Valorant Rank Distribution 2024 March [Updated Ranking]

Valorant Rank Distribution

Riot Games’ new tactical FPS Valorant has hit the ground running since its recent introduction to gamers.

It’s no surprise that people are curious about its ranking system and how it stacks up against the global competition when it boasts of complex game mechanics and multi-faceted agent selection, along with the ranking system.

The ranks indicate the player’s position within the global player universe. Valorant ranks range from Iron to Radiant, with Iron being the lowest and Radiant being the highest.

Primarily, the rank serves as a way for players to measure themselves against others on the game modes leaderboards. Players have one Valorant rank + Act rank.

In this article, I will be focusing on the Valorant Rank Distribution 2023 in detail. So, let’s get started.

Valorant Ranking System: An Overview

The ranks in Valorant include Iron to Radiant. Each Tier has three ranks, except for Radiant.

Players’ ranking depends on their placement matches performance and through their win games and perform better.

List of Valorant Ranks:

Here is a complete list of Valorant ranks in order:

Iron (Iron 1, Iron 2, Iron 3)

Iron is the beginning of most players’ journey. It indicates that they’re beginners, in the strict sense of the word. At this level, players are beginning to learn the basics of aiming, understanding maps, and using agent abilities.

Bronze (Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Bronze 3)

The basic understanding of the game is there but can struggle with consistency. They may come up with great ideas every now and then, but they’re also capable of shooting themselves in the foot. 

This rank is about building on Iron fundamentals, and consistency.

Silver (Silver 1, Silver 2, Silver 3)

Silver is where players begin to truly develop game sense and actually start playing “correctly.” 

Players will have a good grasp on what agent abilities do and begin to function as a cohesive unit rather than acting individually.

Gold (Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3)

Gold players know how things work and begin polishing their skill set. 

They start to appreciate the value of team comps, rotates, and tactical plays. This consistency in purpose and direction comes to the fore.

Platinum (Platinum 1, Platinum 2, Platinum 3)

Here the battle for platinum began. Members of this ranking know everything there is to know about the game, with specific roles and favorite operators as evidence. 

Teamwork, communication, and planning become essential at this stage.

Diamond (Diamond 1, Diamond 2, Diamond 3)

As for diamonds, they exhibit excellent in-game awareness. They can adjust to different encounters, excel at anticipating the opponent, and quite frequently possess great precision. 

In diamond, raw talent and tactical prowess finally collide.

Ascendant (Ascendant 1, Ascendant 2, Ascendant 3)

Ascendant shows you guys who are at the tip of the spear. With experience on multiple agents, excellent game sense, and the ability to win games through decisive play, they proved a force to be reckoned with.

Immortal (Immortal 1, Immortal 2, Immortal 3)

Immortal is the top tier of players, immediately beneath Radiant. 

These folks rank amongst the best of the best, they’re typically in the top percentiles of the player base and possess incredible mechanical skill, game sense, and strategy.


Radiant is ranked as the highest in Valorant. It’s a status reserved for the best players in the world. It’s usually pro’s pros or pros in training, those with world-class skills, mindsets, tactics, and game knowledge.

Ranks show how proficient a player is at a certain skill level in Valorant. The higher in rank you go, the harder your opponent will be, with more complex game-planning to boot. But to reach a higher rank means playing the game without any issues, so make sure your system supports it smoothly.

Overall Rank Distribution for March 2024:

Here’s an overview of the overall rank distribution for March 2024:

  • Iron: 8.5%
  • Bronze: 21.6%
  • Silver: 25.8%
  • Gold: 20.2%
  • Platinum: 12.7%
  • Diamond: 7.8%
  • Ascendant: 2.7%
  • Immortal: 0.5%
  • Radiant: 0.03%

What is a Decent Valorant Rank?

With Valorant’s competitive sphere, it is a common practice to wonder what’s a good rank.

In Valorant’s ranking system, players get grouped into tiers, according to their skill. Beginners start at Iron and climb all the way up to the highest in Radiant.

But if we had to generalize, most of the community would see reaching gold as an indicator that you have crossed the basic level.

When playing at Gold, you should know how to play the game, understand agents’ powers, and work well with your team. 

In the end, your rank is just a snapshot of your skill level at a particular moment. The ongoing journey of learning, adapting, and striving for excellence is what truly defines a ‘good’ player in the Valorant universe.

Final Words:

Understanding the ranking system is more than just knowing where you stand on a leaderboard. 

From the foundational tiers of Iron and Bronze to the elite echelons of Immortal and Radiant, each rank serves as a milestone in a player’s journey of skill development, and strategic mastery.

I hope that after reading this article, you now have a better understanding of Valorant Rank Distribution. If you have any other questions or queries then let us know in the comments section.

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