Roblox: My Eyes Deceive Game Ending Explained

My Eyes Deceive Game Ending Explained
Roblox My Eyes Deceive Game Ending Explained

The horror game genre has developed, moving beyond traditional jump scares and exploring deeper levels of psychological terror. Players are emotionally damaged by games like The Blair Witch, Silent Hill, and Dark Pictures Anthology, which set the standard high. My Eyes Deceive, a fascinating yet unsettling Roblox game, is another addition to this list.

In this guide, we will explore the My Eyes Deceive Game Endings and determine how is it linked to players’ decisions. This game’s departure from supernatural horror clichés and replacement of them with a story that examines the implications of the player’s decisions in a very frightening manner is what makes it so unsettling.

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Roblox: My Eyes Deceive Game

My Eyes Deceive Game Ending Explained
Roblox My Eyes Deceive Game

In the terrifying story Unveiled My Eyes Deceive, players take on the character of a little girl whose father has kept her imprisoned in her home’s basement. The mundaneness of her everyday routine is disturbing since it consists of waking up, taking her medication, drinking water, preparing dinner, communicating with her father via a hatch, and then going to bed. The girl’s father says that the tablets are her sole line of protection against the perils and diseases of the outer world.

The father’s mysterious absence from the game for many days sets off a terrifying pattern of events. At this point, the players must make a crucial choice: obey the absent father’s instructions and keep taking the tablets, or reject them.

My Eyes Deceive Game Ending Explained

My Eyes Deceive Game Ending Explained
My Eyes Deceive Game Ending Explained

My Eyes Deceive Game Endings is determined by the decisions made by the player, leading to two very different outcomes.

The Good Ending

The Good ending results from the decision to refuse the medication. The player might choose to pretend that they took the medicine when their father returns. The player gets to explore the home after the father is forced to leave the basement hatch open due to an unexpected disruption.

After further investigation, it becomes clear that the father’s absence was caused by a police check, and the pills are really sedatives. The player takes advantage of the chance to leave the harsh surroundings, learning about the real world outside, asking for assistance, and escaping the terrifying shadow of her father.

The Bad Ending

Choosing to take the medication results in a horrifying ending. The main character falls asleep, losing the opportunity to flee. Days later, a startling discovery comes to light. In a sanitized version, the girl claims she feels queasy every morning, suggesting that her father’s sexual abuse had caused her to get pregnant.

Due to platform restrictions, the girl’s question about why her stomach is large and spherical was omitted from the original, far more visual, ending.

Controversial Removal from Roblox

After being taken down from the Roblox platform, My Eyes Deceive generated controversy despite its scary story and the decisions made by the player. The game, first created by Nouhidev and published on in May 2023, achieved unanticipated success after being added to Roblox in September by Cheez Plox, another developer. The Roblox version quickly outperformed the original in terms of plays, which incensed its creator.

The independent developer Nouhidev became irritated when the Roblox version of My Eyes Deceive became popular. His dissatisfaction was heightened by the fact that YouTubers who stream games did not give him credit for being the creator of the game’s concept.

Nouhidev made a bold request in October to have the game taken down from Roblox. His goal was rather clear: directing gamers to the website would guarantee that the original version would continue to be accessible for anyone who wanted to experience the unnerving story without being removed.


My Eyes Deceive is a testament to the way horror games have evolved, pushing the envelope and emotionally straining players. It goes above and beyond the standard horror game experience with its eerie story and varied endings depending on player decisions. The story of My Eyes Deceive becomes even more intricate after its contentious removal from Roblox, which was motivated by the developer’s annoyance and the unanticipated spike in popularity.

This game leaves players feeling uneasy, whether they are lured in by the unsettling plot or are thinking about the moral ramifications of its removal. My Eyes Deceive Game Ending continues to be a prominent example of how video games may elicit real psychological reactions as the horror gaming genre develops. It shows that horror in gaming goes beyond simple scares, leaving players with lasting memories that transcend well beyond the virtual environment.

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