How To Make A Fossil In Infinite Craft

How To Make A Fossil In Infinite Craft
How To Make A Fossil In Infinite Craft

The year 2024 has just begun and it seems like any game that is released becomes an instant hit with gamers. Infinite Craft is one of those games, but it is a bit different from your normal games. Infinite Craft is a sandbox browser game, which means it allows the player’s creative side to come out in a more significant way compared to other games. 

To elaborate, when you start the game your character begins with four elements – Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind. The objective is to combine the elements to form various ingredients and to be frank, the possibilities are limitless. For instance, you could make Minecraft, Bricks, and even Life itself in Infinite Craft.

The interesting ingredient that we will be focusing on today is a Fossil, which is a relatively simple ingredient to craft in this game. We will be going through how to make a Fossil and any ingredient that is required for making a Fossil. In addition, we will be listing some complex recipes that require Fossil as an ingredient.  

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Making A Fossil In Infinite Craft

Crafting Fossil
Crafting Fossil

You need to combine Stone with Plant to make a Fossil in Infinite Craft and this is one of the easiest recipes you can make in the game. Most ingredients in the game have complicated recipes that require you to follow multiple different steps and craft numerous other ingredients before you can make the final one.

Fortunately crafting a Fossil is pretty straightforward and only requires simple ingredients that you should already have or can obtain with ease. This is one of the reasons why you should unlock the Fossil early in the game since not too much work is involved. However, Fossil itself can be used to craft other nifty ingredients that you will want in your inventory.

To make it even easier for you to craft a Fossil, we will be going through all the required steps that you need to follow. This will include how to make any ingredient that is required and then how to finally make Fossil itself.

Ingredients Required To Make A Fossil

Making a Fossil in Infinite Craft requires just 3 main ingredients(Lava, Stone, and Plant) which can be easily made using the starter elements. To begin you need to combine the Fire and Earth elements to make Lava. Which you will then combine with the Water element to form Stone. Then you can combine Earth and Water elements to obtain Plant.

After following all the steps, you should be left with Stone and Plant, which can both be combined together to make a Fossil. As we mentioned before, this was one of the most simple recipes you can make in the game. However, we will list some complex recipes that require Fossil to be one of the ingredients. 

What Can You Craft Using Fossil?

Crafting Using Fossil
Crafting Using Fossil

Below are some cool things you can make by using Fossil as one of the two ingredients:

  • Combine Fossil with Water to make Oil
  • Combine Fossil with Fire to make Dinasour 
  • Combine Fossil with Wind to make Dust
  • Combine Fossil with Fish to make Shark
  • Combine Fossil with Japan to make Godzilla
  • Combine Fossil with Oil to make Fuel
  • Combine Fossil with Glass to make Amber
  • Combine Fossil with Paper to make History
  • Combine Fossil with Nintendo to make Pokemon
  • Combine Fossil with Wii to make Mario
  • Combine Fossil with Shark to make Megalodon
  • Combine Fossil with Asia to make China
  • Combine Fossil with Mario to make Yoshi
  • Combine Fossil with China to make Yellow
  • Combine Fossil with Narwhan to make Unicron
  • Combine Fossil with Sailor Moon to make Ammonite

This concludes everything you need to know about making a Fossil in Infinite Craft. We explained how to make Fossil and the required ingredients. Additionally, we went over some of the complex recipes that have Fossil as a prerequisite. Do let us know in the comments which is your favorite ingredient in the game and how many ingredients you have in your inventory. For more from GamingFlaws, check out the New Roblox Horror Game Poppy Playtime Forever Release Date.

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