How To Make Drunk Infinite Craft – Complete Crafting Recipe

How To Make Drunk Infinite Craft

In Infinite Craft, there are endless possibilities to craft various recipes in-game. The recipes include all you can imagine, from earthly elements to space elements, and even specific feelings are also included in the possibilities.

This guide will provide details on the Drunk recipe and explain how to make Drunk Infinite Craft and the possible combinations of the recipe.

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How To Make Drunk Infinite Craft

How To Make Drunk Infinite Craft
How To Make Drunk Infinite Craft: Explained

If you want to try out the Infinite Craft Drunk recipe, you will have to bring your creativity into the game, and a joyful but careless attitude will help you craft Drunk.

This block is pretty straightforward, and in fact, it is the easiest block to make in-game because it is just a few steps away from its basic building blocks. Read on to learn all about the Drunk recipe.

You will need Wine and Glass to make Drunk Infinite Craft, and that’s all there is to it. Yes, it’s that simple! However, if you’re wondering about the ingredients, they are also pretty simple to make.

In order to make a glass, all you need is Dust, some Sand, and a little Fire. You first need to combine Earth and Wind to make Dust. Additionally, combine two Dust blocks to create sand. Now, you can simply use the Dust and Fire to make Glass.

How To Make Drunk Infinite Craft
Step By Step – How To Make Drunk Infinite Craft

Once you have the Glass, you can combine water and glass to make Wine. Finally, the last step will require you to combine Wine and Glass to make Drunk.  There may be many other ways to make drunk in Infinite Craft, but this method is by far the most convenient and effective one.

Drunk Combinations Infinite Craft

If you’re Drunk, the best or worst things happen. The same holds true in Infinite Craft. If you’re a bit creative, you can open endless possibilities with Drunk combinations, maybe combine it with A Fossil and see what happens.

Moreover, if you have a mutant unlocked, you can combine Drunk and the Mutant to make Hulk. Here are different possible combinations for Drunk Combinations Infinite Craft.

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2 Result


Novel Hangover


Ronaldo Cristiano
Drunk Mud


Drunk Squid



Energy Party
Drunk Loch Ness Monster



Swamp Loch Ness Monster
Drunk Wish



Planet Pluto
Drunk Car





Drunk Bird


Drunk Infinite Craft Combination

That’s all there is to know about the Drunk recipe, and this concludes our guide on how to make Drunk Infinite Craft. While you’re at it, make sure to check out our detailed guide, When Is The Fortnite Live Event 2024: How To Watch Fortnite Live Event Chapter 5 Season 2.

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