Diablo 4 1.2 0 Patch Notes PS5: A Massive Gameplay Improvement

Diablo 4 1.2 0 Patch Notes PS5

Diablo 4 had a shaky release, but Blizzard Entertainment backed the game with various updates and bug fixes to keep your experience the best possible. In that attempt, the developers recently released the Diablo 4 1.2 0 Patch Notes PS5.

This guide will look into the Diablo 4 1.2 0 Patch Notes PS5 and explain all the improvements introduced with the patch while also covering the new features introduced with the recent update.

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Diablo 4 1.2 0 Patch Notes PS5

Diablo 4 1.2 0 Patch Notes PS5
Diablo 4 1.2 0 Patch Notes PS5: Details

The Diablo 4 1.2 0 patch notes PS5 are massive and for context, they are by far the largest path notes in the history of the game. Furthermore, the release was released with the second season of the game, The Season of Blood.

The 4: 1.2 0 patch notes will introduce a number of changes be it the gameplay enhancements for improved stability and balancing or the new features and the bug fixes. This update also brings in legendary aspects alongside the new unique items.

This massive patch will cover almost all aspects of the game so let’s take a look into the major updates introduced with the Diablo 4 1.2 0 Patch Notes PS5.

Diablo 4 Classes

Diablo 4 Update 1.2.0
Diablo 4 1.2 0 Patch Notes PS5: Classes

The recent patch notes rolled out a number of fixes for the Classes and also introduced a number of new features to keep things interesting.

1. Druid

The Druid Class Fortify will now scale with maximum Life rather than Base life, this change alone will change all the skills for the class. Furthermore, the Hunter’s Zenith will now increase the Ranks for two different passives making it even more unique.

Moreover, after the path, the combo of Quickshift and Heightened Senses will improve both offense and defense when shapeshifting. In addition, Ravens and Rabies will now have improved viability.

Nature’s Fury will benefit from both Storm and Earth effects for its free skill. However, Ursine Strength will no longer provide bonus Life. It will instead directly increase Overpower Damage, resulting in higher overall damage.

Lastly the Path 4: 1.2 0 removed the cap from Rampaging Werebeast and with adjustments to Critical Strikes, there’s no significant impact on overall damage.

2. Barbarian

The Barbarian will receive significant buffs, particularly benefiting the well-received HotA build. The Fortify adjustments introduced additional defensive opportunities and all the Unique Changes render them viable choices for their specific builds.

Furthermore, the capped effect on Wrath of the Berserker is now removed and while still robust, it now serves as an option equally accessible to all builds.

3. Necromancer

The Necromancer class will undergo significant changes following the update, primarily focusing on enhancing the options and viability of minions. Additionally, the update introduced the Blood builds for the Necromancer class.

Furthermore, the Blood Skill passives received buffs and enhancements to compliment the archetype. For the Bone Builds, adjustments generally decrease their power. However, the Bone Spear will now rely heavily on Deathless Visage to scale effectively after these changes.

4. Sorcerer

When it comes to the Sorcerer Class, the notable changes include improved Frozen Orb single-target damage and Incinerate ramp-up adjustments. Moreover, the swapping of the Staff of Lam Essen and the Aspect for Charged Bolts enhances the viability of Charged Bolts.

The update changes the Paragon for the Sorcerer to make most glyphs usable and strengthen the weaker Legendary Nodes. Apart from that, the unique changes include Flamescar and Esadora’s Overflowing Cameo.

5. Rogue

The Rogue class saw alterations to Key passives and Legendary nodes, as they lacked scaling previously. Furthermore, in terms of Aspect Changes, there will be the removal the Critical Strike requirement from Bursting Venoms and providing a buff to Synergy.

Armor And Resistances

Armor now only affects Physical Damage, making it less universally powerful. This means Skulls might not always be the best choice for Jewelry. They’re still useful but not a must-have.

As for Resistances, with their linear scaling, they’re in a better-balanced state overall. It’s easier to focus on a particular elemental resistance but balancing them across all your gear will require some effort.

If you are interested in the full patch notes, make sure to the official blogpost by the developers and while you’re at it, it is recommended to check out the Diablo 4 PC Controller Not Working – Causes & Fixes guide.

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