WoW Classic Lunar Festival Guide: Unveiling All Details

WoW Classic Lunar Festival Guide
WoW Classic Lunar Festival Guide: Unveiling All Details

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery will be providing you with the Lunar Festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The festival will celebrate the Lunar Holidays from January 20 to February 17th, 2024.

This WoW Classic Lunar Festival guide will explain everything about the event, including the quests and the rewards, the Coin of Ancestry, and where to find all Elders.

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WoW Classic Lunar Festival Guide

WoW Classic Lunar Festival 
WoW Classic Lunar Festival Guide

The WoW Classic Lunar Festival is packed with lots of exciting stuff to explore, be it the various quests, the elder, or the Coin of Ancestry. Read on to learn everything there is to know about the festival in detail.

WoW Classic Lunar Festival Quest

In the Lunar Festival, the Horde and Alliance pay tribute to the ancestors of Azeroth throughout Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Furthermore, in Moonglade, a celebration will happen featuring the Coin of Ancestry quests.

You can obtain festive attire, professional patterns, and fireworks by completing these quests. Additionally, you will obtain the To Honor One’s Elders meta-achievement and a part of the What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been achievement.

1. Lunar Emissary and Lunar Herald

In the festive event, there will be a Lunar Emissary for the Alliance and a Lunar Herald for the Horde. They will task you with the first quests for the WoW Classic Lunar Festival.

You can find these quests in the six major cities of World of Warcraft, and if you complete these quests, you’ll obtain 5 Cenarion Circle Reputation. However, these quests are optional, and you can skip them to move to the main Lunar Festival areas.

Lunar Festival Emissary Quest Locations:

1. Darnassus, near the bank and in the Cenarion Enclave
Coordinates: /way 42, 44

2. Ironforge, near the bank and in the Mystic Ward
Coordinates: /way 31, 61

3. Stormwind, near the bank
Coordinates: /way 54, 66

Lunar Festival Herald Quest Locations:

1. Orgrimmar, near the bank and in the Valley of Wisdom
Coordinates: /way 51, 70

2. Thunder Bluff, near the main lift
Coordinates: /way 38, 63

3. Undercity, near the bank
Coordinates: /way 67, 43

Lunar Festival Harbinger

In the primary Lunar Festival areas of the major cities of WOW Classic, you will find the Lunar Festival Harbinger. You will find the city elders at these Lunar Festival harbingers.

These play a critical role, and here you will start the quest line that will give you access to Moonglade.

1. Cenarion Enclave, Darnassus,
Coordinates: / way 32, 12

2. Mystic Ward, Ironforge
Coordinates: / way 28, 16

3. Park, Stormwind
Coordinates: / way 23, 53

4. Valley of Wisdom, Orgrimmar
Coordinates: / way 42, 32

5. Thunder Bluff, near the main lift
Coordinates: / way 71, 28

6. Undercity, just inside the main entrance
Coordinates: / way 65, 36

2. Lunar Fireworks Quest

The first quest you obtain from the Lunar Festival Harbinger is the Lunar Fireworks quest, where you will have to fire 8 Lunar Fireworks and 2 Cluster Fireworks.

You can purchase the Lunar Fireworks from the Lunar Festival Vendor found near the Lunar Festival Harbingers. You can pick any color of fireworks of your liking and launch these fireworks anytime and anywhere you want.

WoW Classic Lunar Festival
WoW Classic Lunar Festival: Lunar Fireworks Quest

Once you have completed the task, you need to return to the Lunar Festival Harbinger of any capital city and turn in the Lunar Firework Quest. You will obtain the Lunar Festival Invitation, Cenarion Circle, and 50 Reputation points for completing the quest.

3. Valadar Starsong Quest

The Lunar Festival Invitation you obtain after completing the Lunar Fireworks quest can be used to access Moonglade. However, the invitation is only active for 24 hours, but if it expires, you can simply redo the Fireworks quest.

In order to enter Moonglade, you need to head to the middle of the Lunar Festival area under empty moonlight.

When you’re inside Moonglade, follow the road toward the north, and you will eventually reach Valadar Starsong and complete the quest.

4. Elune’s Blessing Raid Quest

WoW Classic Lunar Festival
WoW Classic Lunar Festival: Elune’s Blessing Raid Quest

The Elune’s Blessing quest will require you to summon the Omen and defeat it. It is worth mentioning that beating the Omen is not a simple task, given that it is a raid-level boss.

Therefore, you will require a number of players alongside you to defeat it. Furthermore, it will have minions. The best option is to summon the Omen at Stormrage Barrow Dens and bombard 20 Cluster Rockets to deal with the minions.

Once the minions are dealt with, you can proceed to the Omen itself and put it to an end. Next up, you need to stand over the dead body of Omen for a few seconds to receive the Elune’s Blessing buff.

However, if the Omen is already defeated before your arrival, you only need to stand over its dead body to collect the reward. When you’re done, head back to Valadar Starsong.

WoW Classic Lunar Festival Coins of Ancestry

WoW Classic Lunar Festival 
WoW Classic Lunar Festival Coin of Ancestry

In WoW Classic Lunar Festival, you have to visit Elders that can be found in the Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms to obtain the coins of Ancestry.

These elders will provide you with quests that will boost your Horde or Alliance reputation by 50 and also provide a coin of Ancestry. However, each elder can only be visited once throughout the Lunar Festival.

