A Comprehensive Guide to Unlock Risk Of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities

Sniper in Risk of Rain Returns stands out as the powerful survivor with its ability to one-shot enemies. In Risk of Rain Returns, there are 14 different Survivors, and apart from 2 of these Survivors that you can choose in the beginning, the remaining ones unlock as you progress through the game, accomplishing different tasks.

Enjoy taking aims, and shooting from far? Sniper is the best Survivor you can choose no matter if you decide to go solo or multiplayer. Here, is a comprehensive guide that will take you through how you can unlock and benefit from Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities conquering the battlefield.

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How To Unlock Sniper In Risk Of Rain Returns?

Unlocking Sniper
Risk of Rain Returns: Unlocking Sniper

In Risk of Rain Returns, apart from Commando and Huntress, unlocked by default, all the remaining 12 survivors require you to go some extra miles in the game to unlock them. Sniper, being a strong Survivor, is also one of those survivors whom you can unlock and choose to unleash atrocities over enemies.

To unlock Survivor and take advantage of a lot of different Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities, you first need to complete the entire Risk of Rain Returns, including the last UES light stage, in any difficulty setting. As soon as you do it, Sniper will be unlocked, and you can now restart your adventure.

Risk of Rain Returns: Sniper Gameplay
Risk of Rain Returns: Sniper Gameplay

Risk of Rain Returns consists of six different stages, where you need to locate a teleporter that will take you to the next stage. In the first two stages, the RoRR will put you in any of the two paths, however, the last two stages are fixed. Completing all these Risk of Rain Returns stages at any difficulty will unlock Survivor. Here is the list of Risk of Rain Returns at different stages:

OneDried Lake or Desolate Forest
TwoDamp Caverns or Sky Meadow
ThreeSunken Tomb or Ancient Valley
FourHive Cluster or Magma Barracks
FiveTemple of the Elder
SixThe UES-Contact Light

Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities

Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities
Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities

The Sniper is one of the most powerful boss killers in Risk of Rain Returns, capable of one-shotting enemies across all six stages of the game. With its arsenal of potent abilities, the Sniper can eliminate enemies from a distance, making it an ideal choice for players who prefer a ranged playstyle. Here is the list of Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities that help him stand out:


With this Sniper’s ability, you can give 120% damage to the enemies, knocking them back just by swinging the riffle at your front.


With this ability of Sniper, you can give 250% damage to enemies you encounter. Also, with the correct reloading time of your weapon, as you reactive the ability, you can receive bonus damage further boosting the impact of your shots. This ability has a 0-second cooldown.

Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities
Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities

Quick Scope

With this ability of Sniper, you can provide quick damage to enemies within the erectile circle by opening the aim. Also, a damage of 600% will be given as you release the fire bullet.

Military Training

With this ability unlocked, no enemy will be able to hit you as you’re rolling. Also, this covers a large backflip distance. This Sniper ability comes with a cooldown of 6 seconds.

Spotter Scan

Spotter Scan ability of Sniper helps you increase the Critical Hit Chance by 100%. With this Risk of Rain Returns Sniper ability, you can pre-analyze the enemies coming forward with the Spotter, therefore helping you pre-plan the attack.

Steady Aim

Using this ability of Sniper, you can increase the damage as you hold the button for a longer time. Then, releasing the button with give enemies damage up to 200%.

Kill Providence
Kill Providence

Many players may find themselves struggling with the Sniper’s alternate third ability challenge, which requires killing Providence while performing a backflip. To overcome this challenge, you can use a Last Doll, which deals instant damage upon use.

Since the challenge can be completed during any of Providence’s phases, it’s recommended to attempt it during the first phase. Additionally, to ensure a more reliable final blow against Providence, consider using the Risk of Rain Returns Artifact of Command to avoid the effects of on-hit damage items.

Completing this challenge will unlock a new ability that allows you to shoot diagonally downward when holding a round in your chamber. This eliminates the need for lengthy backdash jumps.

Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Abilities: Tips And Tricks

Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Play
Risk of Rain Returns Sniper Play

Sniper in Risk of Rain Returns can single-target enemies, therefore, pairing up Sniper with Artificer that has excellent crowd control will definitely take you through all six stages at any difficulty. This pairing will allow Sniper to charge a Steady Aim shot calmly, while the Artificer rules the battlefield with Frost Barrier and Flamethrower. However, if you prefer to play solo, here are some tricks you can use:

  • While charging your sniper, use alt m1 or backflip, this way you will be able to move without canceling your charge.
  • If you target an enemy with your drone and then snipe it, any subsequent enemies pierced by the bullet will also be critically struck, resulting in a significant increase in damage.
  • In case, you had a bad reload, that you know isn’t going to give good damage, waste the bullet with default m1, this will reload a better one.
  • You can achieve an extraordinary distance while powering up a full-strength shot using a combination of jump and backflip. To do so leap into the air, execute a backflip while charging your sniper shot, and precisely time your jumps to bunny hop backward upon landing.
  • You can bhop while attacking, simply by holding attack button as you jump. This will help you keep moving at a sprint speed.

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