Is GTA Cross Platform? (Explained)

Is GTA Cross Platform?
Is GTA Cross Platform?

GTA 5 introduced online play to the series and with it brought multiplayer support. This made GTA 5 one of the best games in the series. While fans are happy that they are able to play with friends and close ones, they want to know whether cross-platform is supported. If it is not, then is there any chance that it will be in the future?

Today we will be going over what cross-platform play is and whether GTA supports it. If it doesn’t, we will discuss why GTA does not support cross-platform play, and whether Rockstar will be adding it in the future.

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What Is Cross-Platform Gameplay?

GTA San Andreas Game World Still
GTA San Andreas Game World Still

Cross-platform multiplayer gameplay is a feature that allows players playing on different gaming platforms to share the same online servers. What this achieves is that the players can have different consoles but still be able to play together. For instance, you could play a game on the PlayStation 5 while your friend is playing on the Xbox Series S but if both of you are able to play with or against each other then you are playing cross-platform.

While the cross-platform feature has been a hot topic recently, it is not exactly something new. This feature that allowed players to play cross-platform was even available in the Xbox 360 days. Whether it be through a unique device or some other method, several games nowadays are adopting the cross-platform feature to increase accessibility and freedom for players.

Does GTA Support Cross-Platform Gameplay?

GTA Vice City Game World Still
GTA Vice City Game World Still

Unfortunately, GTA does not support cross-platform gameplay. While GTA Online brought us official multiplayer gameplay, it did not offer the support for cross-platform. Since GTA Online has been out for so long and has received so many updates, it is not likely that it will get the cross-platform feature in an update. 

Why Do Developers Disable Cross-Platform Gameplay?

While there are many reasons why developers opt to disable the cross-platform feature in their games, we will try to list some reasons why. The biggest reason why we think developers want to keep cross-platform turned off for their games is the PC has an upper hand over console gamers. While not all PC gamers mod or use cheats, it is relatively easy to modify and become super powerful on PC and destroy console gamers unfairly.

Fortunately, there is a way for developers to make sure that they leave the choice of cross-platform gameplay in the hands of the players. Many games these days come with the option to enable or disable cross-platform gameplay from within the setting itself. This is a very wise solution, as it leaves the decision entirely up to the player. If they want to play cross-platform, they can and if they face any issues, it will take a few steps to turn off the feature.

Another reason, that might actually be the case in GTA is that the game is already so successful that there is no need to introduce any new feature. The time, money, and resources it would take would be logical if there was a chance of increasing the user base but the game is already super successful. This reason seems the most likely since game developers gauge how much they will profit from an investment. If they are already making good money then there is less chance that they will alter their strategy.

Can We See Cross-Platform Gameplay in GTA 6?

As we mentioned above, developers check their success and then decide whether to introduce new features. Since GTA multiplayer is so successful even without the support of cross-platform, it does not seem likely that we will see the cross-platform feature in GTA 6.

This is not something that has been confirmed from any official source so it is definitely possible that we can see cross-platform multiplayer gameplay in the GTA 6. However, we have based our assumption on the past and so to us, it seems like there is very little chance.

With this, we conclude our cross-platform gameplay guide. We went over what cross-platform gameplay is, whether GTA supports it, and why developers disable the feature. For more from GamingFlaws, be sure to check out Helldivers 2: Superstore Rotation And Items Today.

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