Granblue Fantasy Relink – AFK Farm Quests (Explained)

Granblue Fantasy Relink - AFK Farm Quests (Explained)
Granblue Fantasy Relink - AFK Farm Quests (Explained)

Granblue Fantasy Relink is an action RPG and the 4th chapter in the Granblue Fantasy series. The game was released globally on February 1, 2024, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. The game was published and developed by Cygames and received mainly positive reviews from critics after launch.

One significant hurdle with RPG games is the need to grind and put in many hours of gameplay to collect in-game currency, mastery/XP points, and level up your character. This grueling task can be avoided by making use of AI and farming for your goals, whether they are monetary or attaining a certain mastery level.

Today, we’ll be explaining what AFK farming is and why players use AFK farming. In addition, we will list the best quests that you can play for optimal AFK farming results.

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What is AFK Farming?

Granblue Fantasy Relink
Granblue Fantasy Relink cover art

AFK, or away-from-keyboard, is when a player gives control of the character to the AI and all the actions are completed automatically, except for moving. The character will attack, block, and use other skills as necessary but the player will still be responsible for the character’s movement. While the player is AFK, the character can be completing quests, killing enemies, and collecting money or XP points for upgrades and level-ups.

Players make use of AFK farming mainly due to Granblue Fantasy Relink being a highly time-consuming RPG. In addition, certain bosses can only be fought when the character attains a high enough level. Upgrading gear, and weapons, or leveling up the character also requires the completion of quests multiple times and becomes too monotonous. AFK farming is the best solution to not make the game boring and avoid the unnecessary grunt work and repetition of quests to acquire the required number of points to upgrade.

To be frank, AFK farming isn’t the best way to acquire money, mastery points, or level up. Players successfully completing high-difficulty quests is the most efficient way to power up their characters, get rich, or upgrade their gear. However, manually completing questing requires quite a bit of time so if you can’t put in that game time then AFK farming is your best bet for making a rich and high-level character.

How to AFK Farm?

AFK farming in Granblue Fantasy: Relink can be done by enabling the game’s Assist Mode. We will list the exact steps you can follow to easily start farming. After following these steps you can successfully farm for upgrades, mastery points, or whatever your goal is.

  1. First unlock the extreme difficulty 
  2. Go to System > Game Options > Gameplay > Assist Mode
  3. Enable “Full Assist Mode”
  4. Select the quest And 3 Characters
  5. Finish the quest once 
  6. On the rewards screen, select “Repeat Quest”
  7. Profit from AFK farming 

By following these steps you should have successfully started AFK farming. Another detail worth mentioning is that after the mission has been completed 10 times, you must manually set up AFK farming again. 

Which Is The Best Granblue Fantasy AFK Farm Quest?

Granblue Fantasy Relink
Granblue Fantasy Relink cover art

Now that you have a proper grasp of what AFK farming is and why it is used by players, we will let you know which quest is best for loot farming while AFK. You can grind this quest to collect money and upgrade your armor, weapons, and character. 

The survival quest, Assault Formation, is the best quest to use for farming. When you first play it after setting up the full assist mode, the objective is pretty straightforward, the player must keep moving forward while attacking the enemies until the timer runs out. Once you successfully complete the quest and select the repeat quest option, you can then use a rubber band if you’re playing with a controller or some tape if playing with a keyboard to have your player constantly move forward and make the farming truly AFK. 

Due to this nifty little workaround, you will not have to use the controller or keyboard to make the character move forward and the quest will be played on its own. You will however have to reset AFK farming once the quest is finished 10 times.

Additional Quests That Can Be Used For AFK Farming 

Slimepede is another quest that is a good choice for AFK farming. The objective of the mission is similar to Assault Formation, the player must kill enemies in a set amount of time. The amount of slime kills will determine the rewards and the loot dropped from the killed slime is extra that the player can grab.

Revenge of the Hordes is another decent mission for farming. It requires maniac difficulty but the rewards are promising. If you are able to clear the area fast enough, you will receive several Fortitude Crystals. The quest can be repeated as many times as necessary to farm the Crystals. 

This concludes everything that you need to know about Granblue Fantasy Relink AFK farm quests. We explained why players choose to use AFK farming and also mentioned the best quest that can be farmed for maximum efficiency. To find out more about Granblue Fantasy Relink, check out Granblue Fantasy Relink Roadmap: Every Future Update Explained.

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