How To Rally Someone Back In Fortnite: Reboot Rally Quest

In addition to focusing on survival and prosperity in the virtual world, Epic Games’ immensely popular battle royale game Fortnite also emphasizes forming and preserving friendships. A redesigned version of Fortnite Refer-a-Friend, the Fortnite Reboot Rally offers players a special chance to reunite with long-lost pals, go on thrilling journeys with them, and win alluring in-game gifts. We’ll go into great depth about how to Rally Someone back in Fortnite Reboot Rally in this extensive guide, including its goal, how it works, missions to do, and the great rewards up for grabs.

Fortnite Reboot Rally Quest

How To Rally Someone Back In Fortnite
Fortnite Reboot Rally Quest

Epic Games is bringing back the Fortnite Reboot Rally as a means for players who are actively playing to invite friends, old or new, as Chapter 4 Season 4 draws near. The idea is simple yet effective: gather allies, go on missions, and enjoy the benefits. As the Fortnite community grows, this feature attempts to give a fun experience and encourage a feeling of camaraderie among players.

Players will have until December 2, 2023, at 9 AM ET, to accumulate 200 points and unlock all of the rewards that are offered in the Fortnite OG Reboot Rally event. It is presently in progress. In order to qualify as a new or returning player, one must have played Fortnite for fewer than two hours within the 30 days before starting the event. On the other hand, players who have spent more than two hours playing the game in a given time are considered active.

How To Rally Someone Back In Fortnite

How To Rally Someone Back In Fortnite
How To Rally Someone Back In Fortnite

Now that we know what Reboot Rally is all about, let’s look at how to gather friends and go on this thrilling adventure together.

  1. Accessing the Reboot Rally Panel: Regardless of whether you are an active or new/returning player, open the Friends tab in the Lobby Sidebar. Active players will see new/returning friends who are available for grouping, while new/returning players will see active friends and other people they may party with in-game.
  2. Recognizing Eligible Friends: In the friends list, eligible new or returning players will have the ‘Reboot’ symbol next to their display name.
  3. Starting the Rally: Before getting wild and playing, gather some friends to begin the Fortnite Reboot Rally and get a bonus of 50 points. Select their profile and give them a “rally ’em back.”
  4. Forming Groups and Finishing Quests: You may form squads of any size by gathering friends to help you accomplish Reboot Rally Quests and Bonus Goals together. You can also finish Quests and Bonus Goals with various friends.
  5. Monitoring Your Progress: As you go through the Reboot Rally, be sure to monitor your points and prospective rewards on the Quests page to maintain your motivation.

Fortnite Reboot Rally Quests

Players must actively participate in Reboot Rally Quests in order to gain points and acquire the desired Reboot Rally goodies. Regular Reboot Rally Quests cannot be repeated, however, Reboot Rally Daily Quests may. The missions and the points they are worth are broken out below.

Reboot Rally Daily Quests

  • Complete 1 Daily Quest with an eligible friend — 10 points
  • Complete 3 Daily Quests with an eligible friend — 20 points
  • Complete 6 Daily Quests with an eligible friend — 30 points

Reboot Rally Quests

  • Rally your friends from their profile or the Reboot Rally event panel (1) — 50 points
  • Complete a Battle Royale match with an eligible friend (1) — 10 points
  • Earn XP with an eligible friend in various game modes (80,000) — 5 points
  • Earn XP with an eligible friend in various game modes (160,000) — 10 points
  • Earn XP with an eligible friend in various game modes (250,000) — 15 points
  • Earn XP with an eligible friend in various game modes (300,000) — 20 points
  • Earn XP with an eligible friend in various game modes (400,000) — 25 points

Fortnite Reboot Rally Rewards

How To Rally Someone Back In Fortnite
Fortnite Reboot Rally Rewards (Source – GameRant)

The true thrill is in the rewards for those who take part in the Reboot Rally wholeheartedly. Gain points with your buddies to access exclusive cosmetics from the Demon Beach Set, which goes well with the Surf Witch Outfit.

  • Boot It Spray — 50 points
  • Polychrome Sunset Wrap — 100 points
  • Beach-Blasted Shark’s Tank Back Bling — 150 points
  • Starfall Pickaxe — 200 points

These rewards give you recognition in the Fortnite community and give your in-game character a dash of flair.

The Fortnite community may be affected in a way that makes Fortnite Reboot Rally more than simply a one-time occurrence. By placing a strong emphasis on interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and shared successes, Epic Games is fostering a gaming community that goes beyond the screen.


To sum up, Fortnite Reboot Rally is a celebration of friendships and shared experiences rather than merely a gaming event. Regardless of your level of experience or reason for returning to the Fortnite world, this is your opportunity to make new friends, work together to overcome barriers and win special prizes. Reboot Rally is an event that any Fortnite fan should not miss because of its captivating tasks and alluring cosmetic goods. Thus, gather your companions, go on the missions, and let the Reboot Rally transform your Fortnite gameplay!

As you go on the adventures, keep in mind that you’re actively participating in a social phenomenon that is redefining the gaming experience, in addition to just accruing points and unlocking prizes. The Fortnite Reboot Rally is more than simply a gathering of players; it’s an ode to the ability of video games to unite people, develop connections, and produce lifelong memories.

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