How to Get More Views In Content Warning

How to Get More Views In Content Warning

The recently released Content Warning has a unique concept that became an instant hit with players. Players and their friends are transported to a dark and scary place called the Old World. There they are tasked with recording frightening encounters of their friends with monsters. Players are equipped with a camera and can use money to upgrade their equipment to make videos better.

The videos are then uploaded on SpookTube and you need to make them viral to get money. SpookTube works similarly to IRL YouTube and like YouTube the quality of the video determines your reputation and the total money earned from ad revenue. Some players have been having issues with getting views on their videos. So today we will be discussing How to Get More Views In Content Warning.

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Getting More Views In Content Warning

Content Warning Gameplay, Price, And Platforms

While there are various ways to increase the amount of views you get on your videos in Content Warning the game does not give any details on which factors contribute most towards more views. So we will be going through some tips that you can follow to possibly increase the views on your videos and make more money.

Only Film the Good Stuff

As the camera can only film 90 seconds of footage before it runs out of storage it is paramount that you only record stuff that is worth it. Try to make sure your footage has good lighting and captures the monsters clearly. In addition, you can try to capture enemy monsters, bones, skulls, emoting teammates, and corpses of your teammates to increase the chances of your videos being liked and going viral

Film Different Types of Monsters

Content Warning recording
Content Warning recording

This should be obvious since most of us also watch videos and are mainly attracted to different kinds and will probably not watch too much of the same stuff. So by that same logic when you add variety to your videos, like different monsters, the videos have a higher chance of getting more views. Explore the Old World to find different monsters before you start recording your 90-second videos. As the days pass more and more monsters will start showing up so you will get the opportunity to increase your content.

Record an Intro and Outro

A good method to make your videos pop is by making sure that you record intros and outros. A good way to get a good intro is to switch the camera to selfie mode and record before going to the Old World. Similarly, once you decide to wrap up for the day record an outro as it will have a significant impact on your video.

Invest in Better Equipment

Last, making sure your quality is top-notch is one of the best ways to make sure people view your content. So as you earn money from videos spend it on upgrading your equipment so you can better the quality of your videos. You can also upgrade your flashlights and buy shocking sticks to make venturing into the Old World more convenient. Buying a boom mic or clapper will improve the quality of your videos and get more views. 

With this, we reach an end to our How to Get More Views In Content Warning guide. We discussed some tips that you can follow to get more views on your content. Do let us know in the comments what methods you use to get more views in Content Warning. In the meantime, do check out Pacific Drive: ThermoSap Crystals Location And Guide.

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