Dragon’s Dogma 2: Nameless Village Quest

Dragon’s Dogma 2 might be a recent release but it has received plenty of praise from critics and the verdict is that it has redefined its predecessor. The huge in-game world and the gripping story have kept users engaged and filled with enjoyment.

Recently some players were facing issues with connecting to the internet in Dragon’s Dogma 2. While the game is primarily an offline single-player RPG being able to recruit pawns is worth connecting to the internet. 

There are many quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as is expected from an RPG but the one we will be discussing today is the Nameless Village Quest. We will go over how to complete the quest and also mention a significant detail that is not mentioned in the game but is necessary to finish the quest.

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How To Complete Nameless Village Quest?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 In-game World
Dragon’s Dogma 2 In-game World

While the Nameless Village Quest in the Capcom-developed Dragon’s Dogma 2 seems simple enough – explore the settlement and investigate about the false Sovran. Some missing details will cause issues in your completing the quest. We will be going over all the requirements of the quest and how to complete it.

To initiate the quest you need to talk to Brant and he will ask you to find out more about the false Sovran. Finding the Nameless Village itself is easy as all you have to do is head to the yellow area of interest. Once there you will easily be able to locate the village and your first impression will come in the form of a warning.

Ignore it as the residents will mostly avoid you and you can continue to explore and find information to complete the quest. Once you enter the village, head to the Nameless Inn and talk to the lady inside. She will provide subtle hints and is one of the few people willing to talk to you. 

Head down the road and strike up a conversation with a Beastren and see how helpful the conversation is. If you continue down the road you will see some pillars and past them a mansion where you have to talk to Flaude. Flaude will inform you that this is a thief town and that he has no clue who Arthur the false Sovran is. 

Additionally, you will receive a scroll from him that allows thieves in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to learn the Blades of the Pyre ability. Since this quest came with minimal details most players would assume this is the end and leave. However, as we mentioned above there is something remaining that is hard to find without knowing.

Leaving the Mansion

Once you leave the mansion and go towards the right you will come upon a hole. Head down the ladder and cross the obstacle course of see-saw platforms and swinging weights and you will enter an underground base. In the hidden base, you will come across Srail and he will inform you that the mansion above is both a decoy and a test. 

The decoy helps keep nosey people away and the test gauges whether one is worthy by finding the truth. Talking to Srail further will get you an understanding of the village and the false Sovran. To finish the quest Srail will give you an outstanding bill of arrest against the false Sovran. Heading back to Brant with the bill of arrest will lead to the completion of the quest.

Something to be cautious about is that the reward given by Flaude is actually an explosion so it is dangerous to use. However, Srail gives the player the Formless Feint reward which is again for thieves and an advanced dodge but a legit reward. 

With this we reach an end to our Dragon’s Dogma 2: Nameless Village Quest guide. We went over how to complete the quest fully and mentioned the significant detail that was not mentioned and could have caused players to not complete the quest. For more from GamingFlaws, do check out Pacific Drive: ThermoSap Crystals Location And Guide.

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