How To Make Valorant In Infinite Craft

The creative element in Infinite Craft is one of the biggest reasons why the game is so popular amongst the masses. Players can make a variety of things in the game. Not only can they make a fossil in Infinite Craft, but they can also make a goldfish and everything in between. 

This is, however, just the tip of the iceberg, as the possibilities of what you can make in Infinite Craft are truly infinite. Today, we will be discussing how to make Valorant in Infinite Craft, including the two ingredients you’ll need and how to craft them.

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Making Valorant In Infinite Craft

How to make Rainbow Six Siege in Infinite Craft
How to make Rainbow Six Siege in Infinite Craft

While there are many different recipes in the game Infinite Craft some require jumping through several hoops and others are very simple to craft. There are a few ways to craft Valorant but the most straightforward requires combining CS:GO with Rainbow Six Siege.

Don’t be mistaken that you can make Valorant within too short of a time as there are several ingredients you will need to combine to achieve the two required for crafting Valorant. However, there are many other recipes that you can make using Valorant so it is a good tool in your belt.

To make crafting Valorant easy for you, we will list all the steps you need to make to get your hands on CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege.

How To Make CS:GO?

How to make Counter-Strike in Infinite Craft
How to make Counter-Strike in Infinite Craft

There are several steps you need to follow to make CS:GO so do read carefully and make sure you don’t make any mistakes. All the steps are listed below:

  1. Combine Water with Water to make Lake
  2. Combine Lake with Lake to make Ocean
  3. Combine Ocean with Earth to make Island
  4. Combine Island with Island to make Continent
  5. Combine Lake with Continent to make US America
  6. Combine Earth with Earth to make Mountain
  7. Combine Continent with Mountain to make Asia
  8. Combine Earth with Asia to make China
  9. Combine Wind with China to make Kite
  10. Combine Kite with Wind to make Flying
  11. Combine Flying with Kite to make Bird
  12. Combine US America with Bird to make Bald Eagle
  13. Combine Bald Eagle with US America to make Freedom
  14. Combine Freedom with US America to make Guns
  15. Combine Earth with Wind to make Dust
  16. Combine Dust with Earth to make Planet
  17. Combine Planet with Fire to make Sun
  18. Combine Sun with Fire to make Solar
  19. Combine Solar with Planet to make System
  20. Combine System with Lightning to make Computer
  21. Combine Computer with System to make Software
  22. Combine Software with Earth to make Game
  23. Combine Guns with Game to make FPS
  24. Combine FPS with Steam to make Counter-Strike
  25. Combine Ocean with Ocean to make Sea
  26. Combine Earth with Fire to make Lava
  27. Combine Lava with Sea to make Stone
  28. Combine Stone with Steam to make Geysir
  29. Combine Geysir with Internet to make YouTube
  30. Combine Computer with Computer to make Server
  31. Combine Tree with Water to make River
  32. Combine River with Server to make Stream
  33. Combine Stream with Server to make Streamer
  34. Combine YouTube with Streamer to make Twitch
  35. Combine Counter-Strike with Twitch to make CS:GO

How To Make Rainbow Six Siege?

Compared to making CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege has fewer steps to follow to make it. We will list all the steps below:

  1. Combine Steam with Steam to make Cloud
  2. Combine Cloud with Water to make Rain
  3. Combine Rain with Cloud to make Rainbow
  4. Combine Counter-Strike with Rainbow to make Rainbow Six
  5. Combine Rainbow Six with Rainbow Six to make Rainbow Six Siege

This concludes everything you need to know about making a Valorant in Infinite Craft. In this guide, we went over how to make Valorant and the ingredients required. For more from GamingFlaws, check out What Was GTA Vice City Stories Like.

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