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2/08/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
2/08/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
2/08/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
2/08/2023Wednesday7 PMBasketball SU vs Florida StateAll
2/08/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
2/09/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President William Henry HarrisonAll
2/09/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
2/09/2023ThursdayNoon til GoneLUNCH Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes $4.50All
2/10/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
2/10/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
2/12/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President Abraham LincolnAll
2/14/2023TuesdayAll DayValentine's DayAll
2/14/2023TuesdayAll DayWWII Battle of Kasserine Pass February 14-24, 1943All
2/14/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
2/14/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
2/15/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
2/15/2023WednesdayAll DayFounding of the American Legion March 15, 1919All
2/15/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Folk Hero Susan B. Anthony February 15, 1822All
2/15/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
2/15/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
2/15/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
2/16/2023Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
2/17/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
2/17/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
2/17/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
2/19/2023SundayAll Day Birthday of the USCG Reserve Feb 19, 1941 All
2/19/2023SundayAll DayWWII Battle of El Guettar February 19-25, 1943All
2/20/2023MondayAll DayPresident's DayAll
2/21/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
2/22/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliarySAL
2/22/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father George Washington Feb 22, 1732All
2/22/2023WednesdayAll DayMexican War Battle of Buena Vista February 22-23, 1847All
2/22/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
2/22/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
2/22/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
2/23/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
2/24/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
2/24/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
2/26/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of Folk Hero Buffalo Bill Cody February 26, 1846All
2/27/2023MondayAll DayFirst Gulf War Battle for Jalibah Airfield February 27, 1991All
2/28/2023Tuesday3-6 PMPot Roast Dinner take out onlyAll
2/28/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
3/01/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersAll
3/01/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
3/01/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
3/01/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
3/02/2023ThursdayAll Day Birthday of American Patriot Samuel Houston March 2, 1793All
3/02/2023ThursdayAll DayVietnam War Operation Rolling Thunder March 2, 1965-November 2, 1968All
3/03/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of the Naval Reserve Mar 3, 1915All
3/03/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
3/03/2023Fridaynoon-7:30Auxiliary Bake SaleAll
3/03/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
3/05/2023SundayAll DayRevolutionary War Boston Massacre March 5, 1770All
3/06/2023MondayAll DayKorean War Operation Ripper March 6, 1951All
3/07/2023Tuesday1900Marine Corps League MeetingAll
3/07/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
3/08/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
3/08/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
3/08/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
3/08/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
3/09/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
3/10/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
3/10/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
3/12/2023SundayAll DayDaylight Savings BeginsAll
3/13/2023MondayAll DayFrench and Indian War Battle of Snowshoes March 13, 1758 All
3/14/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
3/14/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
3/15/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
3/15/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Andrew JacksonAll
3/15/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
3/15/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
3/15/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
3/16/2023ThursdayAll Day Birthday of Founding Father James Madison Mar 16, 1751All
3/16/2023Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
3/17/2023FridayAll DaySt Paticks's DayAll
3/17/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
3/17/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
3/17/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Jim Bridger March 17, 1804All
3/17/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
3/18/2023SaturdayAll Day Birthday of Former President Grover ClevelandAll
3/19/2023SundayAll DayVietnam War Second Battle of Bàu Bàng March 19-20, 1967All
3/20/2023MondayAll DayFirst Day of SpringAll
3/21/2023TuesdayAll DayKorean War Battle Of Hill Eerie March 21, 1953-June 20, 1953All
3/21/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
3/22/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliarySAL
3/22/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
3/22/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
3/22/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
3/23/2023ThursdayAll DayKorean War Operation Courageous March 23-28 1951All
3/23/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
