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11/25/2020WednesdayNoon-3PMWild Wings WednesdayAll
11/25/2020Wednesday4-7 PMBINGO Kitchen Staff Helpers AuxiliaryAuxiliary
11/26/2020ThursdayAll DayThanksgivingAll
11/27/2020FridayNoon-8 PMFriday Fish and Seafood DinnersAll
11/27/2020Friday8:30 PMLive Music with StrangersAll
12/01/2020Tuesday7 PMMarine Corps League MeetingAll
12/02/2020WednesdayNoon-3PMWild Wings WednesdayAll
12/02/2020Wednesday4-7 PMBINGO Kitchen Staff Helpers RidersALR
12/02/2020Wednesday7 PMBINGO All
12/04/2020FridayNoon-8 PMFriday Fish and Seafood DinnersAll
12/04/2020FridayNoon-8PMBake Sale by AuxiliaryAll
12/04/2020Friday8:30Live Music with BartoonzAll
12/05/2020SaturdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Martin Van BurenAll
12/07/2020MondayAll DayWWII Attack on Pearl HarborAll
12/08/2020Tuesday6:30 PMRiders MeetingALR
12/09/2020WednesdayNoon-3PMWild Wings WednesdayAll
12/09/2020Wednesday4-7 PMBINGO Kitchen Staff Helpers LegionLegion
12/09/2020Wednesday7 PMBINGO All
12/10/2020ThursdayAll DayFirst of eight days of HanukkahAll
12/10/2020Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
12/11/2020FridayNoon-8 PMFriday Fish and Seafood DinnersAll
12/11/2020Friday8:30 PMLive Music with The Cobble Rockers LiteAll
12/13/2020SundayAll DayRevolutionary War Boston Tea Party December 16, 1773All
12/13/2020SundayAll DayBirthday of Nationl GuardAll
12/15/2020TuesdayAll DaySigning of the Bill of RightsAll
12/16/2020WednesdayNoon-3PMWild Wings WednesdayAll
12/16/2020Wednesday4-7 PMBINGO Kitchen Staff Helpers SALSAL
12/16/2020Wednesday7 PMBINGO All
12/17/2020Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
12/18/2020FridayAll DayLanding of the Mayflower at Plymouth RockAll
12/18/2020FridayAll DayLast of eight days of HanukkahAll
12/18/2020FridayNoon-8 PMFriday Fish and Seafood DinnersAll
12/18/2020Friday3-7 PMBake Sale by RidersAll
12/18/2020Friday8:30 PMLive Music with 3's A CrowdAll
12/21/2020MondayAll DayFirst Day of WinterAll
12/22/2020Tuesday6:30 PMSAL MeetingSAL
12/23/2020WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father John JayAll
12/23/2020WednesdayNoon-3PMWild Wings WednesdayAll
12/23/2020Wednesday4-7 PMBINGO Kitchen Staff Helpers AuxiliaryAuxiliary
12/23/2020Wednesday7 PMBINGO All
12/25/2020FridayAll DayChristmasAll
12/26/2020SaturdayAll DayRevolutionary War Battle of Trenton December 26, 1776All
12/28/2020MondayAll DayBirthday of Former President Woodrow WilsonAll
12/29/2020TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Andrew JohnsonAll
12/30/2020WednesdayNoon-3PMWild Wings WednesdayAll
12/30/2020Wednesday7 PMBINGO All
12/31/2020ThursdayAll DayRevolutionary War Battle of Quebec 1775All
1/15/2021Friday8:30Live Music with 3's A CrowdAll