Enshrouded Paladin Build: Best Build Skill Tree, Stats, And Gear Explained

Enshrouded Paladin Build: Best Build
Enshrouded Paladin Build: Best Build Skill Tree, Stats, And Gear

In Enshrouded, you will want to have a top-notch build to crush your enemies and progress in the game. While there are different classes to choose from, this guide will provide you with details on the best Enshrouded Paladin Build.

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Enshrouded Paladin Build: Best Build Explained

Enshrouded Paladin Build
What Is An Enshrouded Paladin Build? Explained

The ideal Enshrouded Paladin build should have a mix of close combat and magical abilities while having robust and heavy armor; that being said, our best Paladin build achieves just that, with a blend of both these aspects.

This build has a fast-paced but tanky playstyle, having short-range magical abilities at its disposal that allow you to block and parry attacks while deploying AOE spells to deal damage.

You simply have to rely on standard attacks followed by a transition into a blink dodge action and finally end with an evasive attack. Read on to learn all about the build, including the best attributes, skill tree, stats, and gear.

Enshrouded Paladin Build: Best Stats

Enshrouded Paladin Build
Enshrouded Paladin Build: Best Stats

The build should have the following as the core attributes

  • Constitution – 11
  • Intelligence – 12
  • Strength – 8

Constitution will provide you with a large health pool and take care of the damage absorption. Intelligence will activate your regenerative skills and enhance the spell damage, while Strength will increase your melee attack damage.

Paladin Build Skill Tree

Enshrouded Paladin Build
Enshrouded Paladin Build: Paladin Build Skill Tree

When you have the Paladin Build, your focus in the early game should be on Constitution. It will increase the odds of your survivability and provide you with Parry skills to inflict damage.

However, moving to the mid-game, you should invest in Intelligence as it will provide regeneration skills and enhance the spell effectiveness. You will reply on Blink for mobility and Spirit to counter-attack and inflict damage.

In the final stages of the game, it is recommended to invest in Strength and Constitution to increase the potency of your melee attacks. You should invest in the following skills.

1. Merciless Attack (Parry)
This skill allows you to deal significant damage when you stagger an enemy.

2. Constitution Boosts
It will increase your health pool for better survivability.

3. Evasion and Battle Heal
These abilities will help you dodge attacks and heal upon critical strikes.

4. Intelligence
It will boost the effectiveness of spells and regenerative abilities.

5. Blink and Emergency Blink
These skills improve mobility and come in handy to escape from stuns.

6. Spirit Counter-Strike
This ability reflects a portion of the damage back to the attacker.

7. Quick Charge
It reduces staff charge-up time for spells, increasing their effectiveness 

8. Shockwave and Breach
These skills increase damage against staggered enemies and add an AOE to enhance your melee attacks.

9. Feast
It provides a significant health boost.

10. Absorb and Blink Attack
These attacks deal damage and provide an escape option from lethal situations.

11. Healer and Waters of Life
These abilities enhance your passive regeneration and health.

12. Veteran
It increases the chances of a critical strike.

13. Swift Blades
This ability significantly increases your attack speed.

14. Endurance Runner and Double Jump
These skills significantly enhance your mobility and exploration.

15. Heavy-Handed and Breach
These skills increase your melee damage against staggered enemies.

16. Slasher Butcher
It enhances cutting damage to make it more potent.

Paladin Build Buffs and Food

Since this build relies on Constitution, Intelligence, and Strength, you’ll want to focus on food like meat, vegetables, and liquids to boost stats.

However, towards the latter half of the game, you should have soups as they offer additional offensive stat enhancements that will help you deal with formidable enemies with ease.

Enshrouded Paladin Build: Best Gear

The Paladin Build relies heavily on the gear, be it the weapons or the armor.  Therefore, you should use the following gear for optimum performance of the build.


Best Enshrouded Paladin Build
Enshrouded Paladin Build: Best Weapons

The weapons with high cutting and piercing damage work best with this Paladin build, as they will benefit from the allocated skill points and deliver enhanced cutting and piercing damage.

You should have the following weapons as the Elemental Choices.

  • Lightforged Axe
  • Luminous Wand
  • Hair Splitter

However, for ranged combat, you should have the Shroud Weaver, as it can totally crush enemies in ranged combat.


When it comes to the Armor, you have to choose the helmet, chest armor, gloves, pants, boots, shield, and ring. Here are the ideal choices for each one.

1. Helmet and Gloves

Enshrouded Paladin Build
Enshrouded Paladin Build – Best Weapons: Helmet and Gloves

When it comes to the helmet gloves, your focus should be increasing the damage against the magical foes and look for something that has magic damage multiplier.

Therefore, the Elder Gloves and the Elder Helmet are your best bet, as they provide both a magic damage multiplier and increased damage against magical foes.

2. Chest Armor

Enshrouded Paladin Build
Enshrouded Paladin Build – Best Weapons: Chest Armor

The Chest Armor should have decent resistance to damage and should also pack stamina and health to increase your chances of blocking enemy hits. For the best Paladin Build, it is recommended to choose the Radiant Paladin Chestplate.

3. Pants and Boots

Best Enshrouded Paladin Build
Enshrouded Paladin Build – Best Weapons: Pants and Boots

In this build, you should choose Eagle Eye trousers and Spellbinder boots, as they are ideal for balanced magical and physical resistance. Furthermore, they provide decent regeneration stats as well.

4. Rings and Shield

Enshrouded Paladin Build
Enshrouded Paladin Build – Best Weapons: Rings and Shield

Your shield should have a high block and parry stats, while rings should generate mana or health. This build has Shield of Light and Ring of Rapacity, or Ring of Endless Life, for best performance.

Enshrouded Paladin Build: Spells and Abilities

The spells you choose should complement melee damage. In this best Paladin build, we have opted for the following spells.

  • Fireballs
  • Lightning
  • Ice Balls
  • Meteors of Drought
  • Magic Poison Carpets
  • AOE Light Explosion
  • Healing Channel
  • Eternal Light Burst
  • Lightning Channel

The ice balls, fireballs, and lightning spells are ideal for elemental damage, and they can deal damage to various enemy resistances and vulnerabilities. While Meteors of Drought and AOE Light Explosion can come in handy for crowd control.

They are ideal for groups of enemies and work well in ranged combat, and the Healing Channel spell recovers health. Additionally, the Eternal Light Burst and Lightning Channel can deliver high damage, making your build versatile for all sorts of situations.

That’s all there is to the best Enshrouded Paladin Build, while you’re at it, make sure to check out our detailed guide, Granblue Fantasy Relink Crab Locations (All 45 Wee Pincers Spotted).

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