Helldivers 2 Major Order: Angel’s Venture and Heeth Guide

Helldivers 2 Major Order: Angel’s Venture and Heeth Guide
Helldivers 2 Major Order: Angel’s Venture and Heeth Guide

Helldiving while playing with friends is a highly memorable adventure that has played a huge part in making the Helldivers a cherished game series for fans. Exploring the galaxy while defending your territory with your close ones does make for a unique setup for the game. The experience became even better when Arrowheads released special missions, like Major Order. 

The last Major Order required the Helldivers to save a bug-infested planet Veld, of the Orion sector of the galaxy for the Terminids. Players were able to successfully complete the task in a little over 24 hours. However, it is unfortunate that the infestation has returned and now Helldivers have been called to help defend and hold two other Terminid planets, Angel’s Venture and Heeth.

Be sure to confirm that you are not facing any issues with your Major Order progression and prepare to start killing bugs. If you are a die-hard fan of the game, you will be content with just saving the galaxy from the spread of these bugs. There is however great reward to be earned if you manage to complete this mission. We will be going over how to defend Angel’s Venture and Heeth so you can get medals and more.

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Helldivers 2 Angel’s Venture and Heeth Special Order

Helldivers 2 Combat Gameplay
Helldivers 2 Combat Gameplay

Helldivers have received their latest Major Order and this time it has come directly from Super Earth. This time Helldivers are tasked with heading to and defending two crucial Terminid planets, Angel’s Venture and Heeth. Both of these planets are on the East side of the Galaxy and in the Orion Sector 

There is some good news for players who do not wish to take part in the full grind that the majority of the Major Order requires. You can earn decent rewards if you manage to complete one mission on either of the planets, even if you do not help with holding the planet. However, for you to get the reward, the planet should be held 100% when the timer ends.

The timer will end on the 6th of March and since there are still a few days till the deadline, it is not a bad idea to keep bouncing between the two planets and completing missions. This will ensure that you get your hands on the most rewards possible, even if Helldivers fail to hold Angel’s Venture and Heeth.

If you decide you only want the rewards that you get for participation, then you can hope that players manage to hold both planets so you can get 45 Warbond Medals. However, keep in mind if players fail to save Angel’s Venture and Heeth, and even if one bug manages to survive all the rewards will be forfeited. We will list some tips that may help you defend Angel’s Venture and Heeth below.

Tips For Defending Angel’s Venture and Heeth

To help you conquer some of the hardest missions on Angel’s Venture and Heeth, we have a couple of tricks and tips you can use:

  • Consider playing the missions with your friends to ensure there’s better cooperation between players instead of everyone running off to do their own thing.
  • Play smart. If you come across enemies with armor then use armor piercing rounds, and use the strongest loadouts in your arsenal.
  • Consider assigning every member of your squad a specific role. Have someone focusing on support while the rest go on the offensive to ensure there’s someone watching the damage dealer’s back at all times.
  • Don’t go for missions that are out of your skill level. While harder missions give better rewards, you won’t be getting anything if you lose.

This brings an end to our guide about the latest Helldivers 2 Major Order. We mentioned some ways that you can use to hold your ground and win some nifty rewards. In addition, we explained what Major Orders are for those of you who are new to Helldiving. We will update you on the progress and completion of the current Major Order. So keep following GamingFlaws and in the meantime, be sure to check out When Is Valorant Agent 25 Releasing.

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