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1/17/2021SundayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin 1706All
1/19/2021Tuesday3-6Soaghetti DinnerAll
1/20/2021Wednesday11 AM-1:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
1/22/2021FridayNoon-7 PMFish Dinners Take Out OnlyAll
1/26/2021Tuesday6:30 PMSAL MeetingAll
1/27/2021Wednesday11 AM-1:30Wild Wings WednesdayAll
1/29/2021FridayAll DayBirtthday of Past President William McKinleyAll
1/29/2021FridayNoon-7 PMFish Dinners Take Out OnlyAll
1/30/2021SaturdayAll DayBirtthday of Past President Franklin D. RooseveltAll
2/01/2021Monday7 (1900)Marine Corps League MeetingAll
2/02/2021Tuesday3-6Roast Pork Dinner Take Out OnlyAll
2/06/2021SaturdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Ronald ReaganAll
2/09/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President William Henry HarrisonAll
2/09/2021Tuesday6:30Riders MeetingALR
2/11/2021Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
2/12/2021FridayAll DayBirthday of Former President Abraham LincolnAll
2/14/2021SundayAll Day Valentines DayAll
2/15/2021MondayAll DayMartin Luther King's Birthday celebratedAll
2/18/2021Thursday6:30General Membership MeetingLegion
2/19/2021FridayAll DayBirthday of the USCG ReserveAll
2/22/2021MondayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father George Washington 1732All
2/23/2021Tuesday6:30SAL MeetingSAL
3/01/2021Monday7 (1900)Marine Corps League MeetingAll
3/03/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of the Naval ReserveAll
3/08/2021MondayAll DayStar Spangled Banner becomes National AnthemAll
3/09/2021Tuesday6:30Riders MeetingALR
3/11/2021Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
3/15/2021MondayAll DayBirthday of Former President Andrew JacksonAll
3/15/2021MondayAll DayFounding of the American Legion March 15, 1919All
3/16/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father James Madison 1751All
3/17/2021WednesdayAll DaySt Patrick's DayAll
3/18/2021ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Grover ClevelandAll
3/18/2021Thursday6:30General Membership MeetingLegion
3/23/2021Tuesday6:30SAL MeetingSAL
3/29/2021MondayAll DayBirthday of Former President John TylerAll
3/30/2021TuesdayAll DayWelcome Home Vietnam Veterans DayAll
4/04/2021SundayAll DayEasterAll
4/05/2021Monday7 (1900)Marine Corps League MeetingAll
4/08/2021Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
4/13/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson 1743All
4/13/2021Tuesday6:30Riders MeetingALR
4/14/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Air Force Reserve All
4/15/2021Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
4/23/2021FridayAll DayBirthday of Former President James BuchananAll
4/23/2021FridayAll DayBirthday of the Army Reserve All
4/27/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Ulysses S. GrantAll
4/27/2021Tuesday6:30SAL MeetingSAL
4/28/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father James Monroe 1758All
5/03/2021Monday7 (1900)Marine Corps League MeetingAll
5/08/2021SaturdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Harry S. TrumanAll
5/09/2021SundayAll DayMother's DayAll
5/11/2021Tuesday6:30Riders MeetingALR
5/13/2021ThursdayAll DayNational Day of PrayerAll
5/13/2021Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
5/15/2021SaturdayAll DayArmed Forces DayAll
5/15/2021SaturdayAll DayPeace Officers Memorial Day (half-staff)All
5/20/2021Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
5/25/2021Tuesday6:30SAL MeetingSAL
5/29/2021SaturdayAll DayBirthday of Former President John F. KennedyAll
5/31/2021MondayAll DayMemorial DayrAll
6/07/2021Monday7 (1900)Marine Corps League MeetingAll
6/08/2021Tuesday6:30Riders MeetingALR
6/10/2021Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
6/12/2021SaturdayAll DayBirthday of Former President George H. W. BushAll
6/14/2021MondayAll DayBirthday of Former President Donald TrumpAll
6/14/2021MondayAll DayFlag DayAll
6/14/2021MondayAll DayBirthday of the ArmyAll
6/17/2021Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
6/20/2021SundayAll DayFather's DayAll
6/22/2021Tuesday6:30SAL MeetingSAL
7/04/2021SundayAll DayIndependence DayAll
7/04/2021SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President Calvin CoolidgeAll
7/06/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President George W. BushAll
