How To Find Pyrin Noct In Palworld?

How To Find Pyrin Noct In Palworld?
How To Find Pyrin Noct In Palworld?

Palworld is an upcoming action-adventure RPG with survival and monster-taming aspects and is currently in early access. The game is set in an open world that is home to animal-like beings called “Pals.” The players can fight and capture pals to use them for battle and travel. Players have the option to either play the game solo or with up to 32 players on one server. 

The game received serious flack due to the obvious similarities between it and Pokémon. Palworld also earned the nickname “Pokémon with Guns” and Nintendo has filed a lawsuit for plagiarism. One of the creatures that looks eerily similar to an existing Pokemon is one Pyrin Noct.

Today, we’ll be diving into everything you need to know about Pyrin Noct. This includes what type of Pal it is, where you can find it, how you can breed it, and some other uses of the Pal.

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What Is Pyrin Noct?

Pyrin Noct
Pyrin Noct bio

Pyrin Noct is the dark variant of the fire elemental Pyrin in Palworld. It is one of the rarest pals in the game but well worth the time you will invest to find and add it to your team. While Palworld does not have the concept of legendary Pals like Pokémon, if it did then Pyrin Noct would be a legendary Pal for sure. 

The fire and dark type Pal has certain skills and abilities that can be very useful for the player. For instance, the black hare skill of the Pyrin Noct allows any player who has captured it and built a saddle, to mount and ride it. Riding the Pyrin Noct into battle enables another ability that adds the dark magic of the pal into the attack of the player to cause greater damage to enemies. 

The cherry on top is the dark magic bonus that the Pyrin Noct receives by having the player use it as its mount, allowing its dark magic attacks to hit even harder. With this, it is clear that the Pyrin Noct can be very dangerous in a fight.

Where To Find Pyrin Noct?

Pyrin Noct
Fighting Pyrin Noct

Now that we have explained what a Pyrin Noct is and why it is a worthy addition to your team, let us move on to discussing where you can find Pyrin Noct in Palworld. Players can find Pyrin Noct in the volcanic region on the Southwest part of the Palpagos Islands. 

However, as the name suggests Pyrin Nocts are nocturnal beings and only spawn during the night. If you explore the same area during the day you will run into the light variant of Pyrin and other common Pals. 

While the Pyrin Noct is very rare and hard to find, some of the locations where there is a high probability that you should be able to find Pyrin Noct are:

  • Fisherman’s point
  • Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue
  • Scorching Mineshaft
  • Mount Obsidian Midpoint
  • Destroyed Mineshaft
  • Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre
  • Ruined City Fortress
  • Beach of Everlasting Summer

Something to be cautious about is the fact that Mount Obsidian is an active volcano and the temperature there can get extremely high. So don’t forget to bring your heat-resistant gear and Pals. 

It is also recommended that your character is at a high enough level to successfully fight the level 30 Pyrin Noct. It is also a wise strategic decision to exploit the weakness of the Pyrin Noct by bringing along a water or dragon-type pal if you have one.

How To Breed Pyrin Noct?

Even though we have listed several locations above, finding a Pyrin Noct is still a gamble of luck. The Pal is especially rare and hard to find when compared to most other species in the game. So, we will mention another way for you to add the fire elemental to your team.

You can make a Pyrin Noct through breeding if you manage to acquire a Pyrin and a Katress of the opposite genders. Both of these pals are easy to locate and capture so breeding is significantly less time-consuming than trying to find a Pyrin Noct out in the open world. 

The Pyrin Noct is one of the few pals in Palworld that can be bred using the different genders of the same species. If you already have a female and a male Pyrin Noct, you can use them to spawn a large scorching egg, that can be hatched using the incubator.

How To Ride Pyrin Noct?

Pyrin Noct
Petting Pyrin Noct

If you manage to capture the dark mount, you will want to try and ride it to swiftly move through the land. However, to be able to mount the Pyrin Noct, you will need to first craft a saddle. The requirements to be able to build the Pyrin Noct saddle are quite straightforward, you must reach level 33 in your technology tree and have two technology points to unlock the recipe.

Once you have reached or surpassed the required level in your technology tree and have bought the recipe, all you have to do is use the following materials:

  • Leather x30
  • Fiber x36
  • Flame Organ x24
  • Ingot x18
  • Paldium Fragment x30

Fortunately, you can simply farm all the required material through Pals while exploring Palpagos Islands or through plentiful resource deposits found across the islands.

This concludes everything you need to know about how to find Pyrin Noct in Palworld. Do let us know whether you are looking to add this fire elemental Pal to your team or do you want to test your strength against the mighty Pyrin Noct. Also, be sure to check out our Granblue Fantasy Relink – AFK Farm Quests (Explained).

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