Exploring Gia Ruiz ‘Danny McBride’s wife’: The Strong Lady beside Danny

Exploring Gia Ruiz 'Danny McBride's wife': The Strong Lady beside Danny

With thousands of reputable actors and comedians in the industry, Danny McBride is an ideal comedian personality who is known for his outstanding roles in different hit comedy movies and shows. however, Danny McBride’s wife is a strong lady that stands by his side at every stage.

This exceptional personality was born in the year 1976, 29 December, in the United States (Georgia). With his fascinating skills and different television programs, the lady who supported him and his children is his wife Gia Ruiz who is an experienced lady living a happy life.

This article will walk on to some of the basic information about Danny McBride’s wife and her personal life.

Quick Facts about Gia Ruiz

Date of birth 23, May 1976

Place of birth Los Angeles (California)

Height 5.3 inches

Weight 55 kg approx

Married in the year 2010

Profession Art director, actor and writer

Religion Christianity

Ethnicity Caucasian

All you need to know about Danny McBride’s wife

Danny McBride's wife

A famous designer Gia Marian Ruiz was born in the year 1976, on 23rd May, in California ( Los Angeles). From her middle age, she had been passionate about designing. Also as a child, she dreamt of being a professional artist but ended up becoming a professional designer. After completing her bachelor’s degree in arts while living in her hometown, she proceeds with her career in design and creativity. After a few years of her successful career, she got vast experience in the art of customer creation.

However, there is little information about her childhood and her parent’s name is still hidden.

While contributing to the creation and being a seasonal designer, this famous lady worked on a range of projects. These projects range from small independent movies to huge productions in Hollywood. Leveraging her career in to Hollywood industry, this lady has gained respect.

This lady is well-known as the wife of famous actor Danny McBride. Through his partnerships with filmmakers, performers, and production companies, Danny McBride’s wife has been instrumental in making fantastical worlds come to life on screen.

In her recent successful years, Gia Ruiz has become a proud director, actor, comedian, writer, and producer.

She worked in different films and her work is highly appreciated by the audience. Also, this lady has won different awards in various fields.

This lady has also written some screenplays like The Foot First Way  in the year 2006 and series like Eastbound in the year 2009.


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Danny McBride and Gia Ruiz tied the knot

Finding a perfect companion, the famous couple got into each other on a country cross-road trip, in a super bowl party and dated in 2002 for about 8 years before marrying him. Their strong bond turned into marriage in the year 2010, on 9 October, in Los Angeles, California.

Also, this lady works with her husband in different films. The lady often appears in meetings and interviews. Their relationship is never explored and is away from social media attention but, her happy life shows that they both strongly support and respect each other’s profession.

Denny has always provided unconditional love and care to his wife due to which she is a strong lady who can conquer the world and has an established career.

Gia Ruiz’s Private Life And Family

Danny McBride’s wife, an actor, designer, and producer has played a pivotal role in supporting and encouraging her family.

Gia Ruiz is a role model for other working women as she supports her family and manages her work and personal life very well. Danny McBride’s wife is the mother of two children. She mostly focuses on her family and children and rarely attends public meetings.

The famous lady is a strong support and backbone for his husband and family. However, Danny McBride does not talk about his family and personal life as much as other celebrities do. In an interview, Danny McBride stated that his wife and kids are everything to him. This statement shows that Danny is a lot into his family and always keeps his family private.

Danny McBride has spoken about her wife in another interview that his wife is a big supporter of him and is a strength for him as she has made him the best person and father he could ever be.

How is Gia and Danny Empowering Their Children?

Danny McBride’s wife loves both of her daughters, Ava and Elsie as both are a source of happiness and joy to their family. Both of them are growing so well, adopting no new things and learning a lot from their parents. Being proud children, both of them love to spend time with their parents. They are often seen going out with their parent on vacations, movies, and trips.

This happy family is living in Charleston, South Carolina. Gia and Danny are a support system for their daughter and are involved in their lives. They both a committed to paying attention and empowering their journey of education. They both are always staying at the back of their daughter, standing at every stage of their lives and motivating them for their work and efforts.

Danny McBride’s Wife Height, Weight, Age and Religion

This strong woman is 5.3 in height with a weight of 55 kg. However, this 48-year-old lady belongs to a Christian religion.


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