All Minecraft Wolf Variants And Locations (Bedrock And Java)

Even though Minecraft is almost a decade old, there are still new features added that make players enjoy the game even more. For example, the Minecraft 1.8.9 FPS boost optimizes the render areas and increases the connectivity with the internet. The latest Snapshot has given fans a glimpse of the new Wolf Variants.

While the canine partner itself is not new to Minecraft, the addition of multiple variants is a welcome introduction. As the Snapshot is an unreleased version, both Bedrock and Java users will be able to access the new Wolf Variants when the final update is released. We will be going over all the new Wolf Variants and where you can find them.

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The 8 New Wolf Variants And Their Locations

Pale Wolf In Minecraft
Pale Wolf In Minecraft

We will be listing all the new Wolf Variants and where you can find them below.

Pale Wolf

The Pale Wolf is the original with a new name. This is the wolf that was your partner when you first started playing until now. The addition of new Wolf Variants caused the name change of the OG so they could all be differentiated.

The Pale Wolf can be found in the taiga biome amongst the spruce trees and green grass.

Black Wolf

Do you want a partner to tag along during the night? Then the Black Wolf with its night camouflage is the right choice for you. They can be found near the huge pine trees in the old-growth pine taiga. 

A word of advice, you need to look really closely as the Black Wolf can completely immerse itself within the shadows.

Ashen Wolf

Ashen Wolf is the partner for you if you want a canine that can easily adapt to a cold environment. The paws of the Ashen Wolf ensure it can easily climb even with snow everywhere. This variant resembles the Pale Wolf significantly and can be found in the snowy taiga biome.

Snowy Wolf

Snowy Wolf In Minecraft
Snowy Wolf In Minecraft

Similar to the Ashen Wolf, the Snowy Wolf is also the perfect choice if you plan on going to colder environments. It can easily be found in snow groves. However, look closely for movement under the source trees as the Snowy Wolf can easily blend in.

Striped Wolf  

The Striped Wolf comes with black and blonde markings and is similar look-wise to a hyena. It is not common to come across in the overworld but can easily be found in the wooden badlands.

Chestnut Wolf 

The Chestnet Wolf comes with a different color look and can easily be found in the old-growth spruce taiga biome. Similar to the Black Wolf, the Chestnut Wolf can be seen near some large trees.

Woods Wolf

Like its namesake, the Woods Wolf can be found in the forest biome and should be relatively easy to locate. This variant is covered in different shades of the color brown to easily blend in with the environment. 

Spotted Wolf

The Spotted Wolf is one of the most colorful variants and is also the easiest to locate in no small part due to its vibrant colors. The combination of orange and black makes it stand out from the grassy surroundings that it is found in. The Spotted Wolf can be spotted in the savanna plateau.

Rusty Wolf

The last variant on the list is the Rusty Wolf which, like the other variant on this list, lives up to its name with its mix of red and brown coloring. This color of the Rusty Wolf is key to blending in completely with jungle wood. That is where the Rusty Wolf can be located along with ocelots in the jungle biomes. 

This concludes everything we currently know about all the new Minecraft Wolf Variants and where to find them. Do let us know in the comments which Wolf Variant you like the most. For more from GamingFlaws, do check out What Are The Minimum System Requirements For Alan Wake 2 On PC.

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