7/11/2021SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President John Q AdamsAll
7/14/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Gerald R. FordAll
7/27/2021TuesdayAll DayKorean War Veterans Day (half-staff)All
8/04/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Barack ObamaAll
8/04/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of the Coast GuardAll
8/07/2021SaturdayAll DayNational Purple Heart DayAll
8/10/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Herbert HooverAll
8/19/2021ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Bill ClintonAll
8/20/2021FridayAll DayBirthday of Former President Benjamin HarrisonAll
8/27/2021FridayAll DayBirthday of Former President Lyndon B. JohnsonAll
8/29/2021SundayAll DayBirthday of the Marine ReserveAll
9/03/2021FridayAll DayAmerican Flag BirthdayAll
9/06/2021Monday7 (1900)Marine Corps League MeetingAll
9/09/2021Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
9/14/2021TuesdayAll DayStar Spangle Banner WrittenAll
9/14/2021Tuesday6:30Riders MeetingALR
9/15/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President William Howard TaftAll
9/15/2021WednesdayAll DayFounding of te SAL Sept 15, 1932All
9/16/2021ThursdayAll DayFounding of Auxiliary Sep 16, 1919All
9/16/2021Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
9/17/2021FridayAll DayNational POW/MIA Recognition DayAll
9/17/2021FridayAll DayConstitution DayAll
9/18/2021SaturdayAll DayBirthday of the Air ForceAll
9/26/2021SundayAll DayGold Star Mothers DayAll
9/27/2021MondayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father Samuel Adams 1722All
9/28/2021Tuesday6:30SAL MeetingSAL
9/29/2021WednesdayAll DayCongress Established US MilitaryAll
10/01/2021FridayAll DayBirthday of Former President Jimmy CarterAll
10/04/2021MondayAll DayBirthday of Former President Rutherford B. HayesAll
10/04/2021Monday7 (1900)Marine Corps League MeetingAll
10/05/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Chester A. Arthur All
10/11/2021MondayAll DayBirthday of Discoverer of America Christopher ColumbusAll
10/12/2021Tuesday6:30Riders MeetingALR
10/13/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of the NavyAll
10/14/2021ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Dwight D. EisenhowerAll
10/14/2021Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
10/21/2021Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
10/26/2021Tuesday6:30SAL MeetingSAL
10/27/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Theodore RooseveltAll
10/30/2021SaturdayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father John Adams 1735All
10/31/2021SundayAll DayHalloweenAll
11/01/2021Monday7 (1900)Marine Corps League MeetingAll
11/02/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Warren G. HardingAll
11/02/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President James K. PolkAll
11/02/2021TuesdayAll DayElection DaAll
11/09/2021Tuesday6:30Riders MeetingALR
11/10/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of the MarinesAll
11/11/2021ThursdayAll DayVeteran's DayAll
11/11/2021Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
11/18/2021Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
11/19/2021FridayAll DayBirthday of Former President James A. GarfieldAll
11/20/2021SaturdayAll DayBirthday of President Joe BidenAll
11/23/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Franklin PierceAll
11/23/2021Tuesday6:30SAL MeetingSAL
11/24/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Zachary TaylorAll
11/25/2021ThursdayAll DayThanksgivingAll
11/28/2021SundaySunsetFiirst Day of HanukkahAll
12/05/2021SundayAll DayBirthday of Former President Martin Van BurenAll
12/06/2021MondayNightfallLast Day of HanukkahAll
12/06/2021Monday7 (1900)Marine Corps League MeetingAll
12/09/2021Thursday6 PMAuxiliary MeetingAuxiliary
12/14/2021Tuesday6:30Riders MeetingALR
12/15/2021WednesdayAll DayBill of Rights DayAll
12/15/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of National Guard All
12/16/2021Thursday6 PMGeneral Membership MeetingLegion
12/18/2021SaturdayAll Day Landing of MayflowerAll
12/23/2021ThursdayAll DayBirthday of Founding Father John Jay 1743All
12/25/2021SaturdayAll DayChristmasAll
12/28/2021TuesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Woodrow WilsonAll
12/28/2021Tuesday6:30SAL MeetingSAL
12/29/2021WednesdayAll DayBirthday of Former President Andrew JohnsonAll
1/01/2022SaturdayAll DayNew Years DayAll