Palworld Shadowbeak Breeding – Complete Guide

Palworld Shadowbeak breeding
Palworld - Shadow Beak (Complete Guide)

Shadowbeak in Palworld is an amazing dark creature, that can be easily identified by its impressive wingspan and powerful beak. It has a peculiar ring orbit over its body with six spearhead-shaped spikes around the body. This Pal also possesses various points of offense maneuver, making it one of the best powers for combat.

With various numbers of mounts that you can unlock in Palworld to explore the vast Palworld map easily, Shadowbeak gives you access to the flying mount thus making your journey pretty easy. Want to know a hack to Palworld Shadowbeak breeding? Here’s how you can do it easily.

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Palworld Shadowbeak

Palworld Shadowbeak Breeding
Palworld Shadowbeak Breeding

Shadowbeak in Palworld is found in the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower, where you can fight it and catch it. However, the Shadowbeak here is very strong and nasty and its attacking skills can shatter your existence in Palworld.

Therefore, to be safer, it’s much better to get your own Shadowbeak and then tame it. To make your own Shadowbeak in Palword, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, you need to collect Ruby and a Penking. As you put them together, they will produce Kitson.
  • Secondly, you need to get a large blue dinosaur, called Relaxasaurus, and a pretty-looking red bird called Sakas. These both will then produce Astegon which is a legendary power in Palword.

The Alpha Version of Astegon in Palworld can be found at level 48. Go to the Volcano region, and there you will find an Astegon at -614,-428 coordinates. However, catching it is hard, therefore if you can’t catch one you can always look for the relaxasaurus and the red bird.

Palworld Shadowbeak Breeding – Complete Method

Palworld Shadowbeak Breeding
Palworld Shadowbeak

Once you’ve both the Astegon and Kitson, the next step is to breed them. You can do this by putting them together in the Breeding Farm along with a Cake. Doing so will get you a huge Shadowbeak Egg.

Next thing, you need to put this Egg into the incubator. The incubator will inform you about the right temperature, thus select the right temperature and after a while, you’ll get your own Palworld Shadowbeak as the egg hatches.

Thus, once you get one male and one female Shadowbeak, you can put them together, to produce several number of these Pals therefore getting your hands over tons of important resources.

Rewards – Palworld Shadowbeak

Palworld Shadowbeak Breading
Palworld Shadowbeak -Flying Mount

After you have caught a Shadowbeak in Palworld or you’ve gone through the Palworld Shadowbeak Breeding process getting your own Pal, you can use this to get a flying mount. To do so, you need to level up to level 47 in the Technology Lab. Once there, you’ll then get a Saddle which you can craft by gathering different resources.

To craft the Palworld Shadowbeak Saddle, you need x50 Leather, x40 Ingots, x25 Venom Glands, and x45 Paldium Fragments. Having these items gathered, go to Pal Gear Workbench if you’ve already built one, or otherwise first build the Pal Gear Workbench which you would’ve already unlocked, and then craft your saddle.

Moreover, when mounted, Shadowbeak’s dark attacks exhibit an augmented level of power too.


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