Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame: What is it?

Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame
Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame

The Escape from Tarkov is one of the most popular games that has led players to explore the story mode. This game is full of action and now with an update, some new features are included for players to explore. Read the whole article to get all the information about Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame which is the new features that have been added to the game.

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Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame

Players can now even customize their base by building it to get various features. This base is called ‘Hideout’ and is available in the new version of the game. The new feature has included Hall of Fame which is a Hideout zone in the game.

Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame
Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame

This feature was introduced after the recent update of the game with patch Players cannot get direct access to the Hall of Fame. First, they must have a Hideout base and this base should have at least level 2. You can use this base to display your very own mementos. Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame also contains some of the dog tags that get killed by their PMC. This is a good way to get your hands on bonuses for combat skills.

You can get a profile from the Hall of Fame that can feature all the items you have collected so far. This way, you can have your profile which will mention all the stats such as your level, skills, and so on. The Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame has a proper system of achievement where players can view the achievements that they have obtained so far. It has all the stats that a player has so far in the game.

How To Obtain Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame base is a record of your base where all the stats are mentioned. It is very simple to obtain the Hall of Fame which is through having a Hideout and reaching level 2 for that Hideout. After you have done so, you will get access to Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame.

You can view this by visiting the main menu of the game. Another way is to open the map selection screen. Apart from this, you can do the following steps to obtain a Hall of Fame in Escape from Tarkov.

Upgrading the Hideout

The only way to do this is by achieving level 2 in the Hideout base. You can make it to level 2 by completing some of the requirements for increasing the level. These requirements include finances and resources.

Apart from this, you need to upgrade various modules in the Hideout to make your base stand out. This includes upgrading the generator, security, ventilation, and other items. This way, you can unlock the features like the shooting range along with the Hall of Fame.

Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame
Making a new Hideout in Escape from Tarkov

Buying the Hall of Fame

You can buy the Hall of Fame by visiting the Hideout menu and then you must spot the icon for Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame. You will see the requirement to buy the base and the exact price for it. Players need to have 100,000 rubles with them and at least 10 dog tags to buy this item. This way, you will obtain the Hall of Fame by using money to buy it.

Installing the Module

After you have bought it, you must install the Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame. Players can see the progress while they are installing. This progress can be seen by visiting the Hideout Menu. If the installation takes time, you can speed up the process by using items like wires, fuel, screws, and other stuff.

Open the Escape from Tarkov Hall of Fame

Use the Hideout to open the Hall of Fame after it has been successfully downloaded. Once you open it, you will spot some space to display your mementos. You can even see each memento and after exploring it, you can check the killer’s information like the date, name, and location. Players can also display some souvenirs which will increase their accuracy and endurance.

To sum it up, the Hall of Fame is a new feature that allows you to display the stats of your profile in a new manner. This way, you can show all your bonuses and information including trophies, weapons, dog names, helmets, and other items. The Hall of Fame is also connected to an achievement system which gives you rewards for completing some objectives.

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