best part about killing these humans is that they will respawn after some time so kill them and go someplace else for a few minutes. You must come back to see all the humans and pals being respawned so continue the process to get your hands on the gold about best way to farm gold Palworld.

Sell some items to any trader in Palworld

You can also opt to sell some of the items that you do not use anymore. This will require some of your time for strategic inventory management along with a careful selection of companions and individuals that you can sell to get gold. You must find a merchant or any trader in the game to sell these items to them. The humans that you will catch in the game have a special value on the black market. Players should prioritize selling the captured humans first to get some gold in exchange.

You must be cautious about selling humans and you should avoid selling captured individuals to regular merchants because it can lead to legal consequences or even graver outcomes. If you are inclined towards this darker route, you should seek out a Black Marketeer instead to make sure that your trade is safe about best way to farm gold Palworld.

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