Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Tier List – Best Character And Weapon Combos

The Final Fantasy series mostly sticks to a typical gameplay and storyline. Something that players are interested in finding out in almost all the titles is the best weapons. For instance, in Rebirth there was curiosity about the best weapons and their locations.

In Ever Crisis, however, we will be discussing the best character and weapon combos.

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The Best Character And Weapon Combos In Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

FF7 Ever Crisis Screenshot
FF7 Ever Crisis Screenshot

There are multiple free playable characters in the Square Enix published FF7 Ever Crisis and each has over 8 weapons in their arsenal. Characters can choose 3 weapons – 1 primary weapon, 1 secondary weapon, and up to 3 sub weapons.

We will be listing the best weapons that you can combine with the characters to make a more deadly combo. Since this gacha game will likely continue to get more characters with every update, we’ll only look at the free ones available at the time of writing.

Cloud Best Weapon Combo

The main character of Final Fantasy VII Cloud is very powerful but mainly for one-on-one fights so he is a better choice for a boss killer. We will list 2 weapons that will him even more powerful and ready to take on enemy bosses.

Murasame is a weapon that deals physical lightning damage to a single enemy and also increases the physical attack of the character and powers up their lightning abilities. Hardedge deals physical damage on a single enemy with a chance for critical hits but is non-elemental. The weapon also boosts magical and physical attack stats and wind resistance.

Barrett Best Weapon Combo

Barrett is an excellent marksman and his prosthetic right arm is the perfect choice to equip powerful weapons. His standout quality is high HP and ability to deal great damage to enemies. W Machine is a good choice for Barrett as it deals non-elemental physical damage to one enemy and has a chance of achieving a critical hit. 

Solid Bazooka is similar to the W Machine but in addition, it increases the HP of the character when equipped. A bonus is that you can get a physical and magical boost if the ATK Stance Guage reaches its maximum.

Tifa Best Weapon Combo

Tifa is a high-powered physical and magical hybrid who has substantial brawling skills. Tiger Fangs is the perfect weapon for Tifa as it boosts her magical attack and critical potency. Sonic Striker is another good choice as it weakens the offense of enemies and boosts the physical defense and fire resistance of Tifa.

Aerith Best Weapon Combo

FF7 Ever Crisis Gameplay
FF7 Ever Crisis Gameplay

Aerith is a very valuable asset mainly due to her being one of the best healers around. Her weapon choice should be Fairy Tale as it is the best healing weapon in the game and will significantly boost the healing strength and earth resistance of Aerith.

Red XIII Best Weapon Combo

While not a human character, the canine makes up for it by its strong abilities as a healing mage. Its specialty is the health restoration buffs that restore the HP of allies. The Dog Collar is the most suited and strongest support weapon for Red XIII as it boosts healing strength and critical potency.

Zack Best Weapon Combo

Zack is another extremely powerful hybrid DPS character that can inflict both physical and magical damage. The Falchion should be the weapon of choice for him due to the powerful physical damage effect. Additionally, equipping the weapon provides Zack with a physical damage boost and wind protection potency. 

Matt Best Weapon Combo

Matt arguably has the highest physical damage potential in the game and also has some solid weapons in his arsenal. The Killer Hornet should be the chosen weapon due to its heavy physical damage on a singular target. While the weapon is non-elemental it still has a high chance for critical hits.

Glenn Best Weapon Combo

Glenn is another newbie who is experienced in the physical damage category. The best weapon for him is Apology in Hell due to it increasing the physical damage done by Gelenn when equipped. Furthermore, it does heavy physical damage to the target and can cause critical hit.

Lucia Best Weapon Combo

Lucia is the snipping expert on the unit and the only one who can silence enemies. Serpent Eater is a good choice for her as it does magical damage and also boosts physical and magical attacks and wind ability potency.

With this, we conclude our Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Tier List. We went over all the major free characters in the game and discussed their best weapon combos. For more from GamingFlaws, check out Pacific Drive Deluxe Edition Vs Standard Edition.

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