In addition to these rewards, you will also obtain the Lucky Red Envelope with either a Lucky Rocket Cluster or an Elder’s Moonstone.

Lunar Festival All Kalimdor Elder Locations

NPC Name Location Zone NPC Coordinates
Elder Bladesing Cenarion Hold Silithus /way 49, 38
Elder Bladeswift Cenarion Enclave Darnassus /way 33, 14
Elder Bloodhoof Bridge near Bloodhoof Village Mulgore /way 48, 53
Elder Brightspear Lake Kel’theril Winterspring /way 55, 43
Elder Darkhorn Valley of Wisdom Orgrimmar /way 41, 33
Elder Dreamseer Gadgetzan Tanaris /way 51, 28
Elder Grimtotem Lariss Pavillion Feralas /way 77, 38
Elder High Mountain Camp Taurajo The Barrens /way 45, 57
Elder Mistwalker Arena outside Dire Maul Feralas /way 62, 31
Elder Moonwarden The Crossroads The Barrens /way 51, 30
Elder Morningdew Mirage Raceway Thousand Needles /way 79, 77
Elder Nightwind Jaedenar Felwood /way 38, 53
Elder Primestone Crystal Vale Silithus /way 23, 11
Elder Proudhorn Elder Rise Thunder Bluff /way 73, 23
Elder Ragetotem Valley of the Watchers Tanaris /way 37, 79
Elder Riversong Astranaar Ashenvale /way 36, 49
Elder Runetotem Razor Hill Durotar /way 53, 44
Elder Skygleam Ravencrest Monument Azshara /way 72, 85
Elder Skyseer Freewind Post Thousand Needles /way 45, 50
Elder Starweave Auberdine Darkshore /way 36, 46
Elder Stonespire Everlook Winterspring /way 61, 37
Elder Thunderhorn Slithering Scar Un’goro Crater /way 50, 76
Elder Windtotem Ratchet The Barrens /way 62, 36

Lunar Festival All Eastern Kingdoms Locations

WoW Classic Lunar Festival
WoW Classic Lunar Festival: Who are the Ancestors
NPC Name Location Zone NPC Coordinates
Elder Bellowrage Crater near Dark Portal Blasted Lands /way 58, 51
Elder Bronzebeard Mystic Ward Ironforge /way 29, 16
Elder Darkcore Just inside city entrance Undercity /way 67, 38
Elder Dawnstrider Bridge to Flame Crest Burning Steppes /way 64, 23
Elder Goldwell Kharanos Dun Morogh /way 46, 51
Elder Graveborn Brill Tirisfal Glades /way 62, 54
Elder Hammershout Park Stormwind City /way 21, 53
Elder Highpeak Creeping Ruin The Hinterlands /way 50, 48
Elder Ironband Blackchar Cave Searing Gorge /way 21, 79
Elder Meadowrun Near Weeping Cavern Western Plaguelands /way 65, 47
Elder Moonstrike Top of building, outside Scholo Western Plaguelands /way 69, 73
Elder Obsidian The Sepulcher Silverpine Forest /way 45, 41
Elder Rumblerock Dreadmaul Rock Burning Steppes /way 82, 47
Elder Silvervein Thelsamar Loch Modan /way 33, 46
Elder Skychaser Sentinel Hill, top of tower Westfall /way 56, 47
Elder Snowcrown Light’s Hope Chapel Eastern Plaguelands /way 81, 60
Elder Starglade Outside Zul’Gurub entrance Stranglethorn Vale /way 53, 18
Elder Stormbrow Pond NW of Goldshire Elwynn Forest /way 40, 64
Elder Winterhoof Booty Bay docks Stranglethorn Vale /way 27, 74
Elder Windrun Crown Guard Tower Eastern Plaguelands /way 39, 75

Lunar Festival All Dungeon Elder Locations

NPC Name Location Zone
Elder Farwhisper Festival Lane Stratholme
Elder Morndeep The Ring of Law Blackrock Depths
Elder Splitrock Zaetar’s Grave Maraudon
Elder Starsong Pit of Sacrifice Sunken Temple
Elder Stonefort Hordemar City Blackrock Spire
Elder Wildmane Gahz’rilla’s Pool Zul’Farrak

WoW Classic Lunar Festival Coin of Ancestry Rewards

WoW Classic Lunar Festival 
WoW Classic Lunar Festival Coin of Ancestry Rewards

You can use the Coins of Ancestry obtained from the Elders around Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms to purchase the Lunar Festival Holiday recipes and quest items.

The Fariel Starsong in Nighthaven can be used to trade Coin of Ancestry for recipes. You have the option to redo the lunar quests to obtain all recipes.

The Moonglade Coin of Ancestry will reward you with the following items

  • Cluster Launcher
  • Cluster Rockets
  • Festive Recipes
  • Firework Launcher
  • Large Cluster Rockets
  • Large Rockets
  • Small Rockets

However, the Valadar Starsong’s quests will allow you to purchase the following items:

  • Elune’s Candle
  • Festival Dumplings
  • Festive Lunar Dresses
  • Festive Lunar Pant Suits

That’s all there is to know about the WoW Classic Lunar Festival. While you’re at it, do make sure to check out our comprehensive guide, Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Walkthrough: How Long Is Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 [Complete Walkthrough].

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