3/24/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
3/24/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
3/27/2023MondayAll DayFrench and Indian War Battle of Fort Bull March 27, 1756All
3/27/2023MondayAll DayWorld War I Somme Defensive March 21-April 6, 1918All
3/28/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
3/29/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
3/29/2023WednesdayAll DayVietnam Veterans DayAll
3/29/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President John TylerAll
3/29/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
3/29/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
3/30/2023ThursdayAll DayVietnam War Easter Offensive Of 1972 March 30-October 22, 1972All
3/31/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
3/31/2023FridayAll DayVietnam War Battle of Ap Gu March 31-April 1, 1967All
3/31/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
4/01/2023SaturdayAll DayWWII Battle of Okinawa April 1-June 22, 1945All
4/04/2023Tuesday1900Marine Corps League MeetingAll
4/04/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
4/05/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersAll
4/05/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
4/05/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
4/05/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
4/07/2023FridayAll DayGood FridayAll
4/07/2023FridayAll DayNational Beer Day All
4/07/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
4/07/2023Fridaynoon-7:30Auxiliary Bake SaleAll
4/07/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
4/09/2023SundayAll DayEasterAll
4/09/2023SundayAll DayWorld War I Battle of Lys April 9-27, 1918All
4/10/2023MondayAll DaySiblings DayAll
4/10/2023MondayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Jim Bowie April 10, 1796All
4/11/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
4/11/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
4/12/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
4/12/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Henry Clay April 12, 1777All
4/12/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
4/12/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
4/12/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
4/12/2023WednesdayAll Day Civil War Battle of Fort Sumter April 12-14, 1861All
4/13/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Apr 13, 1743All
4/13/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
4/14/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of Air Force Reserve Apr 14, 1948All
4/14/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
4/14/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
4/16/2023SundayAll DayWWII Battle of Nuremberg April 16-20, 1945All
4/18/2023TuesdayAll DayRevolutionary War Midnight Ride of Paul Revere April18, 1774All
4/18/2023TuesdayAll DayWWII Doolittle Raid April 18, 1942All
4/18/2023TuesdayAll DayWWII Operation Vengeance April 18, 1943All
4/18/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
4/19/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
4/19/2023WednesdayAll DayRevolutionary War Battles of Lexington and Concord April 19, 1775All
4/19/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
4/19/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
4/19/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
4/20/2023Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
4/21/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
4/21/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
4/21/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
4/22/2023SaturdayAll DayKorean War The Battle of the Imjin River April 22-April 25 1951All
4/23/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of the Army Reserve Apr 23. 1908All
4/23/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President James BuchananAll
4/25/2023TuesdayAll DayCivil War Capture of New Orleans April 25-May 1, 1862All
4/25/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
4/26/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliarySAL
4/26/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
4/26/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
4/26/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
4/27/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Ulysses S. GrantAll
4/27/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
4/28/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
4/28/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father James Monroe April 28, 1758All
4/28/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
4/29/2023SaturdayAll DayVietnam War Cambodian Incursion April 29-June 30, 1970All
4/29/2023SaturdayAll DayCivil War Siege of Corinth April 29-May 30, 1862All
4/30/2023SundayAll DayEnd of Vietnam War April 30, 1975All
5/01/2023MondayAll DayLoyalty DayAll
5/01/2023MondayAll DayLaw DayAll
5/01/2023MondayAll Day Birthday of Folk Hero Martha Jane "Calamity Jane" Cannary May 1, 1852All
5/02/2023TuesdayAll Day Vietnam War Attack on USNS Card May 2, 1964All
5/02/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
5/03/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersAll
5/03/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
5/03/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
5/03/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
5/04/2023Thursday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersAll
5/04/2023ThursdayAll DayNational Day of PrayerAll
5/04/2023ThursdayAll DayWWII Battle of Coral Seas May 4-8, 1942All
5/05/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
5/05/2023Fridaynoon-7:30Auxiliary Bake SaleAll
5/05/2023FridayAll Day WWII Battle of Corregidor May 5-6 1942All
5/05/2023FridayAll DayCivil War Battle of Williamsburg, Virginia May 5, 1862All
5/05/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
