Palworld Dungeon Crash Error Fix and Dungeon Locations

Palworld Dungeon Crash Error Fix and Dungeon Locations
Palworld Dungeon Crash Error Fix and Dungeon Locations

Palworld, the new hit Pokemon-esque survival game, has taken the world by storm through its fun mechanics, colorful art style, and addictiveness. The game features many biomes, locations, and Palworld dungeons in its map, ranging from dusty deserts to snowy mountains, with over 100+ Pals, all unique and distinct to help you explore the lands.

As with any early-access game, the title could be better, but it is being worked on with many updates promised to improve the game and add stuff. Many players have met with a terrible fate, being that they experience a game crash every time they enter a dungeon. Well, fear not because we’ve got you covered so you can go through the game hassle-free.

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What is the Palworld Dungeons Crash?

battling fenglope in palworld
Battling a boss Pal in a dungeon

For those unacquainted with the crash, basically, the game just decides to close and go back to the start menu if you enter any sort of dungeon. It happens even if anyone else on the server enters a dungeon. It’s worth noting that this problem is only happening in the Xbox version of the game.

As you can imagine, having the game do this when you enter a dungeon can be infuriating for a number of reasons, as not only do you have to make a new session and invite your friends, but you also can’t clear the dungeon this way.

How to fix the Palworld Dungeons Crash?

As of right now, there is no fix for the problem. There are only two things we can suggest for the fix. One is that you restart the game and play because that’s what fixed the problem for us. Of course, you’ll have to cross your fingers and hope the game doesn’t crash every single time you enter a dungeon.

Alternatively, you can also wait for the developers, Pocket Pair, to fix the issue in a future patch. Although the developers haven’t outright stated they’re working on this fix in particular, the roadmap states that several bugs and glitches will be fixed in the near future.

Palworld Dungeon Locations

palworld dungeon locations
Palworld dungeon locations

Now that you’ve fixed the error, it’s time to explore these dungeons and find hidden treasures so you can level up your character and Pals, and get stronger. One thing to remember is that Dungeon entrances change based on time so if you find an entrance, there’s a good chance that it might not be there the next time you come there. Before we start, there’s something you should know regarding Palworld dungeons, and it’s that each dungeon has an Alpha Pal. 

Think of Alpha Pals like Shiny Pokemon, except that they’re bigger compared to the game’s other pals and those Alphas are the boss fights of each dungeon. It’s also worth noting that each dungeon has a different layout so you’re going to have to learn a new dungeon every time you enter one. =

Hillside Cavern

Let’s start with Hillside Cavern, one of the earlier dungeons you can find in the game. You need to be around level 13 for this area if you want to explore it without dying. This forest biome area features 7 different types of Pals, and all of them are pretty much Pals you find in the starting area. Hillside Cavern has multiple entrances you can find them all at the Windswept Hills

Isolated Island Cavern

The second Island most players will find is the Isolated Island Cavern, and we’re sure it needs no introduction because of its name. Unlike Hillside Cavern, the Island Cavern features a much wider range of Pals with over 20+ different species. One thing that separates Isolated Island Cavern apart is the fact that you can find the rare Pal Killamari, which to our knowledge can’t be found anywhere else in the game. 

Just like Hillside, you only need to be level 13 if you want a smooth experience over there. For the Isolated Island Cavern, you can find entrances at the Ice Wind Island, Sea Breeze Archipelago, Marsh Island, or the Forgotten Island.

Ravine Grotto

Palworld Dungeon
A dark cave dungeon in Palworld

Next up, it’s the Ravine Grotto and in contrast with the previous two, this one has higher level Pals. Level 19 Pals to be exact. The canyon biome-type area has less varied Pals than the Isolated Island Cavern but don’t fret as the Pals there are much different. This area has over 10 different types of Pals and you can find this dungeon at the Ascetic Falls or the Bamboo Grooves.

Mountain Stream Grotto

After that, we’re going to the Mountain Stream Grotto which is much tougher than the previous dungeons we’ve seen so far with players and their Pals needing to be level 29 for a smooth experience. You can find over 10 species of Pals over here, and you can find this dungeon somewhere in the forest biome because all of its entrances are varied.

Cavern of the Dunes

Now we’ve got Cavern of the Dunes, and this is where it will start getting much tougher for you. You need to be at least level 38 if you want to survive here as the Pals are very strong. Just like other dungeons, you can find over 10 different types of Pals in the Cavern. Those looking for this dungeon can find entrances at the Dessicated Desert.

Volcanic Cavern

Palworld volcano area
Palworld volcano area

Just like what the name Volcanic Cavern suggests, this area is where you’re going to find many of the game’s Fire-type Pals with over 12 species. Just be well prepared before coming to this dungeon because this place is one of the toughest areas in the game and you need to be level 40 at the minimum. You can find the Volcanic Cavern at Mount Obsidian.

Sacred Mountain Cavern

The final dungeon in Palworld is none other than the Sacred Mountain Cavern, being the toughest dungeon in the entire game with you needing to be level 45 at the very least. Either that or just stock up on lots of healings because you’re going to need it. This icy dungeon unsurprisingly features mostly Ice type Pals with over 10 species, including Mammorest Crysts. You can find the Sacred Mountain Cavern at either the Icy Weasel Hill or the Unthawable Lake.

With this, not only do you know how to fix the annoying dungeon crash error, but you also know where to find many dungeons in the game. If you want to learn more about Palworld, consider reading How To Breed Anubis Palworld: Fenglope Boss Fight Location In Palworld.

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