Modern Warfare 3: Best MCW Loadout and Multiplayer Class Setup

MCW in Modern Warfare 3, similar to MW2 is an ACR, suitable for both long- and short-range combats, thus making it highly reliable. Unlike the beta version, SVA 545 has replaced MCW as the starting assault rifle, requiring reaching level 44 to unlock MCW. If you’ve already unlocked MCW in Modern Warfare 3 and looking for the best MCW Loadout, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here, you will find everything beginning from the best MCW Loadout in MW3 to the Multiplayer class setup.

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Modern Warfare 3: Best MCW Loadout

Modern Warfare 3: Best MCW Loadout
Modern Warfare 3: Best MCW Loadout

MCW in Modern Warfare 3, is as good in damage as it was in MW3 beta, and not just that as it also comes up with great accuracy and range too. It offers phenomenal sheer accuracy, making it stand out among all 20 assault rifles currently present in Modern Warfare 3.

MCW also has the least horizontal coil in Modern Warfare 3, which you can test by shooting it somewhere without a magazine. Thus, with all these attributes that already come with it, an ideal loadout can make MCW unstoppable. Here’s the best MCW loadout that you can adopt in Modern Warfare 3:

  • Muzzle: X10 Ported 290 Muzzle for enhanced vertical and horizontal recoil control, though it does come with a slight cost to aim down sight speed.
  • Barrel: 16.5 in MCW Cyclone Long Barrel for increased bullet velocity, range, aiming stability, and firing aim stability.
  • UnderBarrel: FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip will give you an excellent horizontal control making sure you stay steady.
  • RearGrip: RB Claw PSL Grip for better firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control.
  • Optic: SZ Lonewolf Optic will make sure that you can aim well at medium range for closed combats and not just stay restricted to long-range combats.
  • Magazine: 40 ROM mag in Competitive. While they probably didn’t use a MAG, for pubs, more ammo is essential. You can go for a 60-round drum, but it sacrifices movement speed and aim down-sight speed.

Modern Warfare 3: Best MCW Class Setup For Multiplayer

Modern Warefare 3: MCW gameplay
  • Secondary: Rennetti or WSP Stinger. WSP Stinger is a better option initially, however, if you unlock the JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit then Renneti becomes a monster.
  • Vest: Gunner Vest if WSP Stinger is used. No need to use Renneti.
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade because it’s the easiest to use
  • Tactical: Stim
  • Field Upgrade: Either of Trophy System or Munition Box. If your teammates are playing the objective, go for a nuke, otherwise, support them with the Trophy System.
  • Gear: Bone Conduction Headset that will reduce the surrounding noise helping you to hear enemies, and Tac Mask that will help you with enemies Tactical nade.
  • Gloves: Scavenger gloves to pick up ammo.
  • Boots: Running Sneakers for longer sprints and faster tactical sprints.

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