Best Methods to Gold Farm in WoW SOD Phase 2: How to gold farm in WoW SOD Phase 2

WoW SOD P2 Gold Farm
WoW SOD P2 Gold Farm

World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery’s Phase 2 introduces new methods and abilities to strengthen your character. Whether to acquire said improvements or just to flex your wealth, you’ll need gold, so you need to know how to farm gold efficiently. Let’s discuss the best ways to farm easy gold in World of Warcraft in the second phase of Season of Discovery.

Before we start, let’s understand what’s so special about SOD Phase 2. Well, the season introduces new enemies and bosses alongside new dungeons. So, if there’s new content, you’ll need more gear, consumables, and crafting materials, which means you need to know how to farm lots of gold. 

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What can you use Gold for WoW SOD Phase 2?

WoW SOD Phase 2 Gold
World of Warcraft Gold Art

Let’s first understand what gold is and what it’s for, alongside why it’s so important. Gold lets you purchase lots of stuff, such as:


You’ll need to purchase mounts to traverse the world, whether it’s a horse or a griffin. Luckily, you can use gold to buy mounts.


Make your character stronger using rare gear and items that you can acquire through the in-game Auction House.


Consumable items, such as potions, are obtainable by spending gold, providing small but crucial advantages during combat.


Through gold, you can buy and unlock crafting recipes that can let you make items you can use for yourself or sell for even more money.


Every item in WoW has durability that wears out over time, and you’ll have to repair it using gold.

How to gold farm in WoW SOD Phase 2

WoW SOD P2 Gold
World of Warcraft Gold Stash

Before we start, remember that these methods won’t make you rich overnight, and you’ll have to spend lots of time and stay consistent. Now it’s time to get into how we’re going to farm gold and what you need to know:

1. Masters in Materials

  • Herbalism and Mining: Become resourceful by getting herbs like Plaguebloom, Felweed, and Goldthorn, alongside minerals such as Mithril and True Silver. You can find them at Tanaris and Hinterlands, and these materials and herbs are what you need to make potions, flasks, and gear, which can go for a lot of gold at the Auction House.
  • Skinning: When we say skinning, we mean you need to hunt mobs with materials like Thick Leather or Rugged Leather, which is essential to craft one of the best armors in the game. 

If you combine Farming, Mining, and Skinning, you’ve got a powerful combo, letting you sell stuff for gold. If you don’t have Farming or Herbalism, you can always craft Mageweave cloth.

2. Flipping

  • Keeping up with market trends: Use websites like TSM to look at the WoW market and find items that aren’t priced high. Buy them cheap, sell them for more money, and repeat that process for profit.
  • Items with high demand: Focus on items that always have high demand, like consumables, enchantments, and recipes, so you always have buyers.

3. Grinding Gold

  • Target the right mobs: When we say target the right mobs, we mean go for mobs that drop stuff like Elemental Earth or Solid Stones, which are used to make enchantments. Try to go for mobs that are quick to kill so you can farm items faster.
  • Class advantages: Try using classes like Warlocks, which have Area of Effect(AoE) attacks to clear a high density of mobs at a time. Combine this with skinning, and it’s a winning formula for easy profit.
  • Transmog Farming: It’s essentially just selling transmog. It doesn’t sell as quickly, but it’s an efficient way to make gold in the background while you actively farm.

4. Crafting

  • Blacksmithing and Tailoring: Master both to craft high-tier gear like Felheart Leggings, then sell them on the Auction House for easy gear. Alternatively, you can equip them yourself to farm mobs more quickly.
  • Alchemy: Create powerful items and enchant gear, and just like the previous point, you can either sell them or use them to help you farm for longer with more results.

5. Raiding

  • Looting: We know raids are the best way to get items in WoW. Even then, you can improve your loot drops through specific methods. For example, try to go for roles like tanking or healing, which can land you with unwanted raid loot, like rare gear, which can go for lots of money at the Auction House.
  • Explore dungeons: Go for dungeons to get rare drops like Darkmoon cards that you can sell for high prices, thanks to collectors and high-level players.

Now that you know the basics needed to farm gold in WoW SOD Phase 2, let’s discuss some more tricks you can use:

Some Extra Tips 

  • Addons: Use add-ons like Auctionator to automatically do tasks like bidding and reposting, saving you lots of time.
  • Better time investment: By better time investment, we mean you need to do activities containing the highest gold-per-hours based on your class and server’s economy.
  • Group farming: If you have friends, group up with them and go to farming areas together to get more mobs faster. If you don’t know anyone, look for people in communities who might be interested in farming and go with them.
  • Analyze your server: As we mentioned earlier, the prices of items are different depending on what server you’re on, so you can use stuff like The Undermine Journal to check items having low value to buy for later and catch sudden spikes so you can sell them while they’re costly.
  • Low supply items: Rare items sell for more, so go for mobs that drop rare materials so you can sell them for a high price.

And that’s all you need to know on how to farm gold in WoW SOD Phase 2! Remember, you need to try and stay updated in the market, try different methods, and join farming communities on various platforms. That way, you’ll always be in the know regarding the latest information.

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