Best Marksman Rifle MW2: Top 6 Best Marksman Rifle

Best Marksman Rifle MW2

Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most popular games and weapons are an integral part of the game. Several marksman rifles are best for sniping as well as using it for mid-range areas. You can kill your opponents by a single shot with these marksman rifles if your aim is right. Read the article to know all the details about the best Marksman Rifle MW2 and check out the best ones.

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Best Marksman Rifle MW2

Sniper rifles may have less mobility, but they can tend to be a perfect weapon for far ranges. Players can even use marksman rifles for mid-range as well because they can be utilized to deal with enemies that are near your area. Check out the list of all the best Marksman rifles in the game.


This will be one of the earliest weapons that will be available in the game to players. The mobility of this sniper rifle is less but the plus point is that it is best for long-range shots. This makes it one of the best snipers. The best way to use an EBR-14 rifle is by utilizing it for those enemies that are at a distance of 75 meters or more. It has a better fire rate than most of the other weapons and the fact that it can be easily handled makes it a good rifle in best Marksman Rifle MW2.

Best Marksman Rifle MW2
Best Marksman Rifle MW2


Crossbow is one of the lethal weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and it will take only one good shot to take down your enemy. The only drawback of having a crossbow is that it will hold a single bullet in the chamber at a time. Other than that, it is proving to be a good weapon because it also has an element of surprise as it will not draw any sound upon fire. You will get a kill with this weapon, and it won’t be notified on the radar so the crossbow can be one of the primary weapons for silent hunters in the best Marksman Rifle MW2.


TAQ-M is the main choice of players who want to take down enemies at close range. It can deal with all the opponents who are within a 55-meter range. Although the fire rate of this sniper is average, it can be best used to kill enemies that are running right at you. You can some of them out by using TAQ-M, but it will be tough to spot the enemies at a far greater range in the best Marksman Rifle MW2.

Lockwood MK 2

Lockwood MK 2 is a fan favorite for some of the players because it has a great accuracy and a good range which can take down players from a great range. The best feature is the handling because you can take those players out who are equipped with rifles and short machine guns. This is one of the best rifles because it will give you better mobility, accuracy range, damage to the opponent, and much more.

Best Marksman Rifle MW2
Best Marksman Rifle MW2

Tempus Torrent

Tempus Torrent will use a format that is similar to M4, and all the action game players know that M4 is one of the best ones to exist. The best part about using this weapon is that even if a shot is hit on the lower body or hand, it will give the same damage as when the shot hits the head or upper body. It will give you a greater firing rate because the main aim of using this gun is to aim for the center of the mass. It is one of the best Marksman rifles to exist in the best Marksman Rifle MW2.


The main advantage of using LM-S is that it will take accurate shots and the speed of the shot will not decrease as well. You can even take shots from a very far range and the accuracy will remain the same as your close-range shots. You can change the sensitivity settings to your preference, but it is recommended to use that which is already set by the game. Those players who know each corner of the map can find good spots to use this sniper to their advantage in the best Marksman Rifle MW2.

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