Persona 3 Reload Ending Explained

Persona 3 Reload Ending Explained
Persona 3 Reload Ending Explained

Persona 3 Reload is the remake of the original Persona 3 and fans are wondering whether the story ends the same way. We will be going over the story of the game and explain the ending.

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The Persona 3 Reload Ending

Persona 3 Still
Persona 3 Still

There are two potential endings in Persona 3 Reload based on a choice made by the player. The player can choose to kill Ryoji and forget everything while waiting for an inevitable death or spare Ryoji and try to stop the incoming doom. We will be going over how the story changes based on both of the choices below.

Kill Ryoji – The Short But Bad Ending

If you choose to have your memory wiped while waiting for the inescapable demise, you can kill Ryoji. After the death of Ryoji, your connection with The Dark Hour, Tartarus, and each other will be disconnected. 

The game will then move to three months later, on March 5, at the third-year graduation ceremony. The whole group will be there but due to the death of Ryoji, most of them won’t remember each other. Mitsuru, Aigis, Ken, and Akihiko will have no idea who Makoto, Junpei, and Yukari are. For them now they are all just fellow students and inhabitants of the same dorm.

Due to this amnesia, Makoto, Junpei, and Yukari feel no emotions after hearing Mitsuru’s inspiring graduation speech. Instead, the trio will have a long conversation about blissful ignorance. Following this, they will all set out towards a karaoke bar, and the game ends just like that. There is a short after-credit sequence that shows the team at their post-graduation celebrations but then the game is over.

Spare Ryoji – The Longer And True Ending

Persona 3 Combat Gameplay
Persona 3 Combat Gameplay

If Makoto spares Ryoji then the team has to take on an unthinkable task, fight and defeat death itself. To do this, the team has one month to prepare to climb to the top of Tartarus, overcome Strega, and defeat Nyx. 

While the team is trying their best to be ready for this final moment, Strega forms a cult that welcomes Nyx’s arrival and preaches to the citizens about The Promised Day. The team also realizes that if they are successful, defeating Tartarus will sever The Dark Hour, S.E.E.S’ journey, and their connection to each other. They still promise each other that they will meet on graduation day if they remember their adventure and manage to survive. 

On the final day, the team heads to Tartarus and makes the climb to the top of the tower while fighting off shadows. Strega is also there to try and stop them but the team overpowers Strega and manages to beat Jin and Takaya.

Once they manage to reach the top, they find Nyx in the monstrous form of Ryoji waiting for them. Nyx gives the team a choice, to give up and surrender but the team decides to fight till the very end.

After some tiring fighting, S.E.E.S cannot harm the immortal Nyx but Nyx decides to transform into a celestial entity and initiate his cleansing ritual. During this process, the population of Port Island experiences the Dark Hour and sees the sky turn green. While the team is knocked down by the powerful Nyx and is unable to get back up, Makoto falls unconscious and is transported to the Velvet Room where Igor and Elizabeth speak to him. 

They tell him that everything has led to this very moment and Igor reminds him what he was told at the beginning of his journey, that his bonds with others will be his strength. Then Makoto starts to hear the voices of every single person he bonded with throughout his journey, and with it, can draw one final arcana: The Universe.

We move back to Tartarus and Makoto draws on his newfound strength and resists Nyx’s power while flying up to Nyx alone. He manages to fly inside Nyx and finds himself having to fight the core of Nyx. After a grueling battle that leaves Makoto close to death, he draws upon his connection with his close ones and brings himself back to life. Finally, Makoto manages to beat Nyx and use the Universe arcana to seal Nyx away within himself. With this act of selfless sacrifice, Makoto gives up his soul.

Instantly Tartarus, Nyx, and the Dark Hour disappear, as the team is left standing in the void. Ryoji congratulates them on defeating Nyx and saving humanity. Makoto returns from his battle and embraces the group despite appearing to have been killed. We then move on to two months later when the team has returned to their everyday routine. They forgot their time in Tartarus due to the disappearance of the tower and The Dark Hour wiping their memories. 

However, Aigis and Makoto still remember everything. Makoto meets all his social links while going about his normal school day and they all note he appears sickly. The next day the full group heads to the graduation ceremony but Makoto and Aigis decide to head to the promised meetup location at the school rooftop.

Aigis finally understands her purpose which is to spend time with, protect, and live with Makoto until her death. However, Makoto starts to feel weak and shares a moment with Aigis before she realizes what is happening. On the other side, the team suddenly remembers everything and ditches the graduation ceremony to meet at the proposed location. However, just as they arrive, Makoto passes away in Aigis’ lap.

Why Did Makoto Die?

Persona 3 Still
Persona 3 Still

When Makoto sealed Nyx, he had to give up his soul to trap Nyx. Makoto didn’t die immediately due to the promise he made to his friend. He told them he would meet them on graduation day and when he fulfilled his promise on the rooftop, he died.

This concludes our Persona 3 Reload Ending Explanation. For more from GamingFlaws, check out the Last Epoch Wraithlord Build – Complete Guide.

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