How To Catch Palworld Reptyro Location Stats, Breeding Combos Explained

Palworld Reptyro Location
How To Catch Palworld Reptyro Location Stats, Breeding Combos Explained

In Palworld, as you progress and develop your base, you’ll need to improve your production rates to keep things on track. Therefore, you will need Pals with greater work efficiency. One such Pal is Reptyro; it not only possesses exceptional combat skills but also boasts decent Partner skills, making it one of the best mounts for mining ores.

This guide will cover everything on this Pal, including the Palworld Reptyro location, drops, and the best breeding combinations available.

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What Is Palworld Reptyro

Palworld Reptyro Location
Palworld Reptyro Location: What is Reptyro?

The Palworld Reptyro is a dual-type Fire/Ground-type Pal that gas command over fire. Additionally, it also has the ability to boost mining efficiency, making it an excellent addition to your team.

However, given the perks Reptyro has on offer, it should be no surprise that capturing this Pal is, in fact, a difficult task. It is a high-level Pal found in a burning habitat, requiring you to prepare beforehand.

Palworld Reptyro Stats And Item Drops

Palworld Reptyro Location
Palworld Reptyro Location: Stats Drops And Element
  • Paldeck Number: #88
  • Partner Skill: Ore-loving Beast
  • Work Suitability: Kindling Level 3 and Mining Level 3
  • Food consumption: 5
  • Drops: Flame Organ

Reptyro is weak against the Grass and Water types moves in Palworld. It is decent  Kindling and Mining skills as well. It possesses a work suitabilities of Level 3.

Moreover, it has the  Ore-loving Beast partner skill that can boost your mining efficiency when you’re riding a Reptyro. This makes it an all-around option for both fidgeting and mining.

However, you will need the Reptyro Saddle to ride a Reptyro in Palworld. The following items are required to craft the Saddle

  • 20x Flame Organ
  • 20x Leather
  • 20x Ingot
  • 20x Paldium Fragment

Palworld Reptyro Location

Palworld Reptyro Location
What Is The Palworld Reptyro Location? Explained

In order to find a Reptyro in Palworld, you need to unlock the Volcanic region of the map. This park is found in the southwestern part of the Volcanic Regions.

The habitat of the Reptyro in Palworld is the eastern part of this fiery region. This means that you will need a water Pal like Suzaku Aqua to get to the other side of the volcanic zone.

Once you get to the other side of the water surface, you will notice Reptyro. However, before you proceed to catch it, you need to make sure that you’re prepared for combat.

When you get to the location, you will need one flying mount at the very least because climbing the mountainous in volcanic terrain without flying can be nearly impossible and prove to be fatal.

Additionally, since the region is a sort of a burning furnace, you need to have suitable clothing that is heat resistant to increase your chances of survivability. The Palworld Heat Resistant Pelt Armor is your best bet here.

How To Catch Reptyro In Palword

The best thing about Reptyro is that you will find them roaming the Volcanic region alone. However, in some cases, they spawn in pairs as well. You have to target a single Reptyro and avoid those in pairs.

The average level of the Reptyro found in these regions is around 30-35; therefore, make sure that you’re prepared for this encounter. In order to overwhelm the Reptyro, you can use any Water-type Pal.

However, you need to be cautious and not kill it because by doing so, you will only contain a Flame Organ. Once Reptyro’s health bar is significantly low, you can throw Hyper or Ultra Spheres at it to capture it.

Palworld Reptyro Abilities 

Palworld Reptyro Location
Reptyro Abilities – Palworld Reptyro Location

Reptyro possesses a total of seven abilities that make this pal formidable in battles. Here are all the abilities explained.

1. Ignis Blast

Ignis Blast is a Level 1 ability that can be used to unleash a ball of fire at the enemies to inflict damage. This attack has a cooldown time of 2 seconds and is effective in the range of 500-5000.

2. Stone Blast

The Stone Blast fires a barrage of stones with a Power of 55. It is a Level 7 ability that can have a range of 500-4000 and a cooldown time of 10 seconds.

3. Stone Cannon

This ability can be used to dig up a boulder and throw it at the enemies to deal damage. This ability has a cooldown timer of 15 seconds. This attack has a range of 500-2500 and a power of 70.

4. Ignis Breath

This is a potent Level 22 attack in which Reptyro shoots flames at the enemies to deal continuous damage. This attack is effective in the range of 500-1500 and has a power of 70. Additionally, it takes 15 seconds to cooldown.

5. Volcanic Burst

This attack has a power rating of 100, and it is effective in a wide range of 0-9999. In this attack, Reptyro will raise this leg and slam it onto the ground to cause Volcanic eruptions from above. It is a level 30 attack that can totally destroy enemies and takes 45 seconds to cooldown.

6. Ignis Rage

The Ignis Rage chargers the surrounding ground in the range of 100-1000 and causes it to explode after some time. It is a level 30 move that takes a cooldown time of 40 seconds.

7. Rock Lance

The Rock Lace attack generates a sharp rock spear under an enemy to deal damage. It is a level 50 attack that is effective in the range of 100-9999. The cooldown time for this attack is 55 seconds.

Palworld Reptyro Breeding Combinations 

Palworld Reptyro Location
Breeding Combinations – Palworld Reptyro Location

If you don’t want to travel all the way to the Volcanic region to capture Reptyro, you can use various pairs of Pals to breed it. Here are all the breeding combinations that will result in Reptyro.

  1. Grintale and Cryolinx
  2. Cinnamoth and Astegon
  3. Incineram and Suzaku
  4. Sweepa and Pyrin Noct
  5. Nitewing and Beakon
  6. Mossanda and Beakon
  7. Penking and Cryolinx

This concludes the Palworld Reptyro Location guide; while you’re at it, make sure to check out our detailed guide, Do Dropped Items Despawn In Palworld: Find All About The Settings In Palworld.

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