How To Fuse Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge

Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge Fusion

In Persona 3 Reload, you will be tasked to fuse Masakado With Charge to complete the last fusion request from Elizabeth. This fusion will generate a powerful Persona with lethal abilities that will resonate with its kit perfectly.

This guide will provide details on Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge fusion and explain how you can perform the fusion and the perks of having it.

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Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge

Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge
Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge

The Persona 3 Charge like its magical counterpart Concentrate will allow you to spend a turn to increase the damage of your next physical attack. Therefore, it will work wonders for Masakado, who is 67 and boasts one of the highest base Strength stats in Persona 3 Reload.

When it comes to moves, Masakado has the likes of Myriad Arrows, Tempest Slash, and Magarudyne. He can also learn moves like Arms Master, Debilitate, Unshaken Will, and Crit Rate Amp.

This already exceptional moveset powers up perfectly with Charge, making Masakado the absolute boss. Moreover, his favorite skill card: Throw also benefits from Charge, making him the king of physical damage.

How To Fuse A Masakado With Charge

Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge
Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge Fusion Explained

The Elizabeth Request 98 in Persona 3 Reload will require you to Fuse a Masakado with Charge. However, before that, you will have to complete Request 87, which is fair because you can’t simply jump to the end of  Persona 3 Reload.

Elizabeth’s Request 87 can be completed by bringing her a Loki that is at least level 75. You will obtain the item to make Masakado by completing this step, so this should be your first step.

The best part is that the Masakado recipe will not leave room for experimentation. It is simply a samurai Persona with a four-way fusion. It will require you to have the following Personas in your inventory or Compendium:

  • Bishamonten (60) (Tower)
  • Koumokuten (52) (Chariot)
  • Jikouten (29) (Strength)
  • Zouchouten (14) (Chariot)

In order to fuse a Masakado with Charge, you will have two options on hand. You can make a fusion normally and add a Charge through a Skill Card. This can be found in the highest levels of Tartarus.

The second option is to fuse one that will have the ability by default. The second option is your best bet if you know what Personas to fuse. However, you goal will be to pass Charge to one of the Personas that is required to make Masakado.

 Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge
How To Fuse Persona 3 Reload Masakado With Charge

Kali, Siegfried, and Ganesha have access to Charge and will be around the same level as Bishamonten and Koumokoten. Furthermore, Siegfried is the only one to have it by default, and the other Personas will have to learn Charge before they can pass it along.

Addtionally, since they are the closet in level to the two of the target Personas, you will have no difficulties in fusion. The following are a few recommendations for combinations.

  • Kali (Strength) + Orthrus or Vasuki (Hanged) = Koumokuten
  • Siegfried (Strength) + Vasuki or Hecatoncheires (Hanged) = Koumokuten
  • Ganesha (Star) + Anubis or Trumpeter (Judgment) = Bishamonten

When you have one of the components with Charge, proceed to fuse the samurai persona and pass the ability to Masakado. Once done, all you need is to present it to Elizabeth to complete Request 98.

Now, you can enjoy the newly unlocked potential and the explosive firepower of Masakado. That’s all there is to know about the Persona 3 Reload Masakado with Charge Fusion. While you’re at it, make sure to check out our detailed guide, How To Make Steel In Infinite Craft – Complete Crafting Recipe.

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