Disney Dreamlight Valley: Monster Movie Night Quest

Disney Dreamlight Valley Monster Movie Night Quest Guide

In the exciting new addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Laugh Floor update, there’s an introduction of two popular characters from the beloved Monsters, Inc. series: Sulley and Mike Wazowski. With this update, players get to venture into the fun-filled Monsters Inc. Realm. Here, they can hang out with these funny monsters and lend a hand in tackling workplace challenges.

Once Sulley and Mike settle in Dreamlight Valley, players can become pals with them just like any other characters in the game. You can build friendships through different ways, like giving gifts, cooking meals together, having daily conversations, and joining in activities as a team. Monster Movie Night is Sulley’s first mission in Dreamlight Valley, which you can obtain after leveling up your relationship with him to two.

How to Embark on the Monster Movie Night Quest

The only thing the players need to do after unlocking Sulley to start the Monster Movie Night Quest is increasing your bonding with him. This can be done by gift-giving to level up the friendship to level 2. After getting all the things to unlock the quest, all you need to do is to meet Sulley and talk to him.

How to Proceed with Monster Movie Night Quest

After you meet with Sulley, you’ll find out how much he misses the old Monster Movie Night tradition back in his time. You’ll see him stressing over brining the old tradition back to valley. He’ll tell you that he visited Scrooge’s Store to get some scary movies for the event but he didn’t find any video tapes there. He will show his demise while telling that Scrooge was busy with some other customer and couldn’t attend him.

Asking Scrooge About the Tapes

In your dialogue with Sulley, you offer to help him by talking to Scrooge about the tapes. Upon talking to Scrooge, you’ll find out that he doesn’t rent out tapes anymore for the reason that it’s difficult to get them back. He tells that some of the villagers still have the tapes that weren’t returned before The forgetting. He suggests 20,000 Giant Arachnids Under the Bed will be the perfect tape for the movie night. He believes that Mickey, Ursula. or Goofy are still in the possession of the tape.

See Mickey Mouse

When you get to see him, he will tell you that he loved Monster Movie Nights and he had set up a showing just before The Forgetting but couldn’t have the event. He’ll tell you that he left the tapes in Dazzle Beach’s darkness.

Getting the Tape from Dazzle Beach

Mickey will have you led to a Mystical Cave at Dazzle Beach. After getting to the roots of the cave, you’ll find the tape buried there. You can dig it out by using the Royal Shovel and then bring the tape to Sulley. He’ll tell you he needs a big screen to for the event.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Monster Movie Night Quest
Video Tape Location, Fortnite Monster Movie Night Quest

Craft Big Screen TV

Get 50 Fiber, 20 Softwood, and 10 Glass and head towards a crafting table to craft a big TV. You’ll get the recipe for the TV in the Function Items Category. After you bring the TV to Sulley, he then wants to get some snacks and invite guests for the movie night.

Getting the Snacks Done

Sulley wants Mike Wasowski’s signature snack for the movie night. Upon talking to Mike, you’ll get to know that the snack part is also done. But, Mike suggests you to wear a themed costume for the movie night. He suggests you to wear a blue casual top, blue casual pants, and some Scarer Sulley slippers. This requirement can easily be met by wearing a blue T shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Placing the Big TV

After getting everything done, you’ll find out that Sulley is very excited for the movie night. He hands you the big screen and asks you to place at the best possible spot. After all that is done, you can have a selfie to make the memory for life. Sulley will thank you for making the event happen. This will put and end to the Monster Movie Night Quest and you’ll get a Big Screen TV furniture in return.

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