The much-anticipated Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac has swung into action, offering players an expansive open-world experience. The game brings in new boroughs like Queens and Brooklyn and comes packed with a plethora of activities, including side quests and photo opportunities.

However, as with any vast virtual landscape, a few bugs may emerge, and Spider-Man 2 is no exception. The game includes an amusing yet awkward glitch that transforms Miles Morales into a tiny white cube. Read on to learn all about the Spider-Man 2 White Cube Glitch PS5 and its solution.

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Spider-Man 2 White Cube Glitch PS5

The Spider-Man 2 players have reported encountering a peculiar bug on PS5 that is encountered while switching suits with Miles Morales. Instead of the web-slinging hero, you will find yourself controlling a diminutive white square.

However, despite its unusual appearance, the square retains Miles’ voice lines and full combat capabilities, creating a rather surreal experience that doesn’t affect the gameplay that much.

Spider-Man 2 White Cube Glitch PS5
Spider-Man 2 Cube Glitch

In one instance, during a side mission involving the rescue of an NPC from enemies, the white cube successfully dispatched the thugs. However, the subsequent civilian carry animation played out with the person seemingly floating above the cube.

Spider-Man 2 White Cube Glitch Variations

The Spider-Man 2 White Cube Glitch has different variants, and it is, in fact, totally random in nature. While some players have encountered a White Cube, others have reported seeing a floating head on the home screen, with the body entirely invisible.

Spider-Man 2 White Cube Glitch PS5
Spider-Man 2 White Cube Glitch PS5: Variations

In some scenarios, that glitch will replace the hero in a peculiar shape resembling a tofu. However, since these glitches are not game-breaking, they do hinder the ability to observe Miles’ animations and positioning during gameplay.

Spider-Man 2 White Cube Glitch PS5 – Solution

Insomniac Games is yet to reveal an official fix for the glitch, so in the meantime, you are suggested with the following temporary fix for this issue.

The solution is pretty much straightforward, and simply restarting the game should get the issue fixed. This is your only hope until Insomniac releases an official patch. Despite these minor setbacks, it’s crucial to note that the bug does not prevent players from enjoying the game’s core experience.

In addition, it is recommended that you download the Day One Update for Spider-Man 2. The update promises additional polish, enhanced accessibility options, and general refinements that aim to elevate the overall gaming experience.

It is worth noting that the physical edition owners can technically play the game without it; however, the update is highly recommended.

Until a comprehensive fix is implemented, youcan continue to enjoy the breathtaking open-world experience, albeit with the occasional unexpected visual twist.

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