Ryan Garcia Walk Out of Rehab Just To See His Brother’s Knocked Out Loss

Rayn and Sean garcia

Ryan Garcia, a known boxing star skipped out of rehab to see his brother’s loss and slang him for losing the fight.

In the boxing industry, family support often plays a crucial role for the players as motivation makes them devoted and hardworking. Recently, an outstanding boxer Ryan Garcia, who is known for his all-time victories in boxing has been in the spotlight as he criticizes his brother for not winning in the ring. Ryan Garcia and Sean Garcia are recognized for their best boxing performances and devotion to their profession. They both stayed at the back of each other, supporting each other at every thick and thin. However, this criticism has disappointed the audience and his fan following as well as has made the public stay at Ryan Garcia’s brother Sean Garcia’s side.

The Early Life and Career of Ryan Garcia and Sean Garcia



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Ryan Garcia, born in the year 1998, 8 August is said to be an exceptional box of America.

In his struggling career, this hardworking man won the title of Interim Lightweight in the year 2021. And throughout his successful journey, this famous personality has won 24 fights out of 26. However, in 2024, June, he was arrested in Waldorf Astoria for room damage.

However in recent days, on 4 July, this personality was expelled by the president of WBC after using slang words for Africans. Besides this, Ryan has a big fan following as he uploads training videos on his different social media platforms. Also, this guy is suffering from emotional damage and the worst physical condition.

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On the other side, Ryan Garcia’s brother Sean Garcia was born in the year 2000, October 24. He is less known than his brother as he is just in his struggling phase. Following his brother’s career, this young boy has won 4 fights out of 4

However, Ryan Garcia’s family seems to be a little private having 3 sisters and 1 brother and supportive parents (Henry Garcia and Lisa Garcia).

Ryan Garcia Slang’s Statement for his Brother Sean

The sports and boxing industry has seen many duos of sporting brothers. One of them is the duo of Garcia’s brother who has been at the back of each other every time they are in the ring. However, this time Ryan Garcia has disappointed his fans for not showing mercy on his brother’s first-time defeat and using slang for him.


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In the championship held in Honda Center, California (Anaheim) recently at the event LAST MAN STADING (Diaz vs. Masvidal 2) Ryan Garcia’s brother Sean Garcia was defeated by Amado Vargas, a 23-year-old son of boxing champion, Fernando Vargas. During the sixth round, the referee declared Sean Garcia unfit due to his loss of the fight. During this, Ryan Garcia walked out of the rehab to praise his brother, support him, and watch his victory.

Ryan Garcia is known for his frustrated and straightforward nature. However, this guy is under treatment era in rehab and is recovering slowly as he got positive reports for ostarine. This man is given a one-year gap from boxing due to his drug reports.

On his brother’s loss, this lightweight champion stated that he has skipped his rehab and come to see the boxing performance of this shit.

After his statement, he was not even seen in the audience. However the social media team mentioned that he was asked to leave after his bad words for his brother whereas Ryan Garcia stated that he left by his wish, he was not ordered to leave from the place.

For Ryan, he has devoted many years to his profession and his promising talent has made him win all the time. He is said to be the ideal boxing champion for his fans and his family.

Unfortunately, this incident may bring up complexities in the relationship with his brother and parents.

With this incident happening during the fight, the reaction of Ryan Garcia’s brother is unseen. It will be thrilling news of how Sean Garcia will react to his brother’s statement and reaction to his loss.

Also, this statement may be a turning point for Ryan Garcia fans following on social media and Sean Garcia’s successful career as well and this may affect their relationship bond.

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