Palworld Pals Not Mining: Digtoise Palworld Location

Palworld Pals Not Mining Digtoise Palworld Location
Palworld Pals Not Mining Digtoise Palworld Location

Palworld has taken the world by storm and has climbed to the top of the gaming ranks to become one of the most played games around. While some fans compare the game to the popular game series Pokemon, others believe that the game’s focus on survival and mining sets it apart from the legendary franchise. This is exactly why the issue that has your Palworld Pals not mining is hated by everyone.

Since mining is such an important skill in the game, it’s understandable that every Palworld player, no matter how new, would want to utilize it to collect resources. While players can have their characters do it themselves, it’s also possible to have characters do the mining for you.

If you’re struggling with having your Pal mine in Mineworld then keep reading because we’re about to go through everything you need to know about this mechanic. We’ll also be highlighting the location of one of the most sought-after Pal in the game, Digtoise.

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What is Mining in Palworld and Why Does it Matter?

What is Mining in Palworld
What is Mining in Palworld

Mining is an automated skill in Palworld and it enables your Pals to collect sources like ore, sulfur, coal, and stones while you are off doing something else in Palworld’s expansive world. Just like other skills in the game, mining requires strategy and technique for optimal results. Different Pals have different skill sets, and using them accordingly can determine how effectively they mine.

Mining is required to collect sources needed to build your base. Different sources have different uses like stone is needed for building, crafting, and earlier upgrades, sulfur to make gunpowder, and coal and ore for creating ingots. An ingot, meanwhile, is used to craft guns like assault rifles and shotguns, and these weapons are what gave Palworld its trademark nickname of “Pokemon with Guns.”

Types of Miners in Palworld

There are only a few miner-type Pals in Palworld and they can be categorized depending on their abilities. Some miners are top-tier thanks to their ability to mine high-level natural resources while others have greater importance due to some other skill that when combined with their mining ability can prove to be useful. Here are some types that can be created based on this scenario:

Basic Miners:

Pals with level-one mining skills are basic miners. They can mine stone and can be useful in earlier games but their specialty lies somewhere else, whether it be combat or traversal. These miners are beginner-level miners and include miners like Cattiva, Depresso, and Rushoar.

Pure Miners:

These miners are the ones built for the sole purpose of mining. At the moment, only two miners can called pure miners, Astegon and Digtoise. Astegon is the only level four miner while Digtoise is a level three miner. Pure miners are advanced-level miners as they can mine more rare types of sources, though they usually aren’t too good in any other skill.

Hybrid Miners:

As the name suggests, these miners are good at mining but are equally good in some other skill that makes them multi-talented. Pals having both mining and transporting abilities are the best examples of hybrid miners as their transporting ability allows them to mine and transport the sources. 

Level two and three miners like Anubis, Penking, Dumud, and Tombat make the best use of these abilities as they can both transport and mine rare sources. Hybrid miners are not as good as the pure miners but their ability to combine with other skills makes them more favored by a lot of players.

Why is Your Pal Not Mining in Palworld?

Why is Your Pal Not Mining?
Why is Your Pal Not Mining?

Some gamers have some issues with mining, suggesting their Pals won’t mine no matter what they do. Since the game is in early access mode there might be some glitches but some reasons might be due to lack of knowledge as the game is still quite new and players are discovering and learning new things as they play it.

Before you go around trying to mine different resources to build your first house in Palworld, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

1. Not Every Pal Can Mine

Before you catch and use Pals to mine for you, ensure you catch the right ones. Not every Pal has the required skills and qualities to mine and will simply not follow your orders if you ask them to do so. 

The latest version has about twenty Pals with mining skills and we can look forward to more as the game develops. Also, Pals with higher levels have higher mining speed and capacity, making them even more efficient. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that some Pals are beginner-level and some are advanced-level miners. 

2. Mine at the Right Location

Different sources are present at different locations, and choosing the right location is key if you want to efficiently and effectively mine for a specific natural resource. You can have Pals with the best mining skills, it won’t matter if you don’t mine at the right location. For example, the northern desert has the largest quantity of coal and you can find large deposits of sulfur at the Bamboo groove to the west of it.

3. More Valuable Resources Require a Higher Level

Beginner-level miners are good enough to understand the mechanics and develop in the initial stages but you will need advanced-level miners for sources like sulfur, coal, and ore. This is because a higher level is a must to unlock mining for these high-level sources. For example, sources like ore and coal can not be mined using a level-one miner like Cattiva. Make sure you have a miner with level two or higher level mining skills.

4. Choose the Right Source:

Make sure that your Pal is mining the right source. You can do this by specifying the source before your Pal can start mining, which is done by selecting the source from among the options. For example, if you want your Pal to mine ore, you will need to select ore in the options or otherwise your Pal will mine stone. 

Where to Find Digtoise in Palworld

Where to Find Digtoise in Palworld
Where to Find Digtoise in Palworld

Before we sign off, how about quickly going through how you can find one of the most sought-after Pal in the game, Digtouise? 

Digtoise can be found in the two main desert areas on the Galapagos Islands. While going to the very North-East part of the map is definitely easier thanks to it being bigger, players can also go to the northwest of the starting area. If you choose to go to the first area, then check around the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point since that’s where this allusive Pal is usually found.

Mining is not a new game mechanic and has been around for some time in many different games. Survival games especially make use of this mechanic as it’s important when it comes to building and developing. Gamers might face some issues when mining as Palworld is still in early access but strategizing and learning new things is key. If you liked this Palworld guide then consider reading our guide on How To Get Pal Fluids Palworld.

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