How to Get Thanksgiving Oven Mitts in Monopoly GO

Thanksgiving Partners event in Monopoly Go provides players with an opportunity to unlock free dice rolls, cash prizes, and various rewards as they engage in strategic and enjoyable gameplay with friends worldwide. Monopoly Go, because of the perfect blend of strategy and fun, has received immense love. Players can do trading, collect properties, and become a tycoon competing with others.

Almost, every few days pass, Monopoly Go launches some event to make it more funĀ and the Thanksgiving Partners event is no exception. To collect rewards, it’s crucial to collect Oven Mitts. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to gather Oven Mitts in Monopoly Go and reap the rewards for both you and your partner.

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What Is Monopoly Go Thanksgiving Event?

Oven mitts in Monopoly Go
Monopoly Go: Thanksgiving Partners Event

Thanksgiving Partners in Monopoly Go is a huge social event that is currently live. In this event, you can collaborate with any of your friends around the globe, to develop things on your board. Eventually, you will receive a lot of different prizes. However, to participate in this event, you first need to make sure you’ve completed Board 5.

Players in Thanksgiving Partner in Monopoly Go need to build up the attraction of the four slots they get over the board. To do so you can pair up with any of your in-game friends and doing so will offer you promising rewards.

Why Do We Need Oven Mitts In Monopoly Go?

Oven Mitts in Monopoly Go
Thanksgiving Partners: Spinning Wheel

Oven Mitts in Monopoly Go, are necessary to claim rewards as you spin the wheel. During the Thanksgiving Partners, as you with the help of your partner develop attractions over the board, you can then spin the wheel to get rewards. However, you won’t be able to do so if you don’t have Oven Mitts in Monopoly Go that contribute as a token.

No matter if you want to bake pumpkin pies, get the turkey token, earn five thousand free dice, or a galaxy sticker part, you first need to find these baking gloves that are scattered randomly across the tiles on the board. There are just two more days for this event, therefore, rush to find out Oven Mitts, and then claim exclusive rewards.

How To Collect Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitts In Monopoly Go?

Oven Mitts in Monopoly Go, required to spin the wheels to get the rewards during Thanksgiving Partners can be found as you explore the board over the different tiles. Here are all the ways you can collect a lot of Oven Mitts in Monopoly Go:

Oven Gloves Icons Tiles

Monopoly Board

The easiest and yet the most efficient way to collect a lot of Oven Mitts in Monopoly Go is to roll the dice and then move strategically over the space that has a baking glove icon. Moreover, it’s also possible to get a large number of oven mitts as you make use of multipliers while rolling the dice.

Blessed Feast Event

Monopoly Go: Blessed Feast Event

Completing each milestone in the Blessed Feast Event rewards you with several Oven Mitts in Monopoly Go so you can get rewards during the Thanksgiving Partner event. Starting with the first milestone, you will get 70 Oven Mitts which is a good number as this keeps on increasing.

Blessed Feast Event has 49 different tasks, and you can get 3360 oven mitts in total achieving all the milestones. Similar to the Blessed Feast Event, there are other Main Events, that go live from time to time, you can also get oven mitts through them.

Quick Wins Tab

Monopoly Go: Main Screen

Look at the bottom left of your mobile screen, and there you will see a “Win” button. Hit the button and complete whatever objective is assigned to you. Doing so will reward you with oven mitts.

Spin A Lucky Wheel

Monopoly Go very often introduces different daily events, which you can find in the daily events section. Unfortunately, there’s no such event live now however when they’re you may get a chance to spin a lucky wheel. Spinning these wheels many times rewards you with oven mitts which you can then use as a token during the Thanksgiving event.

Present From Partners

In Monopoly Go, you can also get oven mitts from your partners as a gift. Though there’s no such way that your partners can transfer their oven mitts to you, however, if they spin the wheel while they’ve landed over the partner section, you’ll automatically get the number of oven mitts they’ve spent.

You can collect these oven mitts in Monopoly Go, by first choosing the friends link and then the Timeline. A menu will open, showing all the free mitts or dice you’ve received via your partner.

Free Gift Shop

In Monopoly Go, gift shops appear every eight hours. You can get oven mitts from these Free Gift shops. Look at the top right of your mobile screen and click on the three lines. A list of shops will pop up, select the shop, and swipe right five times. You’ll therefore get to know which gifts are waiting for you ahead and also the time left.


Monopoly Go Tournaments
Monopoly Go Tournaments

In Monopoly Go, different Tournaments show up every two days. Currently, you can take part in the Turkey Race, which will end later tonight on 24th November, and the new one will begin.

In the tournaments, you first need to get tournament points by landing on Railroads or playing mini games like Bank Heist. While you collect points, you need to finish 26-30 milestones depending on the tournament, and as a reward for some of these milestones, you will get Oven mitts during the Thanksgiving Partners event in Monopoly Go.

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