WoW SoD P2 Tier List For DPS Classes

WoW SoD P2 Tier List For DPS Classes feature
WoW SoD P2 Tier List For DPS Classes feature

World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery just got its Phase 2 update, with lots of new content. As with every new content comes the question you’re probably asking: “Who are the top DPS classes in the new update?” Well, we’ve got that handled for you with this complete DPS WoW SoD P2 tier list. Whether you’re a veteran who’s sunk in years in World of Warcraft or just a rookie who’s just starting out, this tier list is for you. 

One very important thing to keep in mind is that, as with every tier list, this WoW SoD P2 tier list for DPS classes is extremely subjective. What this means is that some of you might not agree with our placements, and that’s completely fine! If you think a class deserves to be higher or lower on the list then all you have to do is let us know in the comments below!

With that being said, and without any more delay, here is our DPS WoW SoD P2 tier list.

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What’s changing in Season of Discovery Phase 2?

WoW DPS classes
WoW DPS classes

Let’s start by talking about what’s in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery. The short summary is that lots of items have been tweaked, and power dynamics have changed. Another thing is that there’s more diversity in encounters so you’ll need a different team composition based on the boss. Adding all of these changes means that the meta is changing for the game, hence the guide to help you out.

Before The DPS Classes WoW SoD P2 Tier List

Another thing to note before we start, If you plan to play as DPS then just know that it’s your job in the squad to deal damage so make sure you do that. Now that we know what’s changing and why we’re doing this, let’s start the tier list.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 D-Tier Classes

WoW Shadow Priest
WoW Shadow Priest

First up are the D-tier classes. Only one DPS class falls into this category for being the single worst DPS class in SoD Phase 2. This isn’t because the class is bad, but because phase 2 has nerfed it to oblivion.

Shadow Priest

Due to the recent debuff limits being entirely removed, Shadow Priests can use their entire rotation despite them taking up debuff slows. But the reason Shadow Priests are so low is that they use a crazy amount of Mana and provide very little damage in exchange, which is a big problem in the current meta.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 C-Tier Classes

Up next are C-tier classes. While these classes aren’t really bad, players can definitely find better DPS classes to play as, and that too without having to look too much.

Enhancement Shaman

The main problem with Enhancement Shamans is that they’re awful when it comes to single-target damages. Mix that low damage with the fact that its attacks are melee only which uses Mana, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman has new abilities but the same as the others, the main issue is its overreliance on Mana, where you’ll run out of it too quickly.

Retribution Paladin

These guys have some new promising runes but the thing is that others have better skills, so Retribution Paladin just looks mediocre in comparison. While they aren’t bad in any way, they aren’t that good either.

Balance Druid

Balance Druids use Starfire in raids, but just like the Shamans, it uses too much Mana for very little damage in return, which simply doesn’t make it worth it.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 B-Tier Classes

WoW Rogue Class
WoW Rogue Class

Similar to the D-tier, only one class falls into this category for being completely mediocre. It isn’t bad and it isn’t good, landing it in the middle tier in our DPS WoW SoD P2 tier list.


Our only entry in the B-tier is Rogue, which is a great DPS but it offers small issues here and there that prevent it from being higher in the tierlist. In short, great melee damage but none of the benefits some other higher-tier DPSes bring to the table.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 A-Tier Classes

Now we’re getting into the heavy-hitting DPS classes. All the classes in this tier are excellent in their own right and can be used by high-level players to very comfortably clear encounters and win PvP matches.


The Hunter class in World of Warcraft SoD P2 deals lots of damage despite little gear because they use ranged attacks that don’t cost lots of Mana. 


Mages have strong tools at their disposal due to their strong damage, especially in groups, but the reason they’re A-Tier and not S-tier is that they struggle a bit in single-target damaging.

Feral Druid

Feral Druids are usually not picked much but now they’re viable thanks to some changes in the Season of Discovery, like giving Ferals new spells and buffs that make them super important in most groups.

Season of Discovery Phase 2 S-Tier Classes

WoW Warlock Class
WoW Warlock Class

The final tier we’re going through is the S-tier. Naturally, this means that every class that falls into this tier is the best of the best in terms of being a DPS class, and if you have someone of this class on your raid team then you’ll likely come out as the victor.


We all knew Warrior was gonna be here with how strong their lower-level gear is, and still having amazing high-level gear. Its combination of powerful runes and highly damaging weapons make it one of the best classes in the game.


Alongside Warriors, we’ve got Warlocks here too. Unlike Warrior, Warlock is here because of the new spells that they get when you’re level 40, and combined that with the new gear, you can equip, makes it a very strong class.

This concludes our DPS WoW SoD P2 tier list. Do you agree with our picks or do you think some classes should be lower or higher? Do let us know in the comments below as we’ll definitely consider your opinion. For more on WoW SoD P2, check out WoW SoD Not Working: How To Fix Botting Issue And Bugged Quests.

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