5/08/2023MondayAll DayBirthday of Former President Harry S. TrumanAll
5/08/2023MondayAll Day WWII VE Day 1945 May 8All
5/08/2023MondayAll DayCivil War Battle of McDowell, Virginia May 8, 1862All
5/09/2023TuesdayAll DayVietnam War Operation Linebacker I May 9-October 22 1972All
5/09/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
5/09/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
5/10/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
5/10/2023WednesdayAll DayRevolutionary War Second Continental Congress May 10, 1775All
5/10/2023WednesdayAll DayVietnam War Battle Of Hamburger Hill May 10-May 20 1969All
5/10/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
5/10/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
5/10/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
5/11/2023ThursdayAll DayRevolutionary War Taking of Fort Ticonderoga May 11, 1775All
5/11/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
5/12/2023FridayAll DayMilitary Spouse Appreciation DayAll
5/12/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
5/12/2023FridayAll DayRevolutionary War Siege of Charleston 1780 May 12All
5/12/2023FridayAll Day Civil War Battle of Raymond May 12, 1863All
5/12/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
5/14/2023SundayAll DayMother's DayAll
5/15/2023MondayAll DayPeace Officer's Memorial DayAll
5/16/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
5/17/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
5/17/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
5/17/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
5/17/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
5/18/2023ThursdayAll DayWWII Battle of Wakde May 18-21, 1944All
5/18/2023Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
5/18/2023ThursdayAll DayCivil War Battle of Sewell's Point May 18, 19 and 21 1861All
5/18/2023ThursdayAll Day Civil War Siege of Vicksburg May 18-July 4, 1863All
5/19/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
5/19/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
5/19/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
5/21/2023SundayAll DayArmed Forces DayAll
5/23/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
5/24/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliarySAL
5/24/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
5/24/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
5/24/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
5/25/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
5/26/2023FridayAll DayNational Poppy DayAll
5/26/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
5/26/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
5/27/2023SaturdayAll DayBirthday of Folk Hero Wild Bill Hickock May 27, 1837All
5/27/2023SaturdayAll DayWorld War I Battle of Aisne May 27-June 5, 1918All
5/27/2023SaturdayAll DayWWII Battle of Biak May 27-August 17, 1944All
5/28/2023SundayAll DayFrench and Indian War Battle of Jummonville Glen May 28 1754 All
5/28/2023SundayAll DayWorld War I Battle of Cantigny May 28, 1918All
5/28/2023SundayAll DayKorean War Battle Of Hill Eerie March 21, 1953-June 20, 1953All
5/29/2023MondayAll DayMemoriall DayAll
5/29/2023MondayAll Day Birthday of American Patriot Patrick Henry May 29, 1736All
5/29/2023MondayAll Day Birthday of Former President John F. KennedyAll
5/29/2023MondayAll DayCivil War Battle of Aquia Creek May 29-June 1, 1861All
5/30/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
5/31/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
5/31/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
5/31/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
5/31/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
6/01/2023ThursdayAll DayWorld War I The Battle of Belleau Wood June 1-26, 1918All
6/02/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
6/02/2023Fridaynoon-7:30Auxiliary Bake SaleAll
6/02/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
6/03/2023SaturdayAll DayWWII Battle of Midway June 3-8, 1942All
6/05/2023MondayAll DayKorean War First Battle of Seoul June 5, 1950All
6/06/2023TuesdayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Nathan Hale June 6, 1755All
6/06/2023TuesdayAll DayWWII Operation Overlord "D-Day" June 6-August 30, 1944All
6/06/2023TuesdayAll DayKorean War Battle of Old Baldy June 6, 1952-March 26, 1953 All
6/06/2023Tuesday1900Marine Corps League MeetingAll
6/06/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
6/07/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersAll
6/07/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
6/07/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
6/07/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
6/08/2023ThursdayAll Day French and Indian War Action of 8 June 1755 All
6/08/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
6/09/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
6/09/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
6/10/2023SaturdayAll DayWWII Battle of Graignes June 10-12, 1944All
6/10/2023SaturdayAll DayWWII Battle of Carentan June 10-14, 1944All
6/12/2023MondayAll DayWomen Veterans DayAll
6/12/2023MondayAll DayBirthday of Former President George H. W. BushAll
6/13/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
6/13/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
6/14/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
6/14/2023WednesdayAll DayFlag DayAll
6/14/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of the Army June 14, 1775 All
6/14/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Donald TrumpAll
6/14/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
6/14/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
6/14/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
6/15/2023ThursdayAll DayWWII Battle of Saipan June 15-July 9, 1944All
6/15/2023Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
6/16/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
