Coin Master Events List And Schedule Revealed

Coin Master Events List And Schedule

Coin Master will provide you with various events that will develop an appetite for free rewards, including free coins and spins since there will always be a vent running in the game. 

The Coin Master events are an efficient source to get free spins up to 50000 worth. This guide will provide details on all of the Coin Master events and their schedules.

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Coin Master Events List And Schedule

Coin Master Events
Coin Master Events List And Schedule Revealed

Coin Master by Moonactive features limited-time events. These can offer a chance to earn free coins, spins, cards, pet treats, and more. You can participate in any event you want to win exciting rewards. Read on to learn all about the currently active events in the game.

1. Attack Madness

This event will provide you with various rewards for each attack on an opposing Viking Village. You will be provided with more difficult tasks as you proceed further in the game.

2. Bet Blast

The Bet Blast event can be used to make raids with friends, make higher bets, take on your enemies, and earn greater rewards.

3. Balloon Frenzy

In the Balloon Frenzy, your objective should be to pop balloons to unlock various rewards. However, you need to pop the balloons that ass by your village.

4.  Coin Craze

Coin Master Events
Coin Craze: Coin Master Events

This event will provide you with an additional coins multiplier, and on top of that, it will also turn your spin button to gold. The best part is that you can play as much as you can to earn extra coins.

5. Set Blast

In the Set Blast event, all you need is to complete sets to earn various rewards.

6. Raid Madness

Coin Master Events
Raid Madness: Coin Master Events

This event will unlock various rewards for each of your raids on an opposing Viking Village.

7. Gift Master

In this event, you can purchase spin packs and coins with the free gift icon to get additional rewards. These rewards include coins, pet food, pet XP, chests, and free spins.

8. Gold Card Trade

In this event, you will have the option to trade two gold cards, which will be shown in a pop-up, to complete your card collections.

9. Sea of Fortune

In Sea of Fortune, you will test your luck on the four boxes that you choose during each island visit. One of these four boxes will include an octopus, while the other will have a prize.

10. Cards for Chests

The Cards for Chests event, as the name implies, lets you trade duplicate cards for chests. Additionally, you can receive pet treats, free cards, free spins, and pet XP.  Moreover, these card trades will not decrease your game stars.

11. Card Boom

The Card Boom event will provide you with 50% extra cards for all chests. It is recommended to open as many chests as you can to obtain the missing cards.

12. Viking Quest

The Viking quest is my personal favorite quest in Coin Master, as it provides a wide range of rewards. Furthermore, this event is active for two days a week. You will have to complete a total of 10 tasks in this event.

In Viking Quest, the slot machine will change, and you will get rewards, including gold cards, free coins, spins, and much more.

13. Special Events

In Coin Master, during the special events, you can raid your fellow Vikings for a chance to get rewards and spin three themed icons.

14. Village Mania

This event will provide you discounts on the village items to help you build up your village fast.

15. Village Master

The Village Master is the best source to earn some decent rewards. These rewards are unlocked on every village you complete. As you progress further in the game, you will receive better rewards from this event.

These are all the Coin Master events that are currently active. Additionally, do make sure to check out our latest guide, How To Get Free Spins In Coin Master – Latest Links (March 2024).

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