Sea Of Thieves: Vanquishing The Damned Commendation: How To Get [Complete Guide]

Vanquishing the Damned Commendation in Sea of Thieves is one of the surprises that the Fort of the Damned holds, which was previously known as the Old Boot Fort. Commendations in Sea of Thieves can be used for a variety of purposes which include unlocking different achievements and gathering a lot of loot. Vanquishing the Damned Commendation is a tedious task to complete involving a lot of fights. Here’s a comprehensive guide, that will take you through the Fort of the Damned, completing the Vanquishing the Damned Commendation.

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Sea of Thieves: Vanquishing The Damned Commendation [Complete Guide]

Sea of Thieves: Vanquishing the Damned Commendation
Sea of Thieves: Commendations

Completing Vanquishing the Damned Commendation in Sea of Thieves is undoubtedly a tough task, requiring you to kill all the haunting enemies inside Fort of the Damned 25 times. Fort of the Damned update in Sea of Thieves, comes with two different sections. One of these is Fort of the Damned itself and the other one is Mercenary Voyages.

Mercenary Voyage: Sticher Jim

In the Mercenary Voyage, you can get one commendation as you talk to Sticher Jim in the east of Castaway Isle. However, to get the remaining commendations, you need to complete the free voyages you get from the Duke.

Fort of the Damned
Fort of the Damned

To collect the commendations inside the Fort of the Damned including the Vanquishing the Damned commendation, you need to kill all the enemies which are mostly ugly skeletons of different colors almost 50 times. Fort of the Damned, however, is not going to disappear any soon thus you can take your own sweet time to complete the task.

How To Activate Fort Of The Damned?

Pick up the Ritual Skull

Fort of the Damned in Sea of Thieves is the only Fort that requires you to activate it. Activating this Fort to get Vanquishing the Damned Commendation, requires you to get a ritual skull. You can get a ritual skull, as you complete “The Skull Stash Voyage” which you can purchase from Duke spending 30 doubloons or 35000 gold.

Skull Stash Voyage
Skull Stash Voyage

As you begin the Skull Stash Voyage in Sea of Thieves, you will get a map. Using the map, you’re required to reach a location, where the ritual skull is buried deep down so that it can be protected from Bilge Rats.

Collecting All Six Different Colored Flames

Vanquishing the damned commendation
Collect Six Flames

After you’ve discovered the Ritual Skull, you now need to collect six different colored flames. To do so, you need to die six different times uniquely. Here are six different flames you need to collect and how you can do so:

  • Green – Skeleton
  • Blue – Shark
  • Purple – Snake
  • Pink – Pirate
  • Red – Volcano
  • White – Lightening

Illuminating The Beacons

Illuminate the Beacons

Once, you have collected all the six different colored flames aforementioned, you now need to head back to the Fort of the Damned. Inside the Fort, you will find six different beacons. Illuminate these beacons with the flames you have collected, putting the matching beacon and flame together.

Defeating Waves Of The Skeletons

Beheaded Skeleton

After doing so, head towards the center of the island, and there inside a cage you will find a beheaded skeleton. Put the ritual skull here in the cage on the skeleton’s head and this will activate the fort.

Completing The Vanquishing The Damned Commendation

Red Skull

Once the Fort of the Damned is activated, you will see a Red Skull in the air. This Skull is a good symbol regarding your success towards the Fort activation, however, it will call for PvP therefore be very attentive. As soon as the skeleton with white eyes, you need white flames, and for the one with green eyes, you need green flames.

Defeating Ghost of Captain Gray

Defeat Captain GrayMarrow

Defeating all the skeleton waves, you will finally encounter the ghost of Captain Graymarrow who is the captain of the Fort of the Damned. This isn’t a one-on-one fight, as the boss will keep spawning different skeletons that will annoy you. Captain Gray will be closer to your ship when you’re in the rigging crew, therefore. you can destroy the ugly boss aiming the Cannon.

Other than Cannon, Curse Cannonballs can also be used. As these balls hit Captain Gray, he will either sleep or start dancing madly, which makes it much easier to kill. After doing so, you can then grab the keys, and open the vault. All the loot inside it is significant.

Opening the vault, you may get a bonus crate. This crate includes Athena’s chest, skull’s captain’s girl, and Reaper’s chest. Thus, this is how you can activate the Fort of Damned. Now, clearing all the enemies inside the Fort 25 times you can complete Vanquishing the Damned Commendation.

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