How to Get Gouging Fire Pokemon | Location and How to Catch

How to get gouging fire pokemon
How to get gouging fire pokemon

Pokemon requires players to have various kinds of Pokemon by exchanging them with other players. You can get gouging fire Pokemon which is an ancient theme based Pokemon by visiting the place called Area Zero. To get this Pokemon read all the details on how to get gouging fire Pokemon.

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How to Unlock the Gouging Fire Pokemon

You can get the gouging fire Pokemon by giving a visit to Perrin who is a photographer in the game on how to get gouging fire pokemon. Players can search for Perrin near the entrance of Terarium which is located on Subtropical Savannah Biome. When you enter the area, you will be required to go to Rest Area 1. You will spot her standing right next to Hisuian Growlithe.

How to get gouging fire pokemon
How to get gouging fire pokemon

If you have visited the same place and can’t locate her, then it means that you have not completed the mission where you find Bloodmoon Ursaluna. This item needs to be found in the mission Teal Mask which is assigned to you by Perrin to how to get gouging fire pokemon. If you have not completed the mission, you won’t be able to see Perrin at this location. So just go and complete that quest first and then come back to know how to Unlock the gouging fire Pokemon.

Go talk to her and let her know that you have now successfully brought up around 200 Pokemons in your very own Blueberry Academy Pokedex. She will ask you to look at the Pokemon so let her have a glance and then only she will hand you a picture of a Pokemon. This picture will be of the gouging fire Pokemon. This Pokemon resides in Area Zero and you will be tasked by Perrin to find this Pokemon so just get on with it and find that Pokemon.

Where can you find Gouging Fire Pokemon

You can find the Gouging Fire Pokemon in Area Zero but do note that you can only get the chance to obtain this Pokemon once at this location. So just follow the steps and there is no room for error as this cannot be repeated because the Pokemon won’t be there the next time. All you have to do is complete the following steps:

  • Travel all the way to Area Zero and reach the main gate of the location.
  • When you arrive, go through the ramp and do not take the teleporter to travel through as it won’t get you the gouging fire Pokemon.
  • Ride your Koraidon and travel in the forward direction until you see that you have reached the fence to know how to get gouging fire pokemon.
  • To locate the exact location, you need to spot the cave which is right in front of you. This is the same place where players found Koraidon. If you look upwards, you will see a large waterfall just ahead of you.
  • Travel the Koraidon to go above the waterfall which is located in front of you. At this point, some players might not have unlocked the flying feature of Koraidon so just travel along the side of the waterfall to reach its top.
  • Upon reaching the top, you will spot a radar that is broken. Along with the radar you will be able to spot a gouging fire Pokemon.
How to get gouging fire pokemon
How to find the gouging fire pokemon

How to catch the Gouging fire Pokemon

When you spot the Gouging fire Pokemon at the top of the waterfall, remember that it will have a level of 75 which makes it strong. Do note that the capture rate of this Pokemon is 3.9% so it is quite hard to get your hands on how to get gouging fire pokemon. The battle will be a fierce one, but you will be able to overcome and eventually catch it. As soon as the battle starts, you should use the Quick Balls to throw them right at the Pokemon. This might give him fair damage but if for some reason, it fails then move on to the next line of attack.

Next, you can try to get your luck by using some kind of status effect attack. Players can use either the Hypnosis attack or the Stun Spore which can cause the enemy to go to sleep or some kind of paralysis. If this attack is successful, then it will aid you to get that Pokemon much faster. You should aim to decrease the health of the Pokemon so the chances of capturing it can be increased.

After this, you can even use False Swipe which will cause the Gouging fire Pokemon to decrease its health to one. This will give you plenty of time to recover and gradually get your catching rate back to normal for how to get gouging fire pokemon. As soon as your catching rate is back, players should use both the Ultra and Timer Balls on the enemy to cause damage to them.

The main move of Gouging fire Pokemon is the protection move that goes by the name, Burning Bulwark. This is exactly like the protect move and it burns any Pokemon that comes in contact with it. This move is quite helpful in battle as it gives time to players for rest, and it can be used to slow down the battle. This can be used to cause a Burn Status Condition. This condition causes players to counter the damage that they are receiving and along with this, it decreases any kind of big impact that can be caused by other Pokemon.

The catch rate of Gouging fire Pokemon is 255 and the base friendship is 140. Its height is around 3.5m and its weight is 590 kg. You can find adamant and Jolly nature with this Pokemon. This Pokemon is difficult to catch as suggested by the catch rate but getting it is a big advantage to players so try to get your hands on how to get Gouging fire Pokemon.

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