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John Cena has Declared his Intention to Retire from WWE in 2025

John Cena's retirement

John Cena, a king and champion of wrestling officially announces his decision to retire in the year 2025.
In the world of the WWE championship, John Cena is a famous and well-known name who has struggled hard for his successful career and has made his fans proud. This shocking and official announcement of John Cena’s retirement has surprised the audience and his fans. This star champion is one of the known and iconic figures who has devoted many years to his wrestling profession. John Cinea’s retirement in the upcoming year will be a turning point for the WWE industry.

John Cena’s Unwavering Career and Success

The star of wrestling, John Cena was born in the year 1977, on April 23 in the city of Massachusetts (West Newbury). Raising with 4 brothers, Cena got his high school completed from Central Catholic School then went to Springfield College and graduated in the year 1999 in the field of exercise physiology.
From an early age, this famous personality has been an actor and a rapper, performing different roles in movies and singing various hit rap songs. However, his wrestling career started in the year 2001 when he joined WWE and WWF. Being one of the most exceptional wrestlers of all time, John Cena has won different light and heavyweight championships. Defeating the opposite wrestler in the years 2002,2005, 2010, etc, this king of wrestlers has won many championships in WWE and WWF. Being the star of the WWE tag team championship, the Royal Rumble and Money Bank winner has made different headlines by achieving many victories in his overall career. Besides being one of the best wrestlers, this amazing king is also an actor performing in different movies from the year 2006- present. The first film in which Cena took part was “The Marine”. Continuing his career in wrestling as well as in acting, he took part in different movie roles such as Ferdinand in the year 2017, Blockers in 2018, Suicide Squad in 2023, and “Fast and Furious”.

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Proceeding his career in this field, this talented man also released his album in the year 2005, “You Can’t See Me” and a soundtrack album “Peacemaker”.

2025 will be Cena’s Last Year of Profession


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John Cena is always known for his high spirit in his career and countless matches. Winning the hearts of his fans this charismatic star made an announcement of his retirement surprising the audience with his appearance at Money in the Bank in Toronto on 6th July 2024.

‘Tonight, I officially announce the retirement from WWE’

In his statements, he revealed that his last fight and match will be in the year 2025 mentioning that this is the last time that is about to come. However, he also stated that this was not his farewell tonight. He mentioned that the Royal Chamber event would be his last participation in the field of wrestling. Also, he thanked the crowd for allowing him to be at this event and giving him the chance to announce his retirement.
On his retirement announcement, the crowd reacted with love while thanking him for his marvelous contribution to sports. This reaction of the crowd made Cena love his fans more and thank the audience for making him proud of his achievements and letting him play. He also thanked the audience for their louder voice and kind gesture that always kept him motivated.
This 49-year-old household name in the era of wrestling will always remain in the hearts of his fans. The retirement day of this global sports star will leave incredible marks in the industry of wrestling. The loving and kind reaction of his fans and audience proves that he is a marvelous wrestler who has devoted his body and years to his successful career.
However, no one can overstate the impact of John Cena’s contribution to the wrestling world as his huge record of being the most reputable and legendary champion. Playing and winning against Randy Orton, The Rock, and other reputable wrestlers, defines his best contribution to the WWE.


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As John Cena’s retirement news is spreading all over the world, different wrestlers chairmen, and CEOs of the WWE championship are motivating and praising John Cena while saying that he is a true legend. Also, Dwayne, the Rock wrestler praised him on Twitter by saying that his contribution to the wrestling world is immeasurable. contribution
Looking forward, 2025 will be an immense year of love and kindness to John Cena’s tribute to Wrestling. Hoping for a better contribution from fans and a grand farewell for Cena’s unwavering career and celebration.

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