6/16/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
6/16/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
6/17/2023SaturdayAll DayFrench and Indian War Battle of Fort Beauséjour June 17, 1755 All
6/17/2023SaturdayAll DayRevolutionary War Battle of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775All
6/17/2023SaturdayAll DayCivil War Battle of Boonville June 17, 1861All
6/18/2023SundayAll DayFather's DayAll
6/20/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
6/21/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
6/21/2023WednesdayAll DayFirst Day of SpringAll
6/21/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
6/21/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
6/21/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
6/22/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
6/23/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
6/23/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
6/27/2023Tuesday7 PMQueen of Hearts DrawingAll
6/28/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliarySAL
6/28/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
6/28/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
6/28/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
6/30/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
6/30/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
7/01/2023SaturdayAll Day Civil War Gettysburg July 1-3, 1863All
7/02/2023SundayAll DayRevolutionary War Lee Resolution Adopted by Second Continental Congress July 2, 1776All
7/02/2023SundayAll DayCivil War Battle of Hoke's Run July 2, 1861All
7/04/2023TuesdayAll DayIndependence DayAll
7/04/2023TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Calvin CoolidgeAll
7/04/2023Tuesday1900Marine Corps League MeetingAll
7/05/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersAll
7/05/2023WednesdayAll Day Korean War Battle Of Osan July 5, 1950All
7/05/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
7/05/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
7/05/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
7/06/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot John Paul Jones July 6, 1747All
7/06/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President George W. BushAll
7/07/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
7/07/2023Fridaynoon-7:30Auxiliary Bake SaleAll
7/07/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
7/10/2023MondayAll DayWWII Battle of Gela July 10-July 12, 1943All
7/10/2023MondayAll Day WWII Battle of Driniumor River July 10-August 25, 1944All
7/11/2023TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President John Q Adams All
7/11/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
7/11/2023TuesdayAll Day Civil War Battle of Rich Mountain July 11, 1861All
7/12/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
7/12/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
7/12/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
7/12/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
7/13/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
7/14/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
7/14/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of Former President Gerald R. Ford All
7/14/2023FridayAll DayWWII Second Battle of Guam July 21-August 10, 1944All
7/14/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
7/15/2023SaturdayAll DayWorld War I Champagne-Marne July 15–18,1918All
7/18/2023TuesdayAll DayWorld War I The Battle of Château-Thierry July 18, 1918All
7/18/2023TuesdayAll DayWorld War I Second Battle of the Marne July 18-August 6, 1918All
7/18/2023TuesdayAll DayCivil War Battle of Blackburn's Ford July 18, 1861All
7/19/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
7/19/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Samuel Colt July 19, 1814All
7/19/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
7/19/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
7/19/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
7/21/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
7/21/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
7/21/2023FridayAll DayCivil War First Bull Run July 21, 1860All
7/21/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
7/26/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliarySAL
7/26/2023WednesdayAll Day French and Indian War The Battle of Ticonderoga July 26-27 1759 All
7/26/2023WednesdayAll Day French and Indian War Battle of Fort Niagara July 26, 1759 All
7/26/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
7/26/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
7/26/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
7/27/2023ThursdayAll DayNationl Korean War Veterans Armistice DayAll
7/27/2023ThursdayAll DayEnd of Korean War July 27, 1953All
7/27/2023ThursdayAll DayKorean War Hadong Ambush July 27, 1950All
7/27/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
7/28/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
7/28/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
7/31/2023MondayAll DayFrench and Indian War Battle of Beauport 1759 July 31All
8/01/2023TuesdayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot William Clark August 1, 1770All
8/01/2023Tuesday1900Marine Corps League MeetingAll
8/02/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersAll
8/02/2023WednesdayAll DayVietnam War Gulf Of Tonkin Incident August 2, 1964All
8/02/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
8/02/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
8/02/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
8/04/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of the Coast Guard Aug 4, 1780All
8/04/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
8/04/2023Fridaynoon-7:30Auxiliary Bake SaleAll
8/04/2023FridayAll Day Birthday of Former President Barack ObamaAll
