Spectrier Pokemon Violet Location: How to Find The Exact Location

spectrier pokemon violet location
Finding the exact spectrier pokemon violet location

The Spectrier Pokemon is back in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and it is one of the most popular ones among the fans. Players might find it hard to locate this Pokemon but this article will give you a glimpse of all the details about where you can find spectrier pokemon violet location and how to catch it. Do note that there is a total of 200 Pokemon or even more so catching them won’t be an easy task.

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Spectrier Pokemon violet location

Finding the spectrier Pokemon is not an easy task and for that, you need to visit the north side of the Great Crater of Paldea to find spectrier pokemon violet location. This place can be found around the Secluded Ruins which is located in Dalizapa Passage. You can get this after using the Spectrier Treat from Snacksworth to reach this passage.

spectrier pokemon violet location
spectrier pokemon violet location

Once you have reached the right location, search around to find some ruins. You must climb the ruins with either Koraidon or the Miraidon. After players reach the top, they will find Spectrier standing at the top.

Do note that Spectrier won’t be available until you have taken a treat from the Snacksworth. In order to get a treat from him, you must complete at least 10 Blueberry Quests. Once done, just go and check your inventory to use it. When you have done the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to spot Spectrier in the location of secluded ruins.

Sometimes you do take a treat from the Snacksworth and it isn’t what you wanted so go back and do all the steps again. This will help you to get a different treatment this time and continue to do so until you get what you need to find spectrier pokemon violet location. But don’t be disheartened if the spectrier treat is not being granted. At some point, Snacksworth will grant you that but in the meantime, you can have other various treats along with it.

There might be an issue in locating the exact spectrier pokemon violet location so just search for the ruins and you will find the place for Spectrier Pokemon Violet location. You might be wondering whether all this hassle is worth it for the Spectrier Pokemon but do note that the ability of this Pokemon is very useful in battles.

How to Interact with Spectrier Pokemon

Go to the ruins located in Dalizapa Passage by climbing and spot the Spectrier Pokemon who will appear right in front of you to find spectrier pokemon violet location. After seeing the Pokemon, just hurry up and go to them. Engage with them and try to obtain it with various methods. It is feasible to save the game right before you meet with Spectrier Pokemon so if the encounter is not successful, then you can come back to this saving point again.

spectrier pokemon violet location
Finding the exact spectrier pokemon violet location

When you have the spectrier treat, a horse that is shaped like a ghost will appear in front of you in Paldea. The exact location is right on the edge of the great Carter of Paldea which also goes by the name of Area Zero. You can find the exact spot right between the Dalizapa Passage and Medali. Do note that Pokemon is at level 70, so it is better to use your team for reinforcement. The basic things like using paralysis might do the work for you and then throw Poke balls at the Spectrier Pokemon.

Abilities and Stats of Spectrier Pokemon

Spectrier Pokemon has many strengths and weaknesses so to defeat them, players must know all the weaknesses where they can target. He is known to be weak towards ghosts and dark-related attacks. It is much more feasible to use them to cause damage to the Pokemon. Apart from that, this spectrier pokemon violet location has just one ability which is the “Grim Neigh”. It is quite effective as compared to other Pokemon and obtaining it isn’t much hassle so let’s obtain it.

You can use this ability to launch a neigh that will enhance the player’s Special Attack stat, giving leverage to you in the game. This special attack stat can be best used when the opponent player has fallen on the ground. Some of the stats of Spectrier Pokemon in scarlet and violet indigo disks are as follows:

  • The HP of this Pokemon is 100.
  • The Attack value is 65 which gives you plenty of power to fight good battles.
  • Defense value is around 60 which is quite decent.
  • Special Attack value is 145.
  • Special Defense value is 80.
  • Speed value is around 130.

Catching this Pokemon will be quite beneficial as it will give you good attack and defense options along with the ability, it will be quite powerful. You can use it for battles to give a hard time to opponents.

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