Palworld Every Pal Type Chart: Strengths and Weaknesses

Palworld Every Pal Type Chart Strengths and Weaknesses

In Palworld, you depend heavily on your Pal squad when the battles get tougher. Therefore, you must understand the Palworld Every Pal Type Chart squad before getting yourself in any difficult and even easy encounter to have them made easier. Pals play an essential part in winning against great odds in Palword.  Every Pal in Palworld has a certain strength and a weakness, which this Palworld Every Pal Type Chart containing their strengths and weaknesses will make easier to understand.

Pal Type in Palworld

There are no Pal types in Palworld, but some elements to which the Pals are assigned and thus find their strengths and weaknesses. Most of the Pals have a single weakness and a single strength, with the exception of a few. The Pokeman players will understand the concept fairly easily since every Pokemon has certain strengths and weaknesses, and the knowledge of these comes in handy. If you know the strengths and weaknesses of your Pal squad, it is easy for you to call out the ones that may turn the odds in your favor. 

Palworld Every Pal Type Chart

Palworld Every Pal Type Chart
Chart explaining every Pal in Palworld

If you have seen the Pokemon type chart, you will notice Palworld Every Pal Type Chart to be more straightforward and simple to understand. To get a better grasp of the concept conveyed in the chart, here is the explanation.

The type of element at the head of the arrow is weaker than the Pal elemental type at the arrow’s tail. As you can see in the chart, the water element lies at the tail of a certain arrow, with the fire element at its head. This tells us that fire type pals are weaker than water-type elements. Water type Pals are seen to be more helpless against the electric elements, as the arrow between them indicates. 

Fire element Pals are stronger against two other types, i.e., Ice and Grass. On the other hand, neutral-type elements are stronger against none and weaker against the dark type. With the exception of these two element types, all elements are weaker and stronger than one other type. 

Palworld Every Pal Type Chart Breakdown

It is a little difficult to see the Palworld Every Pal Type Chart and understand each Pal’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, here’s a breakdown of the whole chart in a more descriptive way so that you remember and understand the whole chart in a better way

Fire Type Pals

Strengths: The fire type pals are strong against ice and grass type pals

Weaknesses: Fire type pals are found to be weak against water type pals

Grass Type Pals

Strengths: These pals are strong against Ground type pals

Weaknesses: Grass type pals in Palworld are weak against Fire type pals.

Ground Type Pals

Strengths: These are found to be strong when put face to face against electric pals.

Weaknesses: Weak against grass pals; they struggle against them.

Electric Type Pals

Strengths: They are found to be aggressive against water type pals.

Weaknesses: Electric type pals perform poorly against the ground type pals.

Water Type Pals

Strengths: Water pals dominate against the fire type pals in Palworld.

Weaknesses: They may not be as good against the electric pals.

Ice Type Pals

Strengths: They are found to be stronger against the dragon pals.

Weaknesses: Ice pals are not good against the fire pals.

Dragon Type Pals

Strengths: They are stronger against dark pals.

Weaknesses: Found to be weak against dragon type pals, dark pals perform poorly against them.

Neutral Type Pals

Strengths: Unfortunately, neutral pals are not stronger than any other pal type. Therefore, it is not much of a use to keep one.

Weaknesses: Not stronger against any pal, yet neutral pals find themselves weak against the dark pals.

Concept of Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses in Palworld

When said one element is stronger than the other, it means when these types of Pals face each other in a battle, the stronger is supposed to prevail against the weaker. For the sake of understanding, if you find yourself in battle against a grass type Pal, it would be wise to put a fire type Pal against it. Similarly, on the other hand, when a Pal is said to be weaker against a certain type on Palworld Every Pal Type Chart, it is supposed to fall easily against the one that is stronger. 


All of the content in the Palworld Every Pal Type Chart guide can be summed in a way that makes it easier to choose a pal under specified circumstances. The strengths and weaknesses tell the players to make a fully customized and powerful pal squad, which comes in handy in different battles.

If you know which pals you should have in your squad before getting into a battle, the chances that you will win increase. For example, if you wish to put Mammorest in your Palbox, it is advised to use a fire type pal against it. Using the right type of pal can also sometimes help you overcome your level of shortness. You can also dig deep into pals here.


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