Infinite Craft: Evangelion Anime [Complete Crafting Guide]

Infinite Craft Evangelion
Infinite Craft Evangelion - Crafting Guide

Similar to Little Alchemy 2, Infinite Craft, gives you a free hand to combine various elements to craft your desired items. These items can be anything, from something belonging to the real world like planets, or countries to something virtual like anime, or whatever you want. Are you struggling with crafting Evangelion in Infinite Craft? Don’t worry. Here in this guide, we will discuss in detail everything you need to know about crafting Evangelion in Infinite Craft.

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How To Craft Infinite Craft Evangelion?

Evangelion in Infinite Craft is a Neon Genesis Anime, that you can craft. However, unlike many other easy crafts in the game, you may have to try a lot of different combinations to be successful in getting Infinite Craft Evangelion. Follow the steps given below to get Infinite Craft Evangelion efficiently in a quick time:

1. Craft Eve

Combinations Outcomes
Earth + Wind Dust
Fire + Wind Smoke
Fire + Water Steam
Dust + Earth Planet
Smoke + Water Fog
Steam + Earth Mud
Fog + Planet Venus
Mud + Venus Adam
Venus + Adam Eve

2. Craft Robot

Combinations Outcomes
Steam + Steam Cloud
Fire + Cloud Lightning
Steam + Lightning Electricity
Metal + Electricity Robot

3. Craft Anime

Combinations Outcomes
Water + Water Lake
Water + Lake Ocean
Earth + Ocean Island
Island + Island Continent
Earth + Earth Mountain
Mountain + Continent Asia
Asia + Island Japan
Earth + Water Plant
Plant + Plant Tree
Tree + Tree Forest
Tree + Forest Wood
Tree + Wood Paper
Paper + Paper Book
Book + Japan Manga
Manga + Japan Anime

4. Get Infinite Craft Evangelion

Combinations Outcomes
Eve + Anime Lake
Robot + Anime Gundam
Gundam + Eva Evangelion

How To Use Infinite Craft Evangelion?

Similar to Robot, Anime, and other elements, once you’ve crafted Evangelion, you can use it to craft various other items which are as following:

Combinations Outcomes
Evangelion + Fire Nuclear
Evangelion + Wind Gurren
Evangelion + Steam Steampunk
Evangelion + Gundam Mecha
Evangelion + Love Asuka
Evangelion + Ronin Shinji




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