8/04/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
8/06/2023SundayAll Day Revolutionary War Battle of Oriskany August 6, 1777All
8/07/2023MondayAll DayPurple Heart DayAll
8/07/2023MondayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Nathanael Greene August 7, 1742All
8/07/2023MondayAll DayWWII Battle Of Guadalcanal August 7, 1942-February 9, 1943All
8/07/2023MondayAll DayWWII Battle for Brest August 7-September 19, 1944All
8/08/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
8/09/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
8/09/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
8/09/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
8/09/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
8/10/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Herbert HooverAll
8/10/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
8/10/2023ThursdayAll Day Civil War Battle of Wilson Creek August 10, 1861All
8/11/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
8/11/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
8/13/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of Folk Hero Annie Oakley August 13, 1860All
8/14/2023MondayAll DayWWII Japan Surrender August 14, 1945All
8/15/2023TuesdayAll DayWWII Operation Dragoon August 15-September 19, 1944All
8/16/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
8/16/2023WednesdayAll DayFrench and Indian War Battle of the Thousand Islands 16-24 August 1760 All
8/16/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
8/16/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
8/16/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
8/17/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Folk Hero Davy Crockett August 17, 1786All
8/18/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
8/18/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
8/18/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Meriwether Lewis August 18, 1774All
8/18/2023FridayAll DayKorean War Battle Of Bloody Ridge August 18-September 5, 1951All
8/18/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
8/19/2023SaturdayAll Day Birthday of Former President Bill ClintonAll
8/20/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President Benjamin HarrisonAll
8/23/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliarySAL
8/23/2023WednesdayAll DayVietnam War Action of 23 August 1967 All
8/23/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
8/23/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
8/23/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
8/24/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
8/25/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
8/25/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
8/27/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President Lyndon B. JohnsonAll
8/28/2023MondayAll DayFrench and Indian War Battle of Fort Frontenac August 28 1758All
8/29/2023TuesdayAll DayBirthday of the Marine Reserve Aug 29, 1916 All
8/30/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
8/30/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
8/30/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
8/30/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
9/01/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
9/01/2023Fridaynoon-7:30Auxiliary Bake SaleAll
9/01/2023FridayAll DayWWII Battle of the Atlantic September 1, 1941-May 8, 1945All
9/01/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
9/02/2023SaturdayAll DayWWII VJ Day 1945 Sep 2All
9/03/2023SundayAll DayAmerican Flag BirthdayAll
9/03/2023SundayAll DayRevolutionary War Revolutionary War Treaty of Paris September 3, 1783All
9/04/2023MondayAll DayLabor DayAll
9/05/2023TuesdayAll DayRevolutionary War First Continental Congress Sept 5-Oct 26, 1774All
9/05/2023TuesdayAll Day WWII Battle of Nancy September 5-14, 1944All
9/05/2023Tuesday1900Marine Corps League MeetingAll
9/06/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersALR
9/06/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
9/06/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
9/06/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
9/08/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
9/08/2023FridayAll DayFrench and Indian War Battle of Lake George September 8 1755 All
9/08/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
9/09/2023SaturdayAll DayRevolutionary War Continental Congress Formaly Names the US Sep 9, 1776All
9/09/2023SaturdayAll DayWWII Operation Avalanche (Salerno) September 9-12, 1943All
9/10/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President William Howard TaftAll
9/12/2023TuesdayAll Day Birthday of American Patriot Richard Jordan Gatling September 12, 1818All
9/12/2023TuesdayAll DayWorld War I Battle of St. Mihiel September 12-15, 1918All
9/12/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
9/13/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
9/13/2023WednesdayAll Day Korean War Battle Of Heartbreak Ridge September 13, 1951-October 15, 1951All
9/13/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
9/13/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
9/13/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
9/14/2023ThursdayAll DayFrench and Indian War Battle of Fort Duquense September 14 1758 All
9/14/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
9/15/2023FridayAll DayFounding of te SAL Sept 15, 1932 All
9/15/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
9/15/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
9/15/2023FridayAll DayKorean War Battle Of Inchon September 15, 1950All
9/15/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
9/16/2023SaturdayAll DayNational POW/MIA Recognition DayAll
9/16/2023SaturdayAll DayFounding of Auxiliary Sep 16, 1919All
9/16/2023SaturdayAll DayConstitution Day and Citizenship DayAll
9/18/2023MondayAll DayBirthday of the Air Force Sep 18. 1947All
