A Complete Guide To Enshrouded Skill Tree [Best Skills Revealed]

Enshrouded Skill Tree Explained
Enshrouded Skill Tree: Explained

Enshrouded, a survival game against Shroud in the vast world of Embervale, doesn’t only offer you an exploration journey in an expansive world, but also a complete RPG experience where you’ll need to encounter various tough enemies. Adopting from all the major RPG franchises, enshrouded too has a skill tree associated with each of 12 different archetypes you can choose from, that lets you customize your character and gameplay as you progress through your journey. In this guide, we will discuss in detail the Enshrouded Skill Tree system and also chalk out the best skills you should never miss out on.

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What Is Enshrouded Skill Tree System?

Enshrouded Skill Tree
Enshrouded Skill Tree

Similar, to many other franchises, the skill or talent tree in Enshrouded helps you build your character as you progress through the game, unlocking various skills on the trees. You can then use these skills in your gameplay, thus through Skill Tree you can customize your entire Enshrouded gameplay. Here is the list of all the 12 Skill Trees available in Enshrouded:

Skill Tree Types Focused Attributes
Stamina Survivor Endurance
Beast Master Poison Resistance
Ranger Overall Endurance & Dexterity
Assassin Increases chances for critical hit using arrows.
Mana Trickster Intelligence
Wizard Intelligence
Healer Strength
Battlemage Wand Weapons Advantage/ Strength
Strength Tank Melee Combat
Warrior Constitution And Strength
Barbarian Strength and Constitution
Athlete Strength and Constitution

Starting from the center, you’ll be free to move towards any side of the skill tree, however, for any skill to be unlocked, it is important that you’ve completed all the prerequisites or otherwise you won’t be able to unlock that particular skill.

Mostly, the longer branches contain skills that are power beneficial, however, few skills are attached to small branches too therefore never overlook any branch.

In case, a mistake is made while unlocking a certain ability, don’t worry. You can always undo your choices by spending resources at Flame Artar that will enable you to bring things back to normal like before and reset your skills points.

How Does Enshrouded Skill Tree Work?

Enshrouded Skill Tree Work
Enshrouded Skill Tree Work

All the skills, that appear on the Enshrouded talent tree, require you to spend a certain amount of skill points and only then you be able to unlock these skills. You will earn these skill points as you complete different activities in Enshrouded. The more beneficial the skill is, it requires you to spend more skill points.

Further skills on the Enshrouded Skill tree have three major categories which are as follows:

Active Skills

Enshrouded active skills are those that give your character strength. The more skill points you keep spending, you’ll be able to unlock the active skills that get you higher strength thus making you an awesome melee character. As Enshrouded vast world is full of enemies, these skills are highly valuable for your survival, thus making a wise choice is essential. These include abilities like blink and double attack etc.

Passive Skills

Being a Flameborn character, as you explore Embervale to eradicate Shroud, you’ll find yourself puzzled doing a lot of things together. There will be times you need to focus on enemies, but you have to keep a check on keys you’re pressing and other tasks thus messing up the whole combat. Passive Skills on the Enshrouded Skill Tree therefore help you multitask, as they automatically perform side things. These include abilities like lifeburst and backstab etc.

Stat Boosts

Boosting your character’s stats in Enshrouded is key to survival. However, once you’ve given a certain stat a boost, you won’t be able to redo it, therefore be very careful whenever you’re spending on these Stat Boots.

Best Skills In Enshrouded Skill Tree

Enshrouded Best Skills
Enshrouded Best Skills

While there are several abilities available on the Enshrouded skill tree that you can unlock, here are the top five that you much prefer purchasing as early as possible to ensure your survival against the tough encounters:

1. Merciless Attack (2 Skill Points)

This is a perfect ability for those who are skilled at parrying. Parrying an enemy attack, fills their stun bar making them vulnerable to being overpowered. Thus, with this ability, you can deliver a devastating blow with just one button press when the enemy is overpowered, instantly draining their health pool and dealing significant damage.

2. Double Jump (4 Skill Points)

In Enshrouded, the mobility of your character is perhaps one of the vital things for survival. Double Jump increases the mobility of your character letting it go around easily, thus escaping the group of enemies.

3. Good Metabolism

This skill provides a direct boost to your ability to recover health when you collect healing orbs or use potions. It’s like your character becomes exceptionally efficient at healing, ensuring you can swiftly bounce back from challenging situations and stay in the fight.

4. Blink (4 Skill Points)

This Enshrouded ability is an enhanced version of the basic dodge ability which you can unlock with fewer skill points. With this you’ll be easily able to evade enemy attacks, thus increasing your survival rate significantly.

5. Shiny Plates (2 Skill Points)

Even after being included in the cheapest abilities, Shiny Plates in Enshrouded is one of the best abilities that gives a 10% bonus to your armor, making your character tougher and better at resisting attacks. It’s like adding an extra shield to protect yourself.


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