EFT Insurance Not Working: Solution Explained [Fixed]

Eft Insurance Not Working
Escape From Tarkov: Eft Insurance Not Working

Escape From Tarkov players have been facing issues of Eft Insurance not working, and many such reports have surfaced on the internet recently. This issue prevents you from insuring various in-game items, including armor, weapons, and containers.

In this guide, we will go over the possible reasons for Eft Insurance not working and explain how to fix the error in Escape From Tarkov.

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What Is Insurance In Escape From Tarkov

Eft Insurance Not Working
Escape From Tarkov: Insurance Explained

Insurance Mechanics in Escape From Tarkov are at the core of the game and will allow you to retrieve several items without delays. It also allows you to recover items you have not yet extracted from the raids.

However, the insurance is limited to several items in your loadout, which include Intel maps, Armor Gear, weapons, and containers.

Furthermore, in the case of containers, you can only add the key tool, item case, and Document case to insurance. The Armbands, Consumable Items, Melee weapons, Compass, and Secure containers cannot be insured.

EFT Insurance Not Working Explained

There have been several reports of EFT Insurance Not Working on different forums; these reports have seen a surge after the recent wipe-down of Escape From Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov Insurance is not been functioning properly since the wipe-down. According to reports, several players have yet to receive the insured items.

In some scenarios, players have lost essential items due to the EFT insurance not working. While some players have received a few insured items back, most have complained about many missing items, with occasional success in reclaiming items.

Therefore, there are serious doubts about the credibility and effectiveness of Escape From Tarkov insurance mechanics as, in most cases, hidden insured items failed to reappear.

Solutions For EFT Insurance Not Working

Eft Insurance Not Working
Eft Insurance Not Working: Solution

Although no official fix from the game developers has been released up till now, you can use the following suggestion to fix the EFT Insurance Not Working error.

1. Insure Items By Two Insurers

In order to prevent the EFT insurance error, it is recommended to have your desired items insured by two insurers: Therapist and Prapor. Since they will offer different costs and return times, you should pick your insurer accordingly.

2. Discard Insured Items In Hidden Locations

You should discard your insured items in the Escape From Tarkov hidden locations as it will help prevent the looting of your insured items and address any potential errors.

3. Perform A Bug Fix

It is recommended to examine the algorithm of the Escape From Tarkov insurance mechanics and check for any flaws. Once you have identified the flaw, you can make a quick bug fix to resolve the error.

That is all the possible fixes for the error: EFT Insurance Not Working. Apart from these solutions,  you can do nothing besides wait for the Battlestate Games to resolve the issue.

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