9/19/2023TuesdayAll Day George Washington's Farewell Address September 19, 1776All
9/19/2023TuesdayAll DayRevolutionary War Battle of Saratoga1777 Sep 19All
9/20/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
9/20/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
9/20/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
9/20/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
9/21/2023ThursdayAll DayMexican War Battle of Monterrey September 21-24, 1846All
9/21/2023ThursdayAll DayKorean War Second Battle Of Seoul September 22-28, 1950All
9/21/2023Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
9/22/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
9/22/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
9/23/2023SaturdayAll DayFirst Day of FallAll
9/24/2023SundayAll DayGold Star Mother's and Family Day All
9/25/2023MondayAll DayNational Daughter's DayAll
9/26/2023TuesdayAll DayWorld War I Meuse-Argonne Offensive September 26-November 11, 1918All
9/27/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliaryAuxiliary
9/27/2023WednesdayAll Day Birthday of Founding Father Samuel Adams Sep 27, 1722All
9/27/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
9/27/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
9/27/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
9/28/2023ThursdayAll DayNational Sons Day All
9/28/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
9/29/2023FridayAll Day Congress Established US Military Sep 29, 1789All
9/29/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
9/29/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
10/01/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President Jimmy CarterAll
10/02/2023MondayAll DayChild Health DayAll
10/03/2023Tuesday1900Marine Corps League MeetingAll
10/04/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersALR
10/04/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Rutherford B. Hayes All
10/04/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
10/04/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
10/04/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
10/05/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Chester A. ArthurAll
10/06/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
10/06/2023Fridaynoon-7:30Auxiliary Bake SaleAll
10/06/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
10/09/2023MondayAll DayColumbus DayAll
10/10/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
10/11/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
10/11/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Discoverer of America Christopher Columbus Oct 11, 1451All
10/11/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
10/11/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
10/11/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
10/12/2023ThursdayAll DayFrench and Indian War The Battle of Fort Ligonier October 12 1758All
10/12/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
10/13/2023FridayAll Day Birthday of the Navy October 13, 1775All
10/13/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
10/13/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of Folk Hero Molly Pitcher October 13, 1754All
10/13/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
10/14/2023SaturdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Dwight D. EisenhowerAll
10/15/2023SundayAll DayBill of Rights DayAll
10/16/2023MondayAll DayRevolutionary War Yorktown October 16, 1781All
10/18/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
10/18/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
10/18/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
10/18/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
10/19/2023Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
10/20/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
10/20/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
10/20/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
10/25/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliaryAuxiliary
10/25/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
10/25/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
10/25/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
10/26/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
10/27/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
10/27/2023FridayAll Day Birthday of Former President Theodore RooseveltAll
10/27/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
10/30/2023MondayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father John Adams Oct 30, 1735All
10/31/2023TuesdayAll DayHalloweenAll
11/01/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersALR
11/01/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
11/01/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
11/01/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
11/02/2023ThursdayAll Day Birthday of American Patriot Daniel Boone November 2, 1734All
11/02/2023ThursdayAll Day Birthday of Former President James K. PolkAll
11/02/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Warren G. HardingAll
11/03/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
11/03/2023Fridaynoon-7:30Auxiliary Bake SaleAll
11/03/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
11/05/2023SundayAll DayDaylight Savings EndsAll
11/07/2023Tuesday1900Marine Corps League MeetingAll
11/08/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
11/08/2023WednesdayAll DayWWII Operation Torch November 8-10, 1942All
11/08/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
11/08/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
11/08/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
11/09/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Hedy Lamarr November 9, 1914All
11/09/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
11/10/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of the Marines Nov 10, 1775All
11/10/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
11/10/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
11/11/2023SaturdayAll DayLanding of Mayflower November 11, 1620 All
11/11/2023SaturdayAll DayVeteran's DayAll
11/12/2023SundayAll DayFrench and Indian War Attack on German Flats November 12, 1757All
11/14/2023TuesdayAll DayVietnam War Battle Of Ia Drang November 14-18 1965All
11/14/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
11/15/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
11/15/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
11/15/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
11/15/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
11/16/2023Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
11/17/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
11/17/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
11/17/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
11/19/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot George Rogers Clark November 19, 1752All
11/19/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President James A. GarfieldAll
11/20/2023MondayAll DayBirthday of President Joe Biden All
11/20/2023MondayAll DayWorld War I Battle of Cambrai November 20-December 7, 1917All
11/22/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliaryAuxiliary
11/22/2023WednesdayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Eugene Morrison Stoner November 22, 1922All
11/22/2023WednesdayAll DayKorean War Battle Of Chosin Reservoir November 22- Deccember 13, 1950All
11/22/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
11/22/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
11/22/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
11/23/2023ThursdayAll DayThanksgivingAll
11/23/2023ThursdayAll Day Birthday of Former President Franklin PierceAll
11/23/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
11/24/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
11/24/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of Former President Zachary TaylorAll
11/24/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
11/29/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
11/29/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
11/29/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
11/29/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
11/30/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Oliver Fiisher Winchester November 30, 1810All
12/01/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
12/01/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
12/05/2023TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Martin VanBurenAll
12/05/2023Tuesday1900Marine Corps League MeetingAll
12/06/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers RidersALR
12/06/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
12/06/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
12/06/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
12/07/2023ThursdayAll Day First Day of HanukkahAll
12/07/2023ThursdayAll DayWWII Pearl Harbor Dec 7All
12/08/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
12/08/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
12/12/2023Tuesday6 PMAmerican Legion Riders MeetingALR
12/13/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers LegionLegion
12/13/2023WednesdayAll Day Birthday of National Guard Dec 13, 1636All
12/13/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
12/13/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
12/13/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
12/14/2023Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
12/15/2023FridayAll DayLastt Day of HanukkahAll
12/15/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
12/15/2023Friday3-7Riders Bake SaleAll
12/15/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
12/16/2023SaturdayAll DayRevolutionary War Boston Tea Party December 16, 1773All
12/17/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Deborah Sampson Gannett December 17, 1760All
12/18/2023MondayAll Day Vietnam War Operation Linebacker II December 18-29 1972All
12/20/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers SALSAL
12/20/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
12/20/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
12/20/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
12/21/2023ThursdayAll DayFirst Day of winterAll
12/21/2023Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
12/22/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
12/22/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
12/23/2023SaturdayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father John Jay Dec 23, 1745All
12/24/2023SundayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Kit Carson December 24, 1809All
12/25/2023MondayAll DayChristmasAll
12/25/2023MondayAll DayBirthday of American Patriot Clara Barton December 25, 1821All
12/26/2023TuesdayAll DayRevolutionary War Battle of Trenton December 26, 1776All
12/27/2023Wednesday4-7BINGO Helpers AuuxiliaryAuxiliary
12/27/2023WednesdayNoon til 2:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
12/27/2023WednesdayAfternoonEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
12/27/2023WednesdayGame: 7 Doors Open 5BINGOAll
12/28/2023ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Woodrow WilsonAll
12/28/2023Thursday6 PMSons of the American Legionp MeetingSAL
12/29/2023FridayNoon-7:30Friday Fish DinnersAll
12/29/2023FridayAll DayBirthday of Former President Andrew JohnsonAll
12/29/2023FridayAll DayMexican War Annexation of Texas December 29, 1845All
12/29/2023Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll
12/31/2023SundayAll DayRevolutionary War Battle of Quebec 1775 Dec 31All
12/31/2023SundayAll DayKorean War Third Battle Of Seoul Dec 31, 1950-Jan 7, 1950All
1/19/2024Friday8:00 PMEntertainment with DJ GaryAll