Fortnite: Midas Service Station and Vending Machine Location Guide

Fortnite: Midas Service Station and Vending Machine Location Guide

Fortnite continues to introduce new features to the game. If the game isn’t bringing in some insane crossover skins then it’s bringing something that’s sure to make things more exciting. After all, who can forget the cool variants so many of the best superhero skins in Fortnite have, right?

However, the recent season has brought something rather different. Instead of bringing a crossover with a different piece of IP, it’s one with history. To be specific, it’s with Greek Mythology. One of the most interesting features included in this season is the Midas Machine and Vending Station.

Today, we’re here to delve into Midas Service Stations and Vending Machines in Fortnite. This includes what these are, and where you can potentially find them in the Battle Royale map that you no doubt dropped in multiple times already

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What are Midas Service Stations and Vending Machines in Fortnite?

Midas in Fortnite
Midas in Fortnite

Before anything, what even are the Midas Service Station and Vending Machine in Fortnite? Well, before we can explain that it’s important to note that Midas refers to the Midas touch. For those in the know about Greek Mythology, you probably know about the history of King Midas, who turned anything he touched into gold.

Well, similar to that, the Midas Service Station and Vending Machine has the power to turn any of your weapons to gold. Well, to be specific, regardless of the rarity of the item you have, you can turn it into a legendary weapon in literal seconds.

Naturally, this doesn’t come cheap, as you also have to sacrifice a hefty amount of gold. After all, it’s about King Midas so it makes sense, right? However, the ability to change the rarity of your weapon can be a major boon that can come in clutch at any given moment.

The cool thing is that you can do more than just turn any weapon into gold, as the other features services machines have are also there. These services include spawning a rift and re-entering the map from the sky to drop to a new place. 

However, if you’re like us and you want to complete the quest of using the Midas Service Station at least three times, then you can use any of the available features after confirming that the service station or vending machine you’re using is of the Midas variant. Fortunately, this can be done easily by looking at the name of the machine when interacting with it.

Midas Vending Machine and Service Station Locations

Now that you know about what Midas Vending Machines and Service Stations are, we’ll be analyzing their locations one at a time to help you discover them when on the map. It should be noted that it’s impossible to determine where exactly a vending machine or service station will spawn as it’s randomized. However, we’ll still go through the most common places we’ve seen them spawn.

Midas Vending Machine Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite Vending Machine locations
Fortnite Vending Machine locations

Firstly, we’re going through the locations for all of the potential vending machine locations. The image we’ve given you above has marked all of the locations where the Vending Machines tend to spawn. However, as we mentioned above, it isn’t necessary for the machine to spawn at that spawn in every match. Therefore, you might have to look in more than one place.

With that being said, below is a table going through the multiple locations and how many vending machines they have.

Location Number of Vending Machines
Rebel Roost 2
Lavish Lair 3
The Underworld 1
Classy Courts 5
Grand Glacier 4
Reckless Railways  3
Mount Olympus 3
Fencing Fields 2
Snooty Steppes 3
Pleasant Piazza 1
Restored Reels 2

Midas Service Station Locations in Fortnite

Finally, it’s a little tough to go through the locations for service stations as they’re pretty random this season. However, we can help you by going through places we’ve usually spotted these stations spawn in:

  • The Great Marigold Yacht
  • Fencing Fields
  • Restored Reels
  • Snooty Steppes
  • Reckless Railways

This concludes our complete guide on Midas Service Station and Vending Machine. In addition to knowing what they do, you also know the locations of both machines, allowing you to hunt them down more easily. For more about Fortnite from GamingFlaws check out Fortnite Lantern Fest 2024: Rewards, Location, And Quests/

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