Last Epoch Wraithlord Build – Complete Guide

Complete Last Epoch Wraithlord Build Guide
Complete Last Epoch Wraithlord Build Guide

Last Epoch is taking the gaming world by storm thanks to its unique and engaging implementation of builds and dungeons, similar to how the good old Diablo games used to be before they were riddled with microtransactions and bugs.

However, one of the more technical builds players can use for their characters is the Wraithlord build. This build is basically Last Epoch’s version of a Necromancer build, with the only exception being that instead of the undead, players summon the Wraithlord, a ghoulish commander of Wraiths that scale off your own Summon Wraith spell. The Wraithlord then, in turn, summons an army of Wraiths for you.

So, if becoming a one-man army sounds cool to you, here’s the complete Last Epoch Wraithlord build guide. Take this build to the Sanctum Of The Architect and start causing havoc.

What are the active and passive skills?

A boss battle in Last Epoch
A boss battle in Last Epoch

Of course, skills are an essential component of any build. Let’s take a look at the specific ones required for this build. 

Active skills

  1. Bone Curse: Bone Prison, Ossify, Shattered Prison, Misery.
  2. Dread Shade: Lone Watcher, Grime Fate, Egoism, Blind Fury, Duskheart.
  3. Infernal Shade: Manic Pyre, Soulfire, Corrosion.
  4. Summon Wraith: Sequel of Avarice, Dusk of the Living, Necrotic Hunger.
  5. Transplant: Apostasy, Plated Bone, Bone Armor, Doom Bringer.

Passive Skills

  1. Acolyte Tree: Forbidden Knowledge, Dark Rituals, Eye of Damnation, Unnatural Preservation.
  2. Necromancer Tree: Risen Army, Aegisfall, Frantic Summons, Blades of the Forlorn, Rite of Undeath, Tyrant.
  3. Lich Tree: Apocrypha.

What is the Equipment Required? 

Let’s take a look at the Essential, as well as the Optional equipment for this build. 


  1. Helmet: Wraithlord’s Harbour, as this is mandatory to play as a Wraithlord Necromancer in the game.
  2. Amulet: death Rattle, which provides Int on an amulet, and Minion Crit Multi.
  3. Weapon: Soul Harvester or Reach Of the Grave, or any other one-handed weapon that provides Minion Necrotic Damage, Attack, and Cast Speed.
  4. Off-Hand Catalyst: Ethereal Catalyst of the Grave, Infernal Catalyst of Vitality, or any catalyst with minion damage and death affixes.
  5. Rings: Turquoise ring, due to its unique properties and synergy with the skills.
  6. Boots: Boneclasp Boots, Sinew Strand Boots, etc. Any boots that will teleport your minions to your location upon the use of a traversal skill. 
  7. Idols: Large immortal Idol (x4), Stout Lagonian Idol (x4), providing passive bonuses to health, resistances, and damage.


  1. Chronostasis: helps with survivability by providing intelligence and Ward per Second.
  2. Twisted Heart of Ukheiros: provides significant bonuses to health and strength, while the bonuses enhance survival and offense.
  3. Julra’s Obsession: stats apply to minions and the player, compatible with Cast Speed affix.

How to play as a Wraithlord Necromancer?

Using a skill in Last Epoch
Using a skill in Last Epoch

Firstly, to play as a Wraithlord Necromancer, you’ll need to cast the skill Summon Wraith, which will bring out the Wraithlord. Following up on that, apply the skills Dread Shade and Infernal Shade. This will significantly buff up its attack speed and damage. 

Since your Wraithlord can consume minions for extra health, you can summon non-wraith minions while being at maximum wraiths. You can consume 18 minions with one spell cast by using Volatile Zombies to summon 5 of them, which further 3 more Skeleton Vanguards and 10 Corpse Parasites upon their consumption. 

Once the zombies are cast, you can also use Bone Curse, as the walls created by Bone Curse count as minions as well. This means your Wraithlord will be able to consume them, granting it extra health. This will ensure your Wraithlord will take care of the damage and stay healthy.

Are there any issues with this build?

Players have reported an issue where the Wraithlord will traverse without attacking for periods. As of now, this hasn’t been officially fixed, but a temporary solution to this problem is to get the teleport experimental affix on boots. Due to the glitchy AI, the Wraithlord can also get stuck, and the only solution to this is to summon it again. 

And that sums up everything you need to know about this build. If you’re thinking of building a crit Wraithlord build, then you can always go for the Peak of the Mountain. Alternatively, if you’re struggling with the game’s matchmaking, then check out our fix for the Last Epoch matchmaking error.

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