Dune Shelter Palworld: Dune Shelter Palworld Map Location

Dune Shelter Palworld: map location is one of the five settlements in Palworld where you can lay your camp. The settlements in Palworld play a great deal of a role in terms of buying and trading goods with NPCs. Just like all other four settlements in Palworld, Dune Shelter plays a vital role in helping you thrive and boost your rank by offering you multiple goods and items. It is a hell of a task to reach the settlement, and this article will guide you through all the details you need to know about the Dune Shelter Palworld map location.

Dune Shelter Palworld: All Items

Dune Shelter is a resourceful spot to get critical crafting materials like high-quality Pal Oil. High-quality pal Oil is a required item to craft Muskets. Dune Shelter is also a perfect spot for ore mining. Another massive benefit of reaching the Dune Shelter is that you’ll get to farm Electric Organs there from Univolt, Mossanda Lux, Sparkit, and Jolthog

Dune Shelter Location On Map 

Lying in the Sand Dunes Biome, Dune shelter seems to be a dead city on an island. The area where the Dune Shelter lies is in the northeast corner of the map. Dune Shelter is easy to identify from its faded walls and a hatch leading to a basement. The coordinates holding the Dune Shelter Palworld Map Location are 357, -348. You can refer yourself to this map for better navigation of the spot.

Dune Shelter Palworld Map Location
Location of Dune Shelter on Map

How To Get to Dune Shelter Palworld Map Location

Reaching the Dane Shelter requires the players to pass through a challenging desert. Appropriate measures, such as putting on heat-resistant clothes and taking other necessary supplies and weapons, must be taken before embarking on this journey.

Passing the desert is not easy, as the players will be hit by sandstorms and other vicious enemies. Going through the desert can be tricky, so the players are advised to get a flying pal to make the journey or simply just get there by fast travel. 

Unlocking the fast travel system requires the players to interact with Pal Pads in all the settlements in Palworld. The players will also be able to see a Pal Pad in Dune Shelter by the campfire and storage containers. 

Walkthrough of Dune Shelter Palworld Map Location

Dune Shelter is a weird yet comforting place. The low light there brings a feeling of relaxation and warmth. The players can see the following things there.


The players can craft different items, such as weapons, tools, and armor, at the workbench. It serves the purpose of a station where you can craft different items. An item can be crafted at the workbench only with the help of the right resources and recipes. 

Storage Containers

In near proximity to the workbench, you’ll be able to see some storage containers disguised as shipping containers. You’ll see that the containers have a lock and some labels on them once you get close enough. The locks can be opened with the help of a key matching the label on the container. You can find the keys by wandering all around the map and completing quests, looting, and trading.

Pal Pad

In Dune Shelter, you’ll also come across a Pal Pad, which you are required to manage your Pal Companion. You can simply go there and access the menu on the Pal Pad.


The players can use the advantage of a campfire to recover, cook food, and warm up. You will need the right ingredients to light up a campfire and then feel the warmth and pleasure of it. 

Pal Encounters at Dune Shelter

Dune Shelter Palworld Map Location is not totally abandoned. The players will encounter some pals residing over there. One character that you will meet over there is Rex. Rex is a Black Marketeer who deals with some illegal goods. These illegal drugs are likely to be drugs, stolen Pals, and explosives. Other than Rex, you may also face a few